Nobody survive alone. A collective knowledge for YOSE.

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by FreedomFighter, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    With an announcement of SOD2, i feel like a lot of player returning to play SOD YOSE and many new comer happen to buy YOSE during Steam Sale so i wanna share a few of my knowledge about the game.

    Nobody Survive Alone. Collective knowledge about AI followers.
    - You can take one of your playable (survivor with "friend") with you at the cost of influence. Always doing this if you are going out to scavenge, scout, and clear the infestation. Not only he/she will fight along your side, the AI will also warn you about incoming danger too.
    - If you, and AI follower are not tired, injured, or sick. You can switch control any time without AI going back to base. The AI will cease to follow you once they are tired, injured, and sick. This can increase the amount of items you can take back with you because AI do keep their inventory. This doesn't work with rucksack.
    - As the above statement that you can switch between two survivor. Life is much easier if you take scavenging focus with fighting focus. Let the scavenger do the searching and control fighter when you need to fight. Since Wit is difficult to improve, so it is better to have specific character to be scavenger.
    - Survivor with Ninja special technique (wits 7) can open any door without it being locked and make no noise while searching. They also move quicker while crouching if you hold sprint button. This does not drain stamina. Ninja survivor can help your life much easier in Breakdown Mode when you want to stay out of trouble. Use Ninja when sneaking around then switch to Fighter when fight is about to happen.
    - An AI doesn't use up durability or ammo. You can equip them with cheap weapons and they are good to go. Firearms stats doesn't matter to them because they shoot with extreme accuracy. They don't use up an ammo.
    - A followers has difference stats when they are AI. They don't use stamina. They can go down multiple time without taking penalty to Max HP.
    - An AI has grab move. They will use this before anything else then it will went into cooldown. Any zed that been grabbing by AI will be instant kill on hit. If you don't kill it within time limit, AI will kill it on their own.
    -An AI will execute any zeds on the ground then it will went into cooldown.
    - An AI rarely use their firearms while following you but it can happen. So you better equip their firearms with suppressor as precaution.
    - An AI doesn't consume any ammo but their gun need to be loaded with at lease 1 ammo. Be caution about giving them a grenade launcher.
    - An AI followers is great when fighting against Feral. If it jump on you, the AI will kick it off to save you.
    -An AI followers is bad against Bloater since they will go for melee, then the Bloater explode in their face.
    -An AI followers is extremely risk against Big Un since they don't evade the attack. Never take them to fight against Big Un, this included "Hunt" mission. Just denied it, too risky. Unless you have ample supplies of ammunition, then let Big Un eat lead is a way to go since AI will distract it for awhile.
    - An AI followers will cease to follow you when you accept the mission. Be careful about that so you won't waste influence.
    - If AI going down and there are too many zeds around for you to handle. Throw any kind of firebomb on them. AI will get lit on fire and running around at ludicrous speed. They take almost no damage from it. The game will say that they losing trust on you but survivor with "friend" can't lose anymore trust. The firebomb escape also work on you too if you get surrounded by too many zeds. Throw a firebomb at your feet. It will kill all zeds around you and you get to run away from trouble at Mach 9.
    - Needs a follower without spending influence? Accept any mission and the NPC will follow you around until you complete it. Beware that the game won't save while you are on the mission and any progress you have made during that time will be lost.
    - You can save the NPC that getting eaten if you quick enough by killing every zeds that surrounding them.
    - When NPC getting eaten, there is a chance that they will kill themselves with explosive even they don't have it in the inventory. So if you think you can't help them, running away to not take explosion damage and save yourself.
    - All survivor AI is invincible as long as you not getting in their vicinity. So you don't need to escort any of them, just get out of their way.

    Did you know? A collective of knowledge that proven useful.

