Now defunct launch date contest.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Nicole, Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. y3l10wflash

    y3l10wflash Starting Off

    I want to introduce a forum where songs related to the SOD world made by others can be posted. I have three made and working on a few other ones such as for example this one about ferals: Ferals so fast and keen, they'll kill you without being seen, One feral I can handle, two ferals and that's a handful, three ferals time to run, four ferals where's my gun?! Anymore ferals and I won't last long!! @Bob Crees
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  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    If it is all SoD based then -

    1) Go to the main page of the Forums
    2) Left Click the word 'Forum's top left
    3) Left Click 'General Discussions'
    4) Top right of the new page is a button Post New Thread'.
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  3. y3l10wflash

    y3l10wflash Starting Off

    Also the 2nd forum I want to make is about speculating what new freak types there would be or how they would change them/ add on to them. I would love to see a horde of ferals or even a horde of juggernauts for that matter also I was thinking of one freak type that could be implemented into the game later if my voice is heard which is unlikely but still. This freak would be entirely based on stealth it would take out survivors one at a time without anyone noticing. It can basically destroy you and your group of friends from within where it could climb buildings and other environmental things (maybe wouldn't go that far but you get what I'm saying) it could be called a hunter or something but main point is You. Never. See. Or. Hear. It. Coming.

    Thanks @Bob Crees
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  4. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    There is already a Thread on New Freaks.
  5. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    A HOARD of FERALS? Whaaaat? Just the sheer thought of that scares the living dead outta me LOL :)
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  6. y3l10wflash

    y3l10wflash Starting Off

    That's exactly why I would want to see that be implemented in some way or another or maybe even have it in breakdown if and when they release so it can be a higher level type of thing. It would make things more interesting since think about it four regular human players can mow down an army of regular zed so how would they fair against a horde of ferals or any other freak only type horde mix?
  7. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    It's most definitely an intriguing idea and as you say, with the co-op aspects of the game allowing each player a certain good level of backup/security from other players, maybe the nemesis ought to be equally challenging? Either way, just to see a "hoard" of ferals would be an awesome sight indeed :p
  8. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    You might want to take a look here:

    A bit of the description: "Feral zombies roam the world and can be found in large packs, ambushing the player. The player will need to escape the fast animalistic beasts by running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, and rolling, or just barely making it the car to escape the pack and ride off into the detrimental sunset."
  9. Shady Allie

    Shady Allie Got Your Back

    The feral attack in Amelia Crasman's lone wolf mod will send chills down your spine as you truly run for your life. They will spawn in a pack and hunt you while you try to escape. white knuckle controller for sure.
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  10. Woefulninja4444

    Woefulninja4444 Starting Off

    Should be June 5
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  11. DPS lfg PST

    DPS lfg PST Starting Off

    If this is still up for guess entries...

    April 17, 2018
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  12. DougH

    DougH Got Your Back

    I will take November 7, 2017. Current projected Xbox One X release date. Thank you.
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  13. GoodShotJansun

    GoodShotJansun Got Your Back

    April 17!
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  14. Akinaba

    Akinaba Got Your Back

    March 08
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  15. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    I would very much like them to release 'early' (original date?) but I think they're using the extra months for polishing and will actually do a spring date.
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  16. March 17th, 2018!!!! =D
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  17. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    Winter of 2018
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  18. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @MaYkY - Welcome to the Forums:)
  19. altcon

    altcon Starting Off

    May 4th 2018
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  20. Honestly i would love to see this game released on Tuesday February 6th, 2018

    Although this guess is earlier than the months considered "Spring" Why would i guess it...?
    This year we lost George A. Romero whom is considered the father of the fictional zombie of modern culture.
    He was born on February 4, 1940, I believe that releasing this as close to February would be awesome homage to a great man whom pioneered this genre.
    Due to digital media always being released on a Tuesday, that would bump us to February 6th.
    Also as an added bonus it still has time to hit the Fiscal Quarter End (in March).
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