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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Talk Thai, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off

    I've started my second playthrough of vanilla, loving it to no end. This is literally the game that keeps giving--each playthrough seems fresh and new, never knowing what survivors may show up, what loot may be found. Seriously, Undead Labs, thanks for this, it's re-invigorated my old love of gaming. This is perhaps my favorite open-world game of the many I've played (the randomness of the loot is a HUGE plus, exploring never gets old to me).

    I hate that I apparently lost a potential survivor I really wanted--the country girl in the white moving company t shirt, I love the voice actress' work there (I also do VO work, I was a minor villain in GTA IV). She and another guy had set up shop in the veterinary clinic, I'd stop by to visit while scavenging, never got more but friendly 'hello's out of them. Went back one day and they were gone, the place overrun with undead (I usually refer to them as 'walkers', sue me). I must've ignored a distress call from them, unintentionally.

    I had both Shark Hoodie and Sue show up late in my first game, just got Sue in the current game, along with the cop in the paisley shirt. I have a 'Coward' who has become a true badass and has a cool military look (female). I'm at the 'Accusations' mission, on-hold as I do other random stuff, but I hear there's a rare gun or two to be had at the Wilkersons', and I want to do this right. And I could've sworn I'd driven the muscle car with the racing paint job, but apparently it does not spawn in the vanilla version (the only version I have at the moment).

    Looking forward to the sequel, hoping it has MANY rare, rare items and that it allows some form of trade between players (I'm into that sort of stuff).

    Just my opening rambling post praising this tremendous game and looking forward to its future as one of the most anticipated games of 2018--whose initial outing is still played and praised by fans and recognized as the best zombie-themed open world sandbox game currently on the market.
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  2. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    Welcome to the forums and the world of SoD :D Glad you are enjoying the game, if you if any questions feel free to ask.
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  3. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off


    Had a good run a gun I rarely see, the Safari, and had Xbox Live Girl just show up as a random survivor (with a close lookalike, both with great stats),

    I need to weed out some dead weight, though, and want to be creative getting rid of them. I might expose an injured survivor to a Bloater and hope he gets infected...I might want to get rid of the infirmary before trying this, though, to ensure sickness. I'm thinking of letting the infected person turn, then seeing what random characters he/she takes out (hopefully none of my favorites or the rare ones, but hey, that's part of the thrill).

    Would this even work?

    I've also toyed with the idea of trying an all-female camp, just to see if anything interesting happens. I always get rid of any alcoholics and the psychopath the two times I've encountered one, but I might leave him in next time. It's fun rushing to a survivor camp and not knowing who you'll see there--then getting there and seeing that blue hoodie, spashed with gore, kicking ass (or a redhead in an XBox Live t shirt).
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  4. Terrafutan

    Terrafutan Got Your Back

    Bloaters will make the guys sick, but nothing more, they won't 'turn'. Just means they waste meds getting back into a playable state.

    Options for getting rid of too many survivors is
    > Kick em out
    > Take em out back to the shed (and get them killed by the mob)
    > Take em with you on a mission and get them killed by a mob
    >Take em to a spot with a nice view and then drive/jump them off said view
    >Take em up on a survey mission and fly down instead of using the ladder
    >Take em jug hunting with a 2x4
    >Take em infestation clearing with a 2x4

    Might be a tough ask on vanilla for an all female camp. Much easier done in BD as vanilla will have limits on the number of outposts that spawn that BD doesn't have.
  5. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off

    I dunno, I've read different accounts of folks getting Black Fever with a myriad of characters )friends, non-friends) late in-game,but most seem to kill the infected survivor to get the achievement. I'm assuming that--after you get the Mercy Shot pop up from I assume Lily--if you choose to let it run its course the survivor dies, turns, and kills 2-3 of your group. I've read of folks keeping Pastor Will or Gunderson alive throughout the game (through careful planning). It's awesome that this game lets you do different things within the world. I've got a great group and it's amazing how you get to the point of viewing the survivors as individuals, growing attached to some as you level them up, unlocking traits through conversations that pop up. I've even gotten into the habit of reading the log when an argument or whatever happens at the base, something I mostly ignored before. It all adds to the immersion, and I'm actually excited to get the Mercy Shot mission and see which random characters I lose (anyone can die, just like Kirkman promised in The Walking Dead when I first discovered the book long ago).

    I have four sick at the moment, including Lily, two of them Deathly Ill--random survivors I picked up, injured, then ran through Bloater mist. A few posts even suggest the standing water throughout the game world as a source of infection (there's a nasty-looking pool of filthy water behind the trailer park where 'Mama' is locked up for eternity, one guy says he got Black Fever on an uninjured character as he ran from a Big 'Un). Keep in mind that I'm on Vanilla on Xbox 360, and much of what I've read on the topic could be pre-whatever patch.
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  6. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off


    I'm just now taking a serious look at the Traits and the random conversations that open up some of them. I've had the blonde soccer mom for awhile now, and just recently she told a story I'd never heard about her dad that opened up a 'Survivor's Guilt' Trait. Are there any theories on just what triggers these conversations? I usually get the timeless tale of Biker Steve when I pick up new survivors, but her story just came out while scavenging.