    - The game world continuing after you close the game. Some survivor can die during this if they are severe ill or injured with no adequate medicine or facility. The in-game time is 1 : 1 to real world but getting slower every 24 real hours and capped at 72 in-game hours. The simulation won't continue after that.
    - Locked door can be force open easily by sprint into it. No need to bash it with your shoulder anymore.
    - You can bash open the door to knockdown any zed in front of it.
    - You can do the dropkick attack by hitting Sprint and Jump at the same time. It guarantee to knockdown any zeds that got hit by it but beware, your character need a few time to get up from the ground. Useful when fighting against small number of zeds.
    - You can do the stealth kill from behind if you are crouching. Hitting the execution button (Sprint and Interact)
    - You can do the jump attack which will haul you toward the target judging by the directional input. Jump attack has higher chance to knockdown zed. If you are master at this, you can flying around, hitting target left and right like Batman Arkham game without wasting your stamina to running to it.
    - You can do the heavy attack with Spring + Attack button. It will be the overhead attack animation which has higher chance to knockdown but slower recover. Choosing special attack skill override this.
    - You can run loop around your base to improve Cardio if you don't want to risk getting caught with low stamina on the outside. This is also a great way to burn an excess Snack.
    - You can gain a small amount of trust by cheering an NPCs when they execute zeds by pressing 1 for PC, and RT + Y for X360 controller. The timing is tight. You need to do it when they just finished skull bashing animation (when zed's head is exploded.)
    - You can use taunt to lure zeds to you by pressing 2 for PC, and RT + X for X360 controller. This will attract nearby zeds to your position. This quite useful if you going for clear infestation but don't want to fight inside the building.
    - There is no friendly fire except for AOE weapons such as explosive.
    - Any survivor that you can control (friend) can't die from RNG roll while you are not playing. Even they are ill.
    - All medicine items are not healing for the same amount. You can guess it by reading it description or just try it. You can't overdose in this game.
    - All stamina boost items have difference duration and the amount it can boost. Coffee has the shortage duration while Potent Stim has highest and can boost up to 40% of loss stamina.
    - There is no penalty to use Pill or Stim to boost your loss max stamina despite the description warn you about it.
    - You can set off any trap by shoot at it. Sometime trap went bonker and doesn't go off when zeds is around it.
    - A trap with any kind of distraction such as an Alarm Clock or Firecracker synergy well. Setup a trap and throw down any noise maker at it. Then waiting for the boom.
    - Whistling Mine sound good on paper but it only attract zeds on the first sound cue. It taken too long to explode and most of the time, zeds will lose interest in it and walk away.
    - You can attack zeds that attacking boarded window with blunt weapon. Your character will take a jab at zed with end of weapon. The position for this to happen is tight.
    - SWAT, and Army zed immune to all firearms. No matter what caliber.
    - Headshot the Bloater won't kill it. It corpse will stay there, waiting to explode. Bloater need to be kill by body shot.
    - You can get one more of any resources type during scavenging by not taking the last resources that you want from the container, then calling for scavenging run via radio. Once the conversation has ended or the game told you that scavenger is on the way, take the resources out. When NPC come to do the mission, they will magically spawn that resources when they done scavenging. UL staff confirmed that this isn't an exploit but a small bonus that they leaving for us to discover. If you feeling that this is cheating then don't do it.
    - You can build an Outpost and it will keep generate resources even after you ransack the place clean.
    - You can leave one Outpost slot to be a mobile Outpost. When your inventory is full, build an Outpost on the building you are in and store your item. You can tear it down or leave it like that to generate safe zone and occasional kill hoard.
    - You can choose which type of resources Outpost you want by not taking the last resources inside the container. Want a materials Outpost? Loot everything else inside the building except materials then build an Outpost.
    - You can blind throw any throwable item.
    - You can dodge any incoming attack with dodge. Dodge happen instantly so it is better to dodge an attack rather than hitting them back since swinging weapon take time. There will be a small vulnerable frame after you dodged so it won't work when big hoard surrounding you.
    - You can do the Dodge move and Dodge roll with dodge button. Holding any directional button while dodge will move you to that direction and immune to all attack except ground pounding and ramming by Big Un. Dodge roll move you further than Dodge move and stagger any zeds on the way.
    - You can counterattack after dodging by pressing an Attack button. Mashing it while dodging work best. Counterattack only work against frontal dodge. Counterattack will perform Uppercut Strike for Blunt, and Heavy weapons. Backhand Spin for Edge weapon.
    - Instant Counter skill doesn't work against grab attack by zeds. Zeds will always use grab as their first move before normal attack.
    - Instant Counter will use Sweep Kick as counterattack move.
    - Zeds that been decapitated in the leg by Low Slice or Sweep is harmless and will die shortly. You can execute them for giggle. AI followers love to stomp at them, so beware about that.
    - Character with Reflexes trait make a great fighter since they regenerate their stamina faster. They get access to either Spin Kick or Sweep Kick.
    - Spin Kick will knockdown any zeds in front of you. This also work against Feral. If your timing is right, you can kick it out of mid-air too. Character with Spin Kick can fight without weapon since you can execute any grounded zombie unarmed. You still need firearms to kill Bloater and Everything to kill Big Un. If you kick zeds into the wall, most of the time it will die instantly because head slamming against wall.
    - Sweep Kick will knockdown any zeds around you. Since it does not send zeds flying away, you can follow up with execution much easier compare to Spin Kick. It can't knock Feral to the ground but can stagger it.
    - Flipped vehicle will explode when you runaway from it. Destroyed any content it carrying. You can try to access it trunk to recover the rucksack.
    - The game only allows 10 total rucksack to appear in the game world. Any more will make the first one vanish. This included the rucksack on your back, on the ground, and in vehicle trunk. Rucksack carrying by NPC doesn't count.
    - When unarmed, your character will use a short knife to grab and attack zeds. Once grabbed, keep hitting attack button to rapidly attack it. There is a chance that the attack will fumble and zeds bite you back but the damage is minimal. If you hit dodge button while grabbing it, you will throw zeds behind your back. Stun it for a few sec.
    - When unarmed, any attack from behind will enter the knife execution animation. It's cool but take a lot of time, leaving you vulnerable. You can dodge roll behind zeds and execute it.
    - You can survive from getting eaten if for some reason zeds that is surrounding you is gone.
    - If your character is getting eaten and you have any kind of bomb in your inventory, you can select it and hit Use Items button to go out with bang. Killing yourself any any zeds around you.
    - If you have certain items that you want to use later but don't want to put it in the locker due to fear for not having enough influence to take it back later, then store it in some vehicle trunk.
    - If you have an unwanted items and have a lot of influence. You can take the items and dump it into any Enclave, preferred high relationship one to minimize the influence lost.
    - About to moving to new Breakdown Level? Fill all of your survivors that you are taking them to the next level with expensive item such as weapons. They keep their inventory to the next level, then you can control them and store it back for an easy influence gain. Save you a few trouble of getting more influence.
    - Fighting become less perferable in higher level of Breakdown due to increase in zeds intensity and more special freak. You need to change your tactic from "Kill any zeds in front of me" to "Avoid and diversion at all cost" This is why you should train a few of your survivor to Wit 7 just to get Ninja skill.
    - Any kind of flaming explosive start to become your best friend in higher level of Breakdown. They are not less noisy and kill more zeds compare to the raw explosive one.
    - If thing get too tough and you don't want to lose your controlling survivor. Then open the journal and switch to any survivor at home then switch back. You will magically teleported back to home.

