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  1. Panic!atSkyfall

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    Angeline Dubois


    She set her things up in her room. She sat at the edge of her bed and put her head in her hands. She felt like she couldn't breathe. She pulled out her cigarettes and proceeded to smoke. It growled. Quiet you.

    She changed clothes and explored Shangi-La. She found little epicenters of activity and looked at all the splendors people were doing or offering. She found several people of religion who blessed her and some people even approached her and asked if she was okay. They could tell something was wrong and they would lead her to someone who could charm or bestow upon her protection. She felt self conscious. This place was too good. She didn't deserve to be here. Her final stop before heading to the meeting was at a little place that radiated a beautiful aroma. She stepped in and was engulfed in a hug of smells. A woman with graying hair and some laugh lines and crows feet walked up to her.

    "Hi Angeline. I'm Naomi, What can I get for you?"
    "How do you know my name?" Angeline was puzzled.
    "Word travels fast around these parts, and you're...different."
    Angeline bowed her head in shame, "I should just go." she turned and was about to leave when Naomi grabbed her shoulder gently.
    "Sit." She helped Angeline to a table. "What would you like to eat?"
    "Surprise me."
    "I 'll have something out soon."
    The first thing Naomi brought out was a tea. "This is a special blend that I've perfected while I've been here. It helps bring peace and calms the soul."
    Angeline nodded as Naomi went back to the kitchen. She took a sip and it started slowly but she did feel calmer and she could breath easier. Her foggy mind started to clear. She sipped the tea as she stared out at the city. Naomi returned with two plates of piping hot risotto with sliced chicken.
    Naomi placed the plates down and sat with Angeline, "Dig in, this is one of my favorite things to eat so I thought I'd share it with you."

    It was delicious and they conversed for what seemed like a an hour or two but time didn't seem to change. She had a feeling Shangri-La didn't play by the rules when it came to time. Naomi shared her story of how she got here and of the things she had been doing while here. Angeline was a little more reserved but did crack a few times a talked about herself.

    "I must be on my way, but I am so grateful for your company and food and the tea. I feel I need to repay you in someway."
    "Your enjoyment and the peace I was able to bring to you, even if it was just for the time now, is all I need." Naomi hugged her.
    Angeline, not used to hugs, unless it was a grappling hug to take down someone, tensed for a moment but quickly relaxed and hugged her back. Naomi felt like the mother she never had.
    "Come back soon," she whispered in Angeline's ear.
    Angeline just simply nodded and left. She would be back.


    "I'll go, I'm fluent in Russian so I can help."

    They went to an armory and she picked out 2 guns that she was familiar with. The one thing she did grab that she wasn't super familiar was a belt of grenades. When she looked at the picture of the monster it reminded her of a creature she had seen in a film and they might need this. She laughed. If she was correct with what this creature was that would be mind blowing. Running on this theory. She also grabbed industrial glow sticks. And as always her rosary hung from her wrist. Her outfit of choice was a Kevlar laced black corset, something she had brought, over top a long sleeved olive colored shirt. Dark green pants. They kept her warm and were flexible so that could easily move and black boots. And to top it all off, a black trench coat. She didn't want to look to conspicuous though so she grabbed a bag and put the grenade belt in the bag along with the glow sticks. The guns she easily stored on her body. There was one thing on the other side of the room that she did want though. She studied Griffin and thought as the how to proceed with her request. She sized him up and then walked over.

    "May I request one item from that side please? It's the flask that I have my eye on. I like to carry holy water where I go and a never ending flask of that may be helpful. It is one of the more of least dangerous items. Pretty please," she said in a bat your eye lashes but not serious way.


    She was impressed with Griffin's Russian as he spoke to the driver on the drive to the village.

    "I'm off to the bar if anyone would like to join me."
    She walked up to the students and asked for directions to the bar and off she went.
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  2. TheMuse

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    Griffin Richards

    "Not for now, dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. We'll keep to the normal weapons for now." Griffin said, not in an unkind way, but firm nonetheless.

    Russian Teenager #1

    "No bar, only restaurant!" The girl said proudly, her English definitely a bit shaky. "There!" She pointed in the direction of a beaten down restaurant.

    Angeline made her way there joined by the teenager, who said a quick goodbye to her friends.

    Angeline made her way into the restaurant to find the place full of older people, most of them sitting with tankards in front of them, staring at the newcomer with wary eyes.

