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    Ernie Goldsmith

    A sort of bewilderment had set upon him once he realized what he'd missed. "Tsk." He'd been lost in thought for a while, wondering whom or what could have been the cause of the terrors occupying this town.

    To his credit, he had ventured over to the garbage disposal area, nothing had come out of that. The body of water nearby could be more promising. Nothing other than a few weak Jinn disguised as critters and vermin moved out and about going after their daily work. Not the culprits.

    Though by the time he realized they weren't the culprits he was too late to the show. He ran through the crowd that was dispersing, he'd missed everything it seemed. All that was left was Norm, and Johnny (Who, Ernie noted, was walking away). He looked around, yep a lot of footsteps in the ground. The crowd had gathered here....

    His eyes moved over to Norm, who was the last one left and he was digging. Ernie walked slowly, surveying the scene which had just died down. "I just arrived. What did I miss?"

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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    After all of the commotion had settled down, Lucía was able to gather a little more information. The young girl still managed to stick around and roughly translate what was going on. For this, Lucía was grateful. She hated no knowing the language, it was such an obnoxious boundary. But the more Lucía heard from the villagers, the more she didn't like the situation. It wasn't the type of information that she was use to hearing. Sure, drug cartels invaded family life and tore them apart, some cults chose children sacrifice, but we aren't working with humans. We are working with some other creature or beast that seemed possibly intellectual with motives unknown. Why attack here? What was its purpose? Why only once, a year ago? Seeing that we were here, we may be anticipating another attack. But why? Maybe that was something that Griffins knew. It was obvious that it wasn't working alone. Or were the two incidents connected in the first place? Then maybe it was working alone. Lucía didn't have a clue. Before yesterday, she would have never even imagined that this was even possible or that these creatures even existed. All things considered, she thought that she was handling it all pretty well.
    But after the fight and collecting what information that she could, she scanned the area for anything last minute that she may have missed. Seeing nothing to catch her attention, she headed in the direction to the place where they would be staying. She figured that she would check out the living