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    New Beginnings

    You were the last one on the plane.

    When each one of you climbed the stairs to the private jet you were greeted by a room full of strangers, assessing you the moment you entered, as you did to them as each climbed aboard, having first arrived first, second arriving second, and so on and so forth until you had filled each position, having a distinct recollection of each event with the clarity of true memory.

    If you paused to think about it you realized of course you were first on the plane.

    The next time you reflected back on it you were clearly last.

    When you thought nothing of it at all you experienced all memories simultaneously. Until you thought about them. Which of course you did.

    "Welcome Aboard!" A stewardess said, "If you'll please take a seat, we'll be leaving shortly." Or did she say arriving? You clearly remember both.

    You are standing in the middle of a monastery. You're initially not sure how you got there, but as a few seconds go by you seem to remember landing at a Chinese airport and taking a bus to the site with the others. There seem to be no guides or stewardesses. A warm evening light shines through the gaps in the pillars, casting long shadows on the ground. A half moon is rising lazily into the sky opposite the setting sun. There are people walking on the streets down below, but if they notice you they give no indication of it.

    In the exact middle of the room there is a piece of paper with something written on it.

    "Shangri-La is a place of perfect balance."
    There seems to be no other instruction of any kind.

    "Uh, so now what?" A young man speaks up. He has a buzzcut and several tattoos.
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    He gently brushed his hair aside, placing down his backpack on the ground. "Search for knowledge, even in China." He gently spoke to no one in particular, his eyes caught onto the line in the middle of the room.

    So, Shangri-La, a place of moderation. A place of self control? A place of union against the carnal desires? Yet always with the possibility to tumble down....Hm....I wonder.

    Ernie walked away from the center of the room, his eyes began to wander the walls, the floor, the ceiling. Gently touching one wall, he wondered if here they spoke Mandarin. With his other hand he reached for the sand packaged tightly in a small bean bag like container, and lowered his head briefly. His hands squeezed the packaging, while his mind for a moment lost in a sort of meditation.

    The sand from Meclis Al-Jinn, remained unmoving, at peace. Finally, Ernie turned to look at the others.

    "Hello to each and everyone of you. I'm Ernie."
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    Valerious Ward
    Val took a look around the strange place. "Now that was downright strange." He mutters in a simple American accent. Noticing the man introducing himself Val put on a quizzical but sincere smile and spoke with a thick but understandable eastern European accent. "Hello friend, my name is Valerious, a pleasure to meet you. Now who are the rest of you?"
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    Nicholas Gomez

    Nick looked around him, taking in the sights. The area was ancient, venerable. He looked down at his feet, looking specifically at the ancient stone at his feet.

    He then looked at the rest of his group. People were introducing themselves loudly. He decided to stay quiet for now.
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    Johnny English

    Johnny had had that sort of plane journey before, maybe one to many dry martinis', combined with the change in time zones. It always made him feel like a Yo-Yo, sometimes up then sometimes down.

    The sight of the monastery made him smile, taking him back to the days, months, years that he had spent in the Tibetan Monastery, learning the mysterious ways of Buddhism.

    Walking around the piece of paper several time, Johnny stopped about about three feet in front of it. Then closing his eyes, he leaned forward at the waist, keeping his weight on his right foot. The further forward he got, he let his left foot rise behind him from the floor, until it was at 90 degrees to his right leg. Maintaining his balance as taught to him by his Tibetan Lama, he picked up the piece of paper.

    "Now what do we have here" he smiled, fluttering the paper at the others. "I'm English by the way".
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    Valerious Ward
    Valerious smiled at the man, looking him over. In his thick accent he says "Well we can tell that by your accent. What's your name?"
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    Johnny English

    Johnny gave the man a strange look, "My good man, I just did, I'm English, Johnny English. What up with all these yanks Johnny thought to himself It's a good job we let them have their own country.
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    Valerious Ward

    "Ah" Says Valerious with his heavy eastern European accent "Well you could have started off by saying your first name. Regardless, does anyone know where exactly we are?"
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    "We are in the heart of the East? Though using that term....problematic...." He mused aloud.
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    Norman Henderson

    "Well, I'm Norm." He said, awkwardly feeling like he was at an AA meeting with the silent onlookers. His critical gaze swept the room, silently judging the actions of each. Their silence meant they could only be doing the same.

    "So we were supposed to meet someone here right? Does anyone have anymore info about that?" He asked aloud.
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  11. Panic!atSkyfall

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    Angeline Dubois
    She was more nervous than she realized. Her fingers twitched for a cigarette. She played with the rosary on her wrist and twirled it in her fingers as she walked over to Mr. English. "May I?" she inquired as she slipped the paper out of his grasps, "I'm Angeline by the way," and gave him a smile. "Shangri-la is a place of perfect balance," she read aloud. She mentally went through her files as she scanned the room, what did she know about Shangri-la? (Can we get a more detailed layout of the room please i.e. how many sides, where the pillars are, is there anything lying about, what is there for my character to observe?)
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    Johnny English

    "Yes of course my dear, please feel free" smiled Johnny, handing over the piece of paper to the young lady @Panic!atSkyfall "You may wish to hold it up to the light, maybe a secret message and things such as is the norm with paper being left in such places" he added.