    "She is here to help with the monster!" The girl said in Russian, not knowing Angeline could speak it, "She and others with weapons!"

    "She can't." An old man said, halfway through his tankard, "It won't die."

    "What about the kidnapper? Can she find my baby?" A middle-aged woman said in Russian.

    "What about my baby?" A younger man said, standing up from the table but losing his balance in his drunkenness, using the chair to balance himself.

    "What makes her any better than my Ari?! If my Ari couldn't kill the beast then how could she?!" A different middle-aged woman said, her voice slightly raised.

    The teenager's eyes widened as the room began to erupt into argument.

    "Uh..." She said, "Someone stole babies." She pointed at the younger man and first middle-aged woman, "Monster can't die." She pointed at the old man and the other middle-aged woman. She nodded a few times.

    Norman Henderson

    "Uh, so was there anyone who fought it and survived?" Norman asked.

    The other teenage girls spoke to each other in Russian before replying to Norman.

    "Young man, he lives that way." She said, "I show."

    She grabbed Norman by the hand, dragging him out from the town center and leading him towards rows of houses. Norman couldn't help but notice the poverty that surrounded him. The houses were a mixture of brick and concrete, several of them severely damaged. Yard boundaries seemed to be marked with stones. Many had their clothes on a line outside.

    The dirt roads led them to a house among one of the rows, the teenager knocking on the door.

    "Kto eto?" A voice said from within.

    "Akilina Smirnov! Chelovek khochet zadat' vam voprosy o zvere!" The teenager called back.

    "Skazhi yemu, chtoby ostavit', prezhde chem on tozhe ubivayet yego." The male voice said.

    "U nikh yest' oruzhiye! Oni vyglyadyat opasno! Mozhet byt', oni mogut ubit' yego!" The teenager said.

    There was silence for several moments before the door opened, revealing a grim man probably not much older than Norm. His left arm was amputated just below the elbow, two deep scars ran across his forehead and cheek. He otherwise seemed fit and healthy. When he saw Norm his eyes narrowed and he shook his head. He went to close the door, but the girl put her shoe in the door, preventing it from closing.

    "Bud'te dobry." She said. The man paused, looking between the two of them. He opened the door and waved them inside, closing it behind them. There were a few chairs and an old TV, but the room was sparse. Each took a seat.

    "What question?" The teenager asked Norm.

    "I want to hear the whole story." He said. The teenager relayed this to the man, who sighed, leaning back in his chair. He began to speak, and the teenager relayed the story back sentence by sentence, the translation a slow and halting, but it got the message across, even if it was a little rough.

    "I was at the dock with my wife. We watched the sunset. The air was warm and beautiful. The sun was almost down when she looked down at the water, and then began to be afraid. She got up and moved away from the edge. I laughed and said, have you seen a shark? I looked where she was looking and just below my feet, I saw the face of a huge lion. As the sun disappeared creature attacked. I ducked to the side, but he got my hand in his teeth. It was too heavy for the docking station, so that the wood was broken. We both went into the water, but I saw it pop up again. I swam back. My wife was running, but it was faster. Blood from my face hit me in the eye. I did not see what happened. I stumbled to the shore, but I could not find my wife. I could hear people screaming. The creature roared. I fainted from loss of blood. When I woke up, the doctor took care of me. There was a pile of bodies in the corner. Many died. There was a man next to me, who was pale and shaking. I asked him what happened. He said that being attacked on all that he saw. He even ate animals that are left outside. It was a lion's head, but the body of a bull. It was almost as big as a house. He attacked all night, and when the sun was going to come up he ran back into the water."

    A great sadness emanated from the man, one that seemed past the point of tears.

    "I'm sorry about your wife." Norm said, still translating through the teenager.

    The man said nothing.

    "What did the village fight with?" Norm asked.

    "We struggled with the things that we had in our hands. Some weapons. Others had agricultural tools. Some threw stones. Weapons hurt it a bit, but did not kill him. He ran away from weapons, but then came back and killed them. Those who fought, died. Those who were hiding had been more fortunate."

    "What weapons?" Norm asked.

    The girl and the man talked in Russian for a moment.

    "Guns." The teenager clarified.

    "Where is the man that told you this?" Norm asked.

    "He is dead. It got his legs. He bled to death." Was the answer.

