Notes and News From the Stream, 7/23/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Better late than never, I hope!

    The special guest was Shaun, our Technical Director. Here were some of the highlights. Feel free to add anything you remember.

    Rucksacks for your companions in the new buddy feature? To get the follower feature to you ASAP, we did a bare bones version. Being able to give your follower a backpack would be something for down the road.

    Someone asked if the engine we used would make it harder for modders of the PC version. The engine has a lot of encrypted elements, and that may make PC modding challenging. So the answer is... we don't know. We're not testing for mod stuff, just because it wouldn't launch until next year if we did that.

    Still working on visual optimization. Some stuff will be in TU3. This will be an ongoing thing for the lifetime of the game.

    If you see bells on the side of the buildings, shoot them with suppressed guns.

    Can we randomize the map? For the version of pathfinding we had to use, pathing is baked into the map. Every building must maintain the same footprint. All we could do is cosmetic stuff to each building's appearance, and seriously...that's not worth it. We'd rather fix bugs, add new stuff, and work on DLC.

    Could we convert existing buildings into new homesites? Each building was handbuilt to have the space and walls and the facilities that pop into being out of nowhere. The proportions of the existing non-home buildings aren't necessarily consistent with the existing home sites. In other words, doing it would require a lot of retrofitting that would potentially introduce very, very bad bugs.
  2. SapLivion

    SapLivion Starting Off

    I remember them shooting fire bells thing to make noise "Mad"
    I remember They showed us how the siren in the Po Po car works
    I remember a dinosaur went for a fly
    I remember talk of "Members"
    I remember them inviting ed to his death.
    Great Stuff all round.
  3. CJH1299

    CJH1299 Starting Off

    Sounds awesome!
  4. NeoXCS

    NeoXCS Got Your Back

    Kind of sad the AI partner can't take a rucksack. Hopefully soon enough though. :) At least they are able to come with now. :p

    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    As far as the rucksack issue, if you can switch to your AI partner when they accompany you on a mission then is it possible when you are searching a house with your partner to load a rucksack then switch over to your partner and load up another rucksack? I don't see how you couldn't do that.
  6. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help


    Didn't think of that. xD

    As for the update thanks for the info. :)
  7. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Sorry, but once you have an active mission you can not change character. The notes sounds good though.

    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    I'm not talking about an active mission. I'm talking about just you and your AI companion going around searching houses.
  9. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    From what I saw, Yes you can. Only certain storyline missions can't be started with an NPC buddy. The rest, you can switch over to your buddy to make him carry a rucksack.

    It was in the stream. Shaun tried to switch to Maya but as she was tired, she bolted back to base.
  10. Sounds like a big update.
    Any word on bullpups making it into Sandbox?
  11. So, when is TU3 coming?
  12. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Well, it's still in pre-certification, so it might be another week. ;)
  13. JustinRuin

    JustinRuin Starting Off

    Longest week of my life.

    Not really, but damn, I want yesterday..
  14. ShepardOU812

    ShepardOU812 Starting Off

    Sweet! Thanx for the info. Can't wait!
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