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  1. Brymstone

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    I really haven't seen a great deal of benefit from the ninja skill. I've reached level 50 in Breakdown and when it comes to scavenging it helps you do so faster but really if you take your time and keep your head on a swivel you can usually avoid zeds with non-ninja characters. If you start getting swarmed inside just jump out a window and use those molotovs then go back to what you were doing. In fact I've been jumped many times by ferals while trying to ninja around towns.
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    No... that happens with .50cal rifles only.
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    I love ninjas, but ferals are a pain, but now whenever I head out I take a follower, and they kick ferals off me.
  4. Ok, bodyslam - what is that? I haven't encounter that. Is it a pro wrestling named differently in Xbox?
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    aim for the head, included with melee weapons ;), theres a high chanche to have a one kill headshot if you try to aim the zombies skull with your bat
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    When it comes to Ferals, I discovered a surprisingly simple solution to them. I keep them in view, and jog to the side. When they leap, they go right past you and land on their face, wherein I then sprint over and LB+Y them in the head.
    This underline will NOT disable, Jeez.
    Anyway, I use it to murder them now. If they don't leap, sprint a distance away then start to strafe dodge them again, to try to get them to leap.
    I'll try and share a vid later of what I do.
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  9. Doomen Gloom

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    Cardio then cardio then more cardio after that the rest come easy
  10. zechs

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    Cardio and stealth kills. Since stealth kills gives Wits experience too.

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