Notes and News From the Stream, 7/16/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. AnselmBlackheart

    AnselmBlackheart Starting Off

    To your second question, it is infinite. They said in the stream that you can do it multiple times, with it getting harder each time.

    Which makes me want to do it as much as possible, so I can see when it breaks the game...
  2. it would be cool if the game had random generating map
    like cube world :)
  3. AnselmBlackheart

    AnselmBlackheart Starting Off

    Problem is, higher graphics and 3imensional models makes procedural generation... difficult
  4. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    Yes they say it's hard, but there's so many how to vids and self made tools to add to the engine, where's there's a will there's a way :)
  5. Chrace123

    Chrace123 Starting Off

    Everything is looking great for the future of SOD. Sandbox Mode is sounding better and better all the time. I would hope that when we migrate to the next valley we are able to take the contents of our storage locker along with the survivors in our group willing to migrate. Though if you don't have enough survivors or vehiciles to transport everyone then it would make sense to limite how many people and what you can take. I sure hope we don't have to go it alone with only what one person can carrry..

    BUt if that is the case then that explains 'harder' by a long shot.
  6. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus Starting Off

    I'm sure someone will make a mod along the way, and being cryengine even without tools there are some people who will figure out how to mod it. I remember an ambitious mod for oblivion that intended to use procedurally generated dungeons & another mod (I think by the same author possibly, made for the other mod to be used as a resource and testing ground) that gave the ability to do that in oblivion for modders. I stopped checking on it at some point, and have no clue what it was called any more but I'd found it on the nexus a couple or a few years ago by now. I think something similar has been done for other games, sometimes less or more effective or difficult depending ont he games but it's not the first time I saw those ambitions. the pc version within a couple of years may have something functional that does that.

    it'll likely have it's share of bugs, some unable to be fixed at least by the people making the content depending on their capabilities. the good thing about modding, is if people reach that point and are open enough to not care about others contributing or carrying on then it could become a really good thing. it all depends on who does it, and how open they are about help/sharing it. basically the ego & capabilities of who(m)ever makes the mod. frankly i don't care about others' ego, and if I'd had the capabilities there are a few mods i would have worked on myself permission or not to be honest, I find that limiting when an author either abandons a project or reaches their limits with something.
  7. Thank you Sanya for thaking note of the live streem that I miss. This is all great news to me.
    Great work to all of you at undead labs.
    Can't stop playing, love that game.
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  8. Abhor Deities

    Abhor Deities Got Your Back

    Glorious. Just glorious.

    As long as the sandbox mode doesn't follow CoD's zombie mode (zombies take longer to kill instead of just having more and more) then it will work quite well for me.
  9. informative. I like.
  10. Sandbox sounds slightly different to how I thought, I like that idea of escalating difficulty. Great way for even the best stocked and defended outpost to eventually fall.
  11. This, I'm surprised this wasn't already announced tbh.

    Sandbox mode as its been announced by Sanya just sounds like an option for those who are too lazy to select new game...
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  12. Secretz

    Secretz Starting Off

    Nice...anytime NPC help at last! Makes me want TU3 all the more...
  13. BrainBreaker

    BrainBreaker Starting Off

    Hope you can choose your starting character :)
  14. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

    Was character creation a discussion during the live stream?
  15. BrainBreaker

    BrainBreaker Starting Off

    I dont think so,nothink about it in notes by Sanya,but it would be nice to choose your own starting character,if not create,then maybe random-generation button utill you are happy.
  16. everything sounds sweet but i didnt see anything about co-op might have missed it any word
  17. Wyndrusher

    Wyndrusher Starting Off

    No co-op, jeff addressed that awhile ago.
  18. AnselmBlackheart

    AnselmBlackheart Starting Off

    One: The difficulty increases, so how is that 'too lazy".
    Second: Never once have they said that having ALL missions gone was a thing (In fact, sandbox could act as a board for different missions since it is n longer constrained by the story)
  19. AnselmBlackheart

    AnselmBlackheart Starting Off

    You could just look in the "news" section of the forum and see the big post saying it isn't going to happen....
  20. BrainBreaker

    BrainBreaker Starting Off

    Didint Jeff mention something that enclaves will be more involved in sandbox,maybe jobs for other enclaves?
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