    That is all my brain can squeeze out. If there is anything new i will update it.
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  2. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Just a couple remarks I'll add

    It is safe to do a Big Un hunt with the AI if the character you are using has "Focus Aim" as his ability and has a gun that uses big calibers (.45, .50, 5.56, 7.62), the bullet time is usually enough to land 8-10 shots to the Big Un head while it goes in its initial aggro mode or dashes.

    You sure about that one? I got "trust lost - friendly fire" messages when shooting AIs that are not friends (and they make a head dodge). Can't confirm since I've been playing a modded game for a couple weeks now

    Incendiary shotguns will kill SWAT and Army zeds, and IIRC didn't .50 guns also?

    To add to that, when making an outpost remember the resources order alphabetically in it. So if you leave an ammo and medicine bundle, the outpost will be an ammo outpost.
  3. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    New player and fresh survivor not going to have access to that. It is better to warn about it rather than encourage them to be overconfidence and killing themselves.

    It is only trust lost. No actual damage happen to them.

    It is obvious that fire kill everything. I don't remember about .50 caliber because finding the gun itself is hard not to mention supply it with ammo. In the vanilla SOD, caliber doesn't matter when shooting at armored/army zeds. All zed die in single headshot and won't die from body shot at all. Caliber do matter when feeding it at Big Un.

    Just take everything out and put it down or store it in the rucksack. Easier to understand that way.
  4. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Oh sure I would never waste .50s on an armored, but IIRC they did kill them with a head shot
  5. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel Got Your Back

    so much good info
  6. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    I would like to test that. If the game give me .50 Cal Sniper Rifle! I have an ammo for it now but not the bloody gun, ouchhhhhhh.
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  7. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Doesn't one of the Wilkersons (the one that gives Sniper support) and Alan start Breakdown with a .50cal rifle by default?