    Johnny started to have a better look at the building, singing a song to himself as he did.

    Tracing his fingers over the stone work, he muttered to himself, between the words of the tune, "Possibly of the Ming or Yang Dynasty, fine construct whoever the builder was".
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    (The temple appears to be open to the air, though you don't feel any sort of chill or breeze from the elements. It basically feels as though you are inside, even though this is clearly not the case. Counting the pillars you realize there are 11 of them, all spaced equally, with enough room for several people to walk between each one. The ceiling and floor both follow this circular pattern, as do the stairs outside, following the shape of the hill, which appears to be quite even, no odd lumps or breaks in the steps, so each step is a concentric circle. Outside the rings of steps are golden statues of Buddha facing outwards, each lined up with a pillar, while inside there is a smaller statue for each pillar that faces towards the center. Each pillar holds a burning torch above the inner statues. For being an open temple everything is extremely clean. The place doesn't seemed aged at all, but also doesn't seem to be made of overtly modern materials. There is a confusing array of shapes on the floor, but they seem to be arranged in concentric circles radiating from the middle out. The ceiling appears to be domed, with the same odd shapes arranged from the center-out. It doesn't look like the product of a particular age, but rather a strange amalgamation of styles. This is your view from the near-center.)

    Norm Henderson

    "Uh, alright then." Norm said, "So this is a Buddhist temple, right? Maybe doing some kind of Buddhist... Uh... Prayer?"
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    Ernie Goldsmith
    Ernie looked at the agent, and then the others. His eyes watched the architecture of the building, counting pillars.

    His hair stood on end. 11 pillars. An odd number. Rukye. Algebra and Geometry crossed into his mind.

    Ernie sighed in relief, and then spoke. "The use of Geometry, can signal perfection. Many civilizations enjoyed, even used perfect geometry in revering to higher powers." His hands motioned for the circular patterns found on the floor and ceiling. "Stairs, twirling and circling around. 11 pillars. And an odd number." he mumbled to himself. Muslim scholars and mystics loved the odd numbers. He knelt down onto one knee opening his backpack. Inside he searched for a moment, before pulling out a piece of paper and pencil.

    Then he began to draw the shapes, letters and numbers. There is an old forgotten branch of math and science, once referred to by Ottoman and Arab scholars, as Havas. Knowledge Known by the Few. The pillars, of which there are 11. An odd number. Odd and Even numbers, hold different significance in these parts of the world. Algebra comes from India. Buddhists, once came from India.

    There stood upon the parchment various numbers, and letters. The 9 like letter, stood as a sign relating to the Creator. 11. It stood between the 9, pronounced as Vo~V and backwards c like letter, Dud. Signalling a connection to the infinite.

    God is one, and God enjoys One. A preference to the Odd numbers, by Muslims.....Only praising God in odd numbers.......Sufi's were notorious in their praises and hymns. 1-3-5-7-11. Revered numbers. So too were Christian Mystic monks in there monasteries....

    The Creator is infinite. A circle is infinite. Never ending.
    To attain the perfect balance, one must travel and then attain the 11 lessons upholding this balance, and reach a balance leading to an infinite perfection...
    Perhaps a reference to.....He paused thinking further.

    All cultures held at their core, a need to escape from a handful of things for a balance. At the core.....Money, power, food, sex, sleep, meaningless talking, greed, desire.....

    A human being was always needy, always hungry. The only perfection a human would need, to make it all go away, would be infinity to everything. Not just against time, but also against the carnival desires...

    "So a trial, symbolized by the stairs meaning us living our lives, learning and applying 11 lessons symbolized by the pillars, to attain a perfect never ending balance, upheld by the ceiling and the floor which is circular referencing an infinite cure. That is all I could think up...I may be wrong entirely but we may have to figure out what these pillars all stand for and how they are upholding balance."
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    Norman Henderson

    Norm looked at Ernie like he'd just turned into an alien.

    "Uh alright." He managed to respond, "Cool." He didn't feel like he had much to contribute to the conversation so he began to take a walk around the interior of the building. Everything was too clean, it actually made him sort of uncomfortable. He knew there was something else going on here, but not the nature of it, and the uncertainty made him cautious. It didn't feel evil. Didn't feel particularly "good" either. It just... was.

    Overhead the half moon was beginning to dominate the sky, stars beginning to appear on the far horizon at the last rays of the sun began to fade. Oddly, the temperature stayed the same.

    As Norm looked out at the city he wondered what on earth he was doing out here. He was halfway across the world in some weird monk temple with a bunch of strangers searching for clues to an imaginary city. All because some weird government letter had arrived on his doorstep. He'd sent it back, but when it came back it had information attached to it that no one was supposed to have access to. He'd gone to everyone that knew what had happened, bullied or charmed his way into the records of his former workplace, the police station, city hall, but there was nothing there.

