News about SOD2 from other agencies (Not necessarily new info)

Discussion in 'News' started by DeadK9Handler, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. DeadK9Handler

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    Here are some of the other news agencies that have posted about State Of Decay 2

    The Verge:
    Nothing new here, the first line is cool "State of Decay, the little zombie game that could"

    These guys just copied and pasted parts of the FAQ

    PC Gamer:
    They noted the smoother graphics in the base of operations.

    Venture Beat:
    They speculate that the Flare is used to call new NPC's in solo play. They also want to know about Online only Play.

    Shack News:
    Seemed generally excited about the game in the final sentence :)

    Lazy Gamer:
    Needs to check his editing. "Stat of decay?" He also mentions that this game was "leaked" earlier?

    Ok that's all for now. I will keep posting as I see them! DeadK9 OUT!
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  3. DeadK9Handler

    DeadK9Handler Here To Help

    Morning Zed Heads:
    @SwissArmyKnife I almost posted the same link you did!)

    They basically just copied the FAQ as well. Comment section showed great interest and praise for UDL listening to the gamer requests.

    Irish Examiner:
    Nothing new. They make note of "No one survives alone"

    Games Radar+:
    Blogger for Games Radar who did not really say anything new. He noted and liked the Slapstick start to the trailer. (agree!)

    The Bit Bag:
    Used the first game to make presumptions about #2. Also sorta "clickbait" as release date is nothing more than 2017.

    Bloody Disgusting:
    Seemed excited about the game. Said "Undead Labs did not disappoint with their long-awaited unveiling" Could not agree more!

    Dread Central:
    "Work together or die!"

    Attack of the Fanboy:
    Made note of the fact that they were truly surprised by this announcement because it was well hidden until reveal.

    That is all for now. I have to get ready for Class (Hurray for Intro to Art History!)
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  4. Dunadain

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  6. Vanilla

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  7. Fabian907

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    Nothing new here just same old, same old.
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  8. @Undead Sanya

    I remember a few days ago you had this response about the flare gun quote I had used from Microsoft Studios' General Manager, but it's appeared in the MMORPG article.
    "While details are scarce at this point, in an interview with Game Informer, Microsoft Studios general manager Shannon Loftis did reveal that the flare gun from the trailer wasn’t just for show. Players will actually be able to fire the gun to signal for help."

    I take your word over hers, but any idea why this quote hasn't been corrected? (I'm trying not to go all conspiracy theorist)
  9. Dantron

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    Dantron highly encourages TCK and humans everywhere to totally go all conspiracy theorist on every facet of life. At all times. Forever.

    Dantron finds that humans acting weird to be a great source of amusement. ;)
  10. Noted :p
  11. ArcherBird

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  13. Vers

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  14. Kid Kayole

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    Breakdown 2 all the way :D
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  15. Well, the whole "legacies of past successes" makes it sound like there will be progression through levels, like you will get some kind of bonus if you did the right things previously
  16. Vers

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    That would be really cool. Especially if you double crossed some survivors, so the next "town" you go to, they've "heard about you.." and won't cooperate, and vice-versa.
  17. Takuro_Spirit

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    Or it means you bring all the scavenged crap in your locker with you like you do now in Breakdown. WHY DO WE HAVE 37 NAIL PULLERS LILY????
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  18. CaptainAssassin

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    SoD2 got a brief cameo appearance in ZP last week:

  19. The Judge

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    omg he is so annoying... take a fucking break dude lol
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  20. Fabian907

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    What? I like him ;_;
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