    "Shit." Norm said under his breath.

    "der'mo." The teen translated automatically. The man gave norm an odd look.

    Norm sat in thought for a moment. He didn't hear anything that sounded like a weakness. Maybe if they had enough firepower they could deter it? But it sounded like it attacked more than it thought. Could they trap it somewhere?

    Before he could ask anything more there was a woman's scream from somewhere nearby.

    (The scream is audible to those outside at the town square [Not Angeline], but it is far enough away that one could possibly miss it in the noise. Your choice whether to react to it or not. It is coming from approximately the direction that Norm had traveled in.)
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  3. Bob Crees

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    Johnny English

    Johnny had been so fascinated by the structure of the temple, so was the last to enter the armoury. Looking around the available weapons, he patted the right side of his chest several times and then quickly changed to the left side, where he found the not that familiar shape of his Walther PPK. "I will stay with the tried and tested" he stated.

    "Ah some fine young ladies" smiled Johnny "May I address you in your native language". Not waiting for a reply and straightening his tie for the tenth time that day, he said "На воздушной подушке ваша мать полна угрей"

    Cocking his head to one side, waiting for a reply, he heard a scream. "Well it looks like the party has got underway" he smiled
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    Valerious Ward

    Valerious looked over the collection of weapons, "A nice selection, I'm impressed." He looked over the guns and settled on an anti-material rifle that was disassembled and carried in a case. He then grabbed a m1911, a vest with a thick stab plate that could be hidden under his suit, a bowie knife, and ending his load out with a thermite grenade. "That thing looked like it had some sort of armor, and between this kit is made to take out a tank, hopefully it will have a similar effect on the beast. With the vest and weapons s hidden under his suit, and the rifle in its case he appeared as little more than a business man, or a government official should he take out his badge.

    Upon arriving Valerious looked around, stating "I don't think I will ever get used to that kind of travel." Listening to the man ask the girls to act as translators, and thankful for being able to speak Russian, Valerious began to take in the small village. A quaint place it seems, not a bad place to visit, if not for the monster. When he heard the scream, Valerious rushed to the source, his hand on the pistol hidden under his jacket.
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  5. Burning Phoenix

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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    With the meeting adjourned, Lucía and Ana followed Agent Griffins to find this Evi. They found her quickly, surprisingly so, as if Agent Griffins knew where everyone would be at any particular time. But that was just jumping to conclusions. As Agent Griffins explained the situation to Evi, Lucía carefully studied the older lady's reactions and responses. She seemed like a wonderful person, older, but very intelligent. In some ways, she reminded Lucía of her own grandmother and couldn't help but feeling an instant connection and trust with this lady no matter how on guard and suspicious she tried to be. She gave Agent Griffins an approving nod of his selection and then they both headed up to Lucia's living quarters where she further instructed Evi on the little things to help her taking care of Ana, for hopefully no more than a couple days max. Evi didn't seem to mind that she didn't know for how long she would be watching Ana, but she appeared delighted to watch Ana. She treated it like a treat and a delight, rather than anything like a chore.

    Lucía gave the normal rundown that she would have given any other babysitter back at home. She let Evi know what Ana's favorite food were, like grapes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but she had to eat the crust; the rules for the I-pad and Netflix; how she will occasionally take naps, but don't let her sleep for very long or she won't sleep at night; and other tidbits of situations and behaviors to help the situation go as smoothly as possible. Just the usual rundown.

    "But most importantly, please sleep in the same room as Ana. This is essential and must not be ignored. I know it sounds ridiculous, and it seems safe here, but do not let Ana sleep alone." stated Lucía, forcefully so that the dire importance was understood, but not overbearing to the older woman.

    Evi looked at Lucía with a look of understanding, something that Lucía was not expecting. Evi agreed with a smile, just like she had with everything else and reassured Lucía that her wishes would be well followed and that she understands. Strange, that was not the answer that she was expecting. But she was filled with relief. This older woman seemed to be the perfect fit and she was glad that Ana had a safe place to stay.

    Lucia turned to Ana. "Mí amor, remember that you can always contact me through the I-Pad or the cell phone, especially if you feel lonely or scared, okay?' Ana may be young, but she was experienced in the use of technology. Most of the time it almost seemed to be a nescience. Months ago, she would get ahold on Lucía's phone and call Ross at work. Ross loved it though. The thought made her sad. Now that he was gone, Ana could use the phone to contact her Mom. But Dad's contact information was removed.