    I've started using the 'Cheer' emote when a survivor I'm partnered up with gets a kill, and get a small bonus from that...I'm seriously regretting offing the redheaded Psychopath woman I came across, she might've triggered some interesting events back at base.

    I've yet to visit the Judge and the map seems completely devoid of food to be scavenged. I'm at 25 survivors, three sick (not including Lily) and apparently Lily cannot locate any more survivors (though I've heard of players having thirty in one camp).
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  7. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    One way to weed out people (and it saves you from committing suicide and taking a morale hit) is to have them check in. Go to their position, and try to attract as many zombies as possible. Lead a horde to them, use noisemakers, a car horn, etc. Make sure you're close enough to have them call for help, but far enough away in case they decide to go out with a bang. (I lost an SUV once, and had to jog away, injured. GAH.)
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  8. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off

    I usually take unwanteds out and run them into hordes, but I actually feel bad doing it believe it or not. I've also recently started just leaving when I reach new survivors and they don't look 'cool' (I'm actually trying to spawn one of the Debug SWAT guys).

    Still looking over lots of old threads and discovering 'new' stuff...I'm now fascinated with this 'fate card' thing. Next playthrough my intention is to (a) attempt to keep Gunderson and/or Pastor Will alive, and (b) have as diverse a group as possible to see what events occur with the clashing personalities.

    This game keeps you busy on so many levels, and I've read here that the devs, in what I think was the most recent patch, didn't really remove anything but instead made certain events and triggers very rare. I love reading posts where some player has seen something or heard a bit of dialogue few others have--the many layers of SoD give it so much replay value, it's really unlike any other open world game I've played.
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  9. Dynamite

    Dynamite Here To Help

    My favorite psychopath player is the guy that says, "I'll kill you last!" when you do something impressive like kill a lot of zombies.

    I don't kill off any additional survivors that have joined my home. I find that having a lot of survivors can act like a buffer to keep my core team alive. If I keep my core team happy the other survivors are more likely to run away when I get the 'surrounded by infestations' warning. It sucks when one your core team runs away and you have to find them because they will die if you log out for the day. If a non-core survivor runs away, I'm not too concerned... lol.
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  10. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off

    I should preface this by saying that I am a writer, and as such I love it when readers truly invest in your characters, even feel emotion over them. I've been known to wipe my eye after reading a particularly well-written passage or viewing a well-acted performance in a movie or show. A good script, a great character moment. It inspires emotion, and as a writer I love getting that from readers, it's the highest compliment.

    With that said, this game does the exact same thing for me. I have Ed at Depression mood right now. just to see if the suicide thing will trigger, but I feel so bad seeing him just standing there. I felt a similar emotion the first time I rescued some strangers and intentionally injured them just to make them susceptible to Black Fever--seeing them limping as they ran to reach me (in the truck I kept intentionally trying to run them over with) made me actually feel a bit bad about it.

    I think a part of it is the 'serious-ness' of SoD. There's none of the silliness you'll encounter in Dead Rising. The sky is bleak and cloudy, the streets desolate and cold-looking. The gameworld sets the tone and the individuality of the characters adds to the immersion for me, to the point where I genuinely like most of my group. It's literally like having my own Walking Dead cast to toy around with.

    I feel bad about Ed, though, but I'll make it up to him next playthrough. in which I' fully expect to have a totally different group of people to like (and dislike). I hate to keep repeating myself, but gamers like me LOVE games like SoD.
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  11. Jack Talk Thai

    Jack Talk Thai Starting Off

    Had something interesting happen...(***SPOILERS FOR VANILLA****...the Judge and Sheriff survived to the end of the game, and Quentin never confronted Becca, even after learning the truth!

    The blond soccer mom, Leah, went to ask the Sheriff about Becca on Quentin's behalf--she was told to find him nearby, hunting a Juggernaut. As I ran towards the building a few zombies attacked--nothing she couldn't handle, but then the Juggy appeared (I'd not yet even seen the Sheriff). Weak from dodging a growing crowd of undead Leah jumped into her truck, only to be grabbed and pulled out by the Juggy, who tore her in half within seconds.

    I got a pop up asking 'Tell Quentin the truth?', even though Leah had never gotten the chance to speak to the Sheriff. I sent Briana to tell Quentin, later getting a pop up telling me Quentin was still devastated after hearing about her past. Nothing further from the Courthouse or the Grange.

    As I progressed on through the game and finally made it to The Wall, I went back to check on both camps--both still there, Becca included, so I unexpectedly saved the Judge, Sheriff, and apparently Quentin and Becca's relationship (though it cost the life of one of my favorite survivors).

    I also realized I need to call any away from home survivors in before we head to The Wall--first playthough seeing the ending fight was awesome, seeing all these characters I'd met and leveled up united in an all-out war with waves of zombies. This time only three of us showed up to defend Tan, and it ended up costing Katarina her life during that last fight.

    New playthrough, determined to keep Gunderson and Pastor Will alive...last mission I did was the little intro to the community with Lily, and I've already got an upgraded Infirmary (early friendship with the Grange). We'll see how this ends up (I plan to have a pretty diversified group this time around, too, different attitudes).
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