    Edit: again, playing modded here, don't remember if vanilla is the same
  8. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Yes... Mickey Wilkerson has a custom M107 (a.k.a 'Eli'), and Alan Gunderson has a Mk.15
  9. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Just tested it with the Wilkerson .50cal and it does kill armored zeds. Doesnt even need to be a head shot.
    I'm running the game using QMJS extended functions
  10. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    QMJS changed that you can kill zeds by body shot. IIRC, they won't go down with body shot in vanilla, even with shotgun.
  11. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Negative. The .50 Cal kills everything with a body shot except a juggy. Stock code.
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  12. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Tested it again using Swissarmyknife Brimstone mod now and .50cal still kills Armored zeds.
    Now I want to test if it can kill 2-3 armored zeds in straight line multikill :D
  13. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    Seem like it is high time to equip few of my guard duty NPC with 50 cal. But for now, incendiary shotgun doing fine.
  14. I am in BD level 6 only so far, but my 2 cents:
    1) Take and train reflex (preferable) and powerhouse characters, train them in fire arms (assault weapons) and focus fire.
    Example for nimble (reflex character) - train shooting and fighting at the same time, picking:
    A) Select firearms specialisation - e.g. assault rifles
    B) When you get to level 3 reflexes - choose a kick of your choice.
    C) kill zeds further and pick frog leap at level 6 of reflexes.
    D) Shoot further and take focus aim at level 7. Keep in mind that you mustn't take any other level 7 special ability, otherwise focus aim will be locked.
    They have those kicks and wrestling for close combat, with spin kick being the finest as it affects Ferals (last option if you missed your focus aim shot :) or out of ammo). These characters are very resilient - they can do both fight and shoot. You kill normal and armoured zeds in melee (using kicks/wrestling), and ferals and such from distance. If you show fire discipline and kill only freaks, you spend very little ammo (now I have about 750 rounds for 7.62 and the same for 5.56 plus about 30 silencers) and influence (costs are of higher importance as you advance - 1 bullet = 1 influence, plus to make about 60 costs 5 influence, plus 2,5 influence for a silencer, plus 6? for taking silencer from your locker. To sum up: shooting 60 normal zeds can be fun, but it will cost you about 80 influence) .
    2) If you spot a Feral without having the above feats, you can find a position where he is head on and take him down from a distance with 1-2 shots (7.62) or if you got his attention, you can throw a well placed incendiary in his pattern. You have to do it at the beginning as he dodges when he is close.
    3) To train character - use fear missions and training ones - go away from the target area, scavenge and train your new character. Just be careful not to get jumped by a feral. With dojo and tower you can get an all-star character in 2-3 runs. Don't forget to boost cardio first - at least to level 4-5.
  15. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Specialize in Assault Weapons? Reflex and Powerhouse survivors are like, purpose built for melee.

    Focus Aim is great, I give it to almost all my survivors. But there's not really any situation where full-auto would be useful. Now if you're tactic is to go full-auto while in Focus Aim, there's a glitch where you can spam the fire-mode button when shooting. The result is a rate of fire (in slow motion) as fast as you can toggle the fire-mode... but with ZERO control penalty. Which means you can specialize in melee weapons, but guns still remain practical.
  16. Brymstone

    Brymstone Starting Off

    I agree Cap, specializing in firearms really doesn't do a whole lot IMO. Focus Aim is a definite "must have", but I would have nimble and powerhouse characters specialize in melee where the bonuses really shine as compared to firearms. .50 cal with focus aim is good for those multi-kill attempts, otherwise I just go for the quick body shots to clear out an area then wait for those ferals then I'll focus aim to take them out while they're on the run (towards me)
  17. Oh, man learns new things all the time :). I realized that level 7 feats are not locked to weapon specialisation... Well, that changes a little thing there, but not big deal :) , it means that my approach was generally good, now it can be even better - I can have those melee feats and focus aim... Perfect :). Thanks gents, sometimes one needs a little push, sometimes a kick :D...

    Edit: Does Anvil Hammer kill a normal zed with a body shot? I tried that from the above (roof) and it didn't kill them. Is it another weapon?
  18. ErnestK7

    ErnestK7 Here To Help

    A powerhouse with melee specialization, bodyslam and ninja is OP.
  19. Why? :) I have one character with ninja trait and I have't found the pros of it. It should move faster in stealth but it doesn't seem so... or not significantly.
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  20. ErnestK7

    ErnestK7 Here To Help

    with all the perks I said above this is what you get:
    • no locked doors
    • 300% knockdown chance
    • 300% killing blow chance
    • with bodyslam you can throw the zeds (LB+B+LB+Y)
    • fast search quitely
    • crash probability reduced by 60%
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