    "Mommy, are you leaving?" Ana looked concerned and a little scared. She had been through so much in the last few hours.

    "Only for a couple of days, mí amor. These people may actually have some of the answers we are looking for, but where I am going right now, you can't come along. But this nice lady will look after you while I am gone. Her name is Evi." She could tell that Ana wasn't liking the idea. Hm, how to make this seem like it would be fun... "Evi knows this place really well, but we are brand new. Because I am going away, I wouldn't be able to explore and see everything around here, but I am sure Evi can show you everything there is to see around here. And when I get back, you can be my tour guide and show me everything that you have seem. Will you help me with that?" Not the best spin on a situation that she had done, but she knew that the idea of exploring and discovering would perk Ana's attention.

    Sure enough, Ana grinned broadly at the idea of adventure. "Yeah, I could show you everything! I will become an expert explorer!" Lucía smiled in return and gave Ana a big hug. "¡Perfecto! Té amo muchisimo, mí amor. I will be back in a couple of days" With that said, she quickly gathered a light backpack for supplies and changed to a more suitable outfit for movement and whatever she may be walking into. Lighter thermals, because she knew she wouldn't be use to the cold and simple flexible clothing. She choose her boots and other clothing that she normally wore out on missions. It had been so long, but it felt like yesterday at the same time. The only thing that had changed is that she now wasn't just fighting for herself. She was now fighting for Ana as well. She quietly hoped that this would be a calm mission. But what they seemingly were dealing with seemed far from normal and hardly laid back.

    She followed Agent Griffins and the others to the armory. And it was a beautiful sight to see. It truly was the "Noah's Ark" of weaponry. She loved the expansiveness of their collection and marveled at the cost of such a mighty collection. She browsed the weapons for quite some time before picking out flawless AR-15 with the ammo and clips to go with it. It was already equipped with everything else, most beautiful of all was the scope, powerful, slim, and already perfectly adjusted. It had been too long. She especially missed the feeling of the power and precision of this gun. If anything, this will do some damage.

    Lucía also picked out a smaller handgun as well as a few grenades. She noticed that the others seemed to be generally avoiding them, but to be honest, she quite enjoyed the power. She already had her combat knife in her boot, so she stuck with that one, because it was familiar and her own. She noticed the vests and stopped. Before, she would have only worn them if the mission said that she had to. There were not the most flattering fashion statements. But now, they had a bit more of a purpose. It could be the difference of whether or not Ana gets her mom back in a few days. She grabbed one on the way out without much more thought.

    As they left the compound, Lucía felt the sense of dread creep back in. Now the sense of peace was obvious now that she was back in the "real world" and had lost it. It was unnerving to have back. She would much rather pretend that it doesn't exist. The travel to the desired village was long, but it gave time for her to think. Everyone else seemed to be in their own thoughts as well. Strange, she didn't think that they could remain strangers like this when going on these crazy missions together. Not for long at least. Except for the idiotic American, she thought in rebuttal. I don't care a thing about him.

    The village reminded her of the poverty of many little Mexican Pueblos, just in a little different set of environment. These people had almost nothing, but that wasn't something that was a foreign concept to her. When the group was set loose, Lucía and her translator decided to try to talk to a few people in the streets. she was tempted to go to the bar, because of course that is were the news runs wild, but if the Italian young lady was heading there, perhaps it would be better to divide and conquer. She got minimal conversation in before she hear the scream. She cut off the conversation and rushed in the direction of the sound.
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  6. TheMuse

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    The girls looked at him strangely, muttering amongst themselves, but not answering back to the man as one went with Angeline and the other with Norm.

    The teenager tried to translate as fast as she could.

    "Are you here to kill monster?" One said in response to Lucia's queries.

    "Someone took my baby, please, find her please!" An older woman said.

    "It was like Lion but bigger and from water." A younger boy said.

    The teenager looked quite overwhelmed with the multitude of questions that began pouring in.

    Luckily, she didn't have to translate for long.

    Griffin turned to look back at the group. Valerious, Lucia, and Johnny, all heard the scream, and Griffin did too, but Griffin gestured them forward. He would handle things here, they would go investigate. Many of the crowd seemed to either not hear the scream or ignored it. Maybe their ears were simply to attuned to tragedy. Lucia and Valerious seemed to be the ones to actually go towards the sound, ready to fight should the situation require it.

