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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DiMare, Nov 23, 2017.

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  1. Hey guys and gals. When I first looked at SOD I was enthralled to see that at last someone actually made it happen. More than 30 years for someone to make zombie survival rpg game. However, Im a tad worried with the multiplayer aspect and map size.

    From what I suppose, multiplayer will be a get in and get out deal with cooperation in mind. Thats not what we expected, at least my friends. What we expected is a consistent 4 player multiplayer, not in the form of a massive online game but in a "the guild 2" kind of way. Four players, each on their own, having the ability to create one enclave each. Four group of survivers, with the ability to work together, against each other, trading, coop dynamic missions, sending out flares for help for others to see or simply getting assaulted by a zombie parade and being forced to join another community because you are the last one standing. Be it joining a new npc community or another players community. Assaulting each others bases for supplies, destroying outposts or conquering them, making ambush deals based on neutral reunion grounds for a trade deal and even competing to save heroe survivers if we all heard the same radio message or run towards army supply drops. What we expected was liberty. If you cannot get this into the base game, please do so in the expansion.

    If you do manage to get this into the base game or an expansion ala "breakdown", please consider the map size. Im not sure if you are going to have three different maps or one single map with three very different locations. If this multiplayer model is going to get made, a single large map is how it should be. If SOD had four main areas and everything in between, SOD2 should have six main areas and everything in between, from the rural country side with a few small towns or urban areas to a more 3000-5000 population scale sort of town, as in the original SOD. That would leave space for 4 players each, with two free areas along side the rest of the country side for more gameplay, exploration, neutral grounds mission or expansions and home changes. With or without a save game function, this is the multiplayer we expected.

    So, multiplayer, a single large map and if you have time, a weather system. I wouldnt mind staying in the player enclave, listing to random ramblings from the survivers and radio messages while its raining, smoking and having a "cold one" thinking that Im not going to even have a few minutes of rest due to hordes coming up which I will have to deal with in the rain at night.

    That is all, many thanks for a great game and please, try to get this in as an expansion after a two to three month vacation within six months after release if its not in the base game. Make it our "breakdown" for SOD2.

    PD: Windows 10 was not the way to go but, I understand, use vulkan and dx12 if possible with dx11 support and if it supports windows7 as well eventually, that would top it.
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    You're hoping for a very different game than what we'll be getting. In SoD2 every player will have their own game world, and answering a flare (or setting up a game with a friend if you're on different maps) pulls one of your characters into a host's world. Your single player and multiplayer are mixed that way. Now, theoretically, your friends could spend all their time in your world with you starting a game connected to them and just sticking around, but even then the emphasis will always be on co-op. That's just what the SoD multiplayer is about, at least for this iteration, and the changes you're talking about seem like so different an experience that they may not even be possible within the existing game engine.

    That's not to say I'm not interested in a continuing multiplayer, although I enjoy competitive co-op far more than a fully competitive experience. I believe that Lifeline in the last game would be amazing as a four player co-op experience with each of us playing a different soldier. I can see promotions being handed out which swap who is the commanding officer, with base and outpost facility control only available to the C.O. which could add some form of competitive co-op to the game.
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