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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Shayne Retter, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. Hi. I'm very...very new to modding, and I've been trying to find a way to repack .fsb sound files. I can extract them fine, but I'm having a hard time doing anything with the edited .wav files after that. I saw that the "Nag no more" mod on Nexus used .mp3 files instead of .fps, and it seems to work just fine within the game .... I have been trying to do the same with some zdx sounds (editing zombie sounds), but I'm not having any luck. Is there a way to make this work? Or is something like fsbext the only way?
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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    You'll likely have a lot more luck with this question if you ask in the dedicated mod section, located here: I'm a link!

    Good luck finding your answer.
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    Moved this thread to the Mods section. :)
  4. Check out this guide I created: https://forums.undeadlabs.com/threa...-fbs-extractor-and-wavepad.47617/#post-658387
  5. The fsb extraction part was fine, I have the .wav/.mp3 files out, and can edit them fine ...it's converting the mp3 files back to fsb that has me stuck. I saw that someone else was done it before, as there is a 'Tweaked zombie sounds' mod out there, I just have no idea how it was done.

    I looked for a mod section ...but couldn't find it. Thanks for sending it to the right place for me
  6. Yes, I created that mod, and the "Custom Game Soundtrack". Check the guide.
  7. Your's was the guide I found first Amelia, and Wavepad couldn't convert to fsb, only wav. I also tried FMOD ...but the .fsb conversion feature has been removed from newer versions, and the old version that did have it is no longer available for download. So I'm hoping to find a different path that differs from the guide you posted ..as the software you used is no longer usable.
  8. You don't convert the Mp3 into FSB. FSB must be in a pack. Edit with wavepad and use fmod to repack all the FSB. CryEngine had an original FMOD. I can send you the files for Fmod or help you look for a download link.
  9. That would be awesome if you could send them, I've spent days on the internet looking for the older version of FMOD ....and every link I follow leads to a 404 error page (page no longer available). Even the CryEngine site only has newer versions available for download, and none of them have the old .fsb packing feature any longer ....I was starting to loose hope.

    Also, while I have you here ....can you recommend a good .fev extractor?
  10. The Fev should not be extracted, the game needs the fev to play the sounds. FDP is how you create the Fev with the Wav files. The Fev is basically is the lifeline of the game sounds and all you should do with the fev is update it from the Fdp which can be used once you extract each and every one of the sound files.

    Here's how it works:

    Sound files make up Fsb's
    Using the FDP, you can build and update the existing Fsb's for the Fev if you have all the sound files extracted.
    The Fev is made up of the Fsb's
    The game plays all sounds directly from the Fev which is technically called the "Event Player"

    The only thing that should be extracted should be the Fsb's. Everything else is updated and created using the Fdp which include Fsb's, Fev's, and the Fdp itself.

    I will send you the files when I get home.
  11. Thanks for that, I wasn't sure what the fev files did exactly ...I was curious as to what was in them, so just wanted to have a peek.
  12. I'd be very grateful for a copy of those files .....it would be a huge help for me
  13. Of
    Of course! My apologies, I'm up in VA attending my gf's family reunion with her so I don't have access to my files. I will be back Tomorrow around 5.
  14. Please, send me your email address over PM.
  15. I sent you a PM Amelia, or, at least I think I did ....the PM system here had me a little bamboozled
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    @Amelia Crasman Quick question on step 3 & 7:
    Step 3: you mentioned to create these folders below and organize the files to it's corresponding mx_folder however after extracting the "mx_c3_str.fsb" there are some mx_ files that I'm not sure what folder it belongs to.

    ("MX Files I'm not sure about)

    From your steps:
    -Create the following folders in "Music":









    Step 7: I don't see the music.fdp in the "music" folder, does this file get created after extracting all the sound files? When I extracted the sounds.PAK it only had these files in the "Music" folder so I was a bit lost here. Any help would be appreciate it.
  17. I'm so sorry. Unfortunately SOd YOSE doesn't come with the fpd. You can you the FDP in the earliest version of my custom soundtrack and just replace the songs in it as it's the most similar, if not the exact same setup to the original FDP. You an get it on Nexus, my apologies.

    As for mx_crsh and mx_susp
    Just make two new folders named

    Or you can name them whatever you want, this top is for organization reasons
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    Thanks again for the help!
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  19. Anytime my fellow survivor! :)
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