    Lucia and Valerious

    As they rushed down the dirt road to the scene they left their translator in the dust, who was both to slow and too afraid to keep up. She stayed with the others while Lucia and Valerious traveled in the direction of the noise. They had run a little ways when they heard it again, along with a female voice screaming in Russian, maybe the sound of commotion? They turned in the direction and kept going, cutting in between houses to get to-

    They stopped in the "alleyway" between two houses to a scene unlike anything they'd witnessed.


    There was some sort of... creature? It looked female, but with wings and a tail, and it was furious. The wings were flapping intensely, the creature positioned halfway out of a window, a screaming baby in it's arms, but from inside the house it looked like it's tail was being held down somehow. The screaming was coming from within, from what one could only assume was the mother, who sounded alive and well. As they entered the alleyway the creature looked at them and snarled with an inhuman expression, redoubling her efforts to escape.
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    Angeline Dubois

    She gently touched the girls shoulder and spoke in Russian, "I understand." A man came running in, "Help," he pleaded in Russian, "They're taking someone. Come quickly." Everyone in the restaurant stood up. Angeline ran over to the man, speaking in Russian, "Show me." And they left running. She pulled out her gun as she ran behind him and they came upon an alley way. Lucia and Val were already there. "Angeline, armed and behind." She quickly assessed the situation. "Lucia ( @Burning Phoenix ) prepare to get the baby, Val ( @Udah ), you and me head for the legs and tail and try shooting and pulling it down." She proceeded forward and shot at the creature. [Roll for Quickness]
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  8. Burning Phoenix

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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    The bits of conversation with the villagers that were translated were sickening. Give me drugs, cartels, or even magical monsters, but the moment children get involved, this feels a lot more personal, thought Lucía. Her thoughts raced trying to put together the pieces before rushing after the noise.

    The appearance to the creature was startling, and worse with the child in her arms. She was beginning to get use to strange things happening, but all of this was still quite bizarre. But the field training had kicked in and she had pulled out her gun and was ready to shot the creature in the shoulder, hopefully to ground the creature and then free the child.

    Then the Italian woman appeared. She seemed to have appeared out of no where, and took command. Okay, thought Lucía. With the commands given, she approached the creature, armed with the knife instead for close combat to fight the creature if necessary to free the child.
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  9. TheMuse

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    ROLL: 85 + 25 = 110, Incredible Success!

    Your shots impact the creature in the legs and abdomen, missing the baby and instead effectively immobilizing the creature as it falls to the ground, the baby still clutched in it's weakening arms.

    "Fools!" It hisses at all three, it's wounds bleeding black blood into the ground. The baby is crying loudly but appears to be unharmed, "Your retribution will be swift!" It's teeth are bared in pain, it eyes all three warily, still holding the baby in it's arms. It doesn't look like it will be alive for much longer.

    You hold your knife at the ready, but Angeline's shots have already effectively quelled the creature, it appears to be slowly dying.
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  10. Burning Phoenix

    Burning Phoenix Got Your Back

    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    Lucía moves in quickly before anything else can happen to the child. She attempts to get the baby free from it's arms and as far away as possible. She is willing to use force, if necessary. [Roll for Toughness]
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  11. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    (Roll grabbing the child will be for Tough)

    ROLL: 95 + 20 = 115, Incredible Success!

    The creature weakening quickly, Lucia quickly pulls the child from it's grasp with no resistance.

    The creature's eyes are closed as it mutters something in a strange language under it's breath. Before your eyes it dissolves into black dust.

    The mother comes running out of the house, crying, thanking them in Russian (as Angeline could hear, but the sentiment was still clear). She gently took the baby from Lucia, trying to comfort the child as she again thanked the agents.

    Her eyes turned in the direction of the black dust. She shook her head, crossing herself before moving back down the alleyway to her home, avoiding the remains of whatever had tried to take her child by as wide a margin as possible.

    "What the hell happened?" A sweaty Norman Henderson said as he appeared at the alleyway. More townspeople had arrived, as well as some of the other agents.

    Griffin Richards pushed his way through the crowd, his eyes scanning the three agents and the pile of strange dust.

