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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by $waggalicious, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Can SOD get a patch to where if you turn down one of those asinine training missions, Lily doesn't radio you again 30 seconds later with the same song and dance trying to get you to train the same exact person again? No means NO!
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  2. FreedomFighter

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    IIRC, there is a mod that shut Lily's voice up. Try fumbling around in the mod page if you are on PC.
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  3. I'm on Xbox One, would the tedious mission still be there by use of the mod? I don't mind so much that Lily talks, my issue is solely her trying OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER to get me to do the same combat training mission with the same character after I repeatedly tell the survivor NO, then seconds later(a couple minutes maximum) after I say NO, Lily pulls a Cosby and does it again
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  4. YojimBeau

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    The game has been in the can for years now. No more patches has been stated, ad infinitum.

    To date, I have not heard of anyone reliably modding YOSE on the One. As a word of advice, ignore the training/mood missions unless the party involved has low mood.
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  5. The training missions can be ignored sure but often times the mood missions make it so i occasionally can't play as a survivor I want to play as. When it's a training mission for a survivor you want to play as you can just decline to train them and then switch to that character, yet when it's a mood mission survivor there's no option that frees them up without taking them out, you can try to ban them and run a 50 50 chance of them leaving the community or fail to expel them and have them in a bad mood or waste time on an arbitrary mood mission.
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  6. If you keep everyone in a good mood-- or at least a neutral mood-- you won't have morale missions. I can't remember the last time I had one. Perhaps a year ago? Keep moods up if you don't want them.

    Training missions seem related to moods to a lesser degree too, or at least they are in my games. The only times I ever get those are when I have someone in a neutral mood.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    Welcome to the Forums:)
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  8. Dynamite

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    Are you talking about the mission that gives you a free companion who never leaves you and puts all other missions on hold as you plunder for resources?
  9. Takuro_Spirit

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    *Puts marker on the map for the ONE available mission which happens to be a new Besieged Enclave, tells Lily "I'll check this out next", she responds "Best of luck!", then drives all the way across the map to check them out, doesn't find anyone interesting living there, helps clear out some of the zed and leaves*

    100 feet down the road: "Are you gonna look in on those survivors I mentioned?"

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  10. mystyk

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    I don't have that problem, not for a long time (points to sig) :oops:
    Morale missions, ugh. Bad thing about those is they never time out, unlike everything else. They do in my game, I couldn't stand it.
    Trade missions, ugh. Completely removed those.
    Zed Hunts, ugh. Reduced their 30min timeout to 5min.
    Scavengers, ugh. Reduced to 5mins.
    It's not all easy, though. I edited timers for all missions, even the ones I don't mind doing. Stranger In Trouble - if it's someone Skilled and I need that person I'll drop everything as I only have 10mins on those. Same goes for the contact survivors via radio.

    OP's issue looks to be about morale missions. Crybaby missions I call them. As far as I could see (in my old games) it didn't improve their mood and they'd ping it again as soon as they got home, or as soon as they'd had a sleep o_O
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