    Norm took a deep breath, wondering if he ever would make sense of it all or just go crazy trying. What if he was already crazy? In a mental hospital somewhere and hallucinating under a strict regiment of meds. The thought didn't alarm him.

    In this moment he felt comfortable. Calm. More so than he had in a long time.
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    Valerious Ward
    Valerious looked at the man going on about strange math and Muslims, a confused look on his face. Someone let the crazy out, he thought to himself. Scratching the stubble on his face, Valerious became intrigued by the strange feeling of walls without any walls. Following his curiosity he movedette to try and reach out to the edge where it felt like there was a wall, even though there was none visible. "Such a strange place this is," he said to the others in his thick accent.
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    (As he moved along the perimeter of the building he notes that there are no physical obstructions, that he can sense anyway. The air just outside the building is just the same as that inside it seems, he can sense no difference from his position at the top of the stairs.)
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  18. Burning Phoenix

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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    “¿Por qué estoy aquí?” Lucía muttered to herself and pondered why as she filed into the room while others had already seemed pretty situated with their surroundings. They seemed pretty calm. Did they have any answers to what was going on? She wanted answers more than ever and fidgeted around getting situated with their small luggage, but she didn’t want to draw any attention to herself. She knew they would judge. This was going to be rough.

    She had been through so much in the past few months. She had visited various religious leaders, and doctors, even some energy healers and other less known arts, trying the find solutions, trying to find peace. The nightmares would not stop and she had almost never left Ana’s side. She had been accused by distant family members and friends as increasingly overprotective and unrealistic. She had anxiety when Ana had started up school again and went away for the normal school day. She no longer slept in her own room, but slept in the same room as Ana. She didn’t feel safe any other way. She couldn’t explain why.

    Then came the mysterious letters. Strange, usually she would have just set them aside. But she was desperate. More desperate that she had ever been before. She did her research and found almost nothing. Just rumors, and none leading in any really direction. A dead end. She tried writing back, desperate for some sort of answer or even a confirmation that this wasn’t some sort of scam, but there was no success. There was no return address. With the response letter, she had added additional question that she needed answered, but no one got back to her. She was on her own.

    And then there was the accusations of bringing Ana with her on this excursion that she didn’t know any details about. Of course she covered it up with lies, just like she had when she worked for the CISEN. But still, people had questions. She had let people grow too close to her since she had moved to Mesa. And they may not have known everything that had happened the past few months, but they knew something was terribly wrong. They were concerned for her and Ana. Everyone loved Ana.

    But she couldn’t leave her behind. There may have been people that she could have left her with, but they didn’t understand the danger. They wouldn’t have done what was needed to protect her. So she had no other choice, but to bring her with.

    They were both in a daze from the flight. The terribly long hours had revealed no additional information and she was furious that they were just carting her and these other people around without offering any explanation. Ana had been great during the flight and mainly slept and entertained herself. It was more that Lucía could have hoped for. They mainly went unnoticed. And it helped that Ana didn’t like strangers very much, and she was fascinated with looking out the window, though it was mostly at the sea. Looking back, she couldn’t remember much of the details. She needed a good sleep. This jet lag was in no way good.

    Had she made the right choice? What was she doing here? Was she really that desperate to drop everything and come into the unknown? Granted, she had enough that if she needed to, she could fly them both back in a heartbeat. She was seriously considering it with all they had been though. And bring Ana into this? What was she thinking? The overwhelming questions made her head ache more. She looked down at little Ana and thought about her decision. She was a terrible mother. But she felt that she had no other choice. She tried to blend in, to take the chance to observe, but she knew that in the end, it would be futile.
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    Norman Henderson

    Norm turned back towards the room, but his peace evaporated the moment he noticed what seemed to be a child hiding behind her mother's leg, some little hispanic woman.

    "Yo you brought a kid here?!" He said, his eyes widening as he looked at what he assumed was the mother. "What the hell?! This could have been fucking dangerous! Do you even fucking know the kind of shit we could have been walking into?!" His body was now aimed at the woman, his posture wasn't overtly threatening but it bordered on aggressive.
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  20. Burning Phoenix

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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    Lucía snapped out of her trance and glared at the pathetic accuser. His tone just made her blood boil and lack of sleep lessened her self restraint. It took every ounce or strength not to pull out the gun pressing against her side. She instead marched from her small pile of luggage and marched swiftly right up to the idiotic American.

    "You want to tell me que esta pasando ahorita??!!" She pointed her finger accusingly at the young moron and realized he was probably only intelligent in one language. She halfheartedly tried to stick with English in her fury. No promises. "What's going on!? I, for one, would like answers. I have been though hell the past few months and then these letters appear with no explanation!! I'd like to know what is going on!!"

    She glares at the American, obviously a lot closer that comfort, ready for anything. He may be strong, but she was quicker. And better trained. And he just insulted Ana. She wasn't going to hold back. But she hoped to get something out of it if he had some sort of info.
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