    "Well, I got us a place to stay. You can fill me in on what happened there, best not to discuss in front of others. We're staying in an abandoned house near town square, the one closest to the docks. Henderson," He threw Norm a shovel, followed by a small glass vial, "Save a sample, bury the rest, we'll deal with it later."

    Norm started digging, Griffin dispersed the crowd, who headed back to their homes in ones and twos.
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  12. Panic!atSkyfall

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    Angeline Dubois

    Angeline turned to Lucia ( @Burning Phoenix ), "She is very grateful as you can probably tell. Thank you." She helped disperse the crowd with Griffin. She questioned those she talked to to see if she could gather any information on the creature. Had anyone seen where it had come from? Did anyone know what that thing was? How many children had been taken?

    What was this thing and why did it want the children? (Information check?)
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  13. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    As Angeline began asking questions the crowd re-coalesced around her, all sharing their story at once. Many answers, all jumbled together. It took a minute or two to sort them out in your head.

    No one knew where it came from, other than "hell" as some said. Others similarly called it a "demon", but knew nothing other than that it was otherworldly. 4 children in total had been taken, to where no one knew exactly. One claimed the creature flew towards the mountains, but he wasn't sure if it landed there or kept going. Two had gone up into the mountains several days ago, but had not yet returned. The children that had been taken were all under 2, babies essentially.

    With everyone talking at once it was hard to connect faces to voices, so pulling one individual for questioning would be too difficult.
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  14. Panic!atSkyfall

    Panic!atSkyfall Here To Help

    Angeline Dubois

    She tried pulling as much information as she could from the crowd and then thanked them and sent them home. Her head was swimming. She needed to go back to the restaurant to get a drink. She crossed her fingers hoping it was still open. "I'll meet you guys back at the house, I'm going to see if I can go find myself a drink. Anyone is welcome to join me." She walked away from the now quiet alley contemplating all she had heard. She lit a cigarette as she walked back towards the restaurant.

    (Bout' what time are we looking at? Is the restaurant still open? @TheMuse )
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  15. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Johnny English

    Johnny started to move towards the sound of the screams and then turned to speak to the Ladies "Мой мороженое тает в моем кармане, мне нужно уйти". With a little wave of his fingers and a smile, Johnny quickly walked towards the sound of the disturbance.

    "Did someone say a drink, oh yes I think we deserve one" smiled Johnny, as he arrived on the scene. Waving his hand in the general direction of the witnesses "Line them up in height order and start with the smallest" Johnny advised.
  16. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    (Time is about 8, restaurant is open until 9.)

    "Do you know what the creature was?" A male voice said in Russian. Angeline hadn't heard him approach, but he sounded like he was about 20 or so feet behind her.

    The ladies continued to stare at Johnny oddly, who seemed to be oblivious to his butchering of the Russian language. They glance at his pockets before just deciding to avoid the weird man as he moves on to other matters.

    The crowd was already dispersing by the time Johnny came in, and no one seemed to pay him any mind over the racket. In a couple minutes only Norm was left, digging a hole in the ground to dump the "remains" into, a sample of the stuff in his pocket. It took him a little bit to notice Johnny.

    "You wanna do this?" Norm asked, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. The ground was tough, but the air was at least cool, so all said and done it wasn't too bad.
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  17. Panic!atSkyfall

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    Angeline Dubois

    She turned slowly her cigarette in one hand, her other hand on her waist ready to grab the gun if needed. She was casual though not sensing immediate danger. "Sadly no. I have a lot of information to sort through and a lot of research to do." She took a drag of her cigarette, "Unless you can tell me something I don't know."
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  18. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    "Just a concerned citizen." Came the reply in Russian. "Strange things have occurred here. I hope you find the answers you seek."

    The man traveled back out of the alleyway and down the street.
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  19. Udah

    Udah Here To Help

    Valerious Ward

    Valerious saw the group go out to get drinks, but he decided not to join them. Instead he spent some time near the shore, looking for anything that might have to so with the creature they are searching for.
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  20. Bob Crees

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    Johnny English

    Johnny looked at the man "You are doing such a fine job with that hole. the way that you use your shovel is a marvel to watch, yes indeed. If I may suggest" and using his hands as if he were holding the shovel "If you tip the blade slightly backwards, you will get more soil out in one go. Keep up the good work" and with that he walked off to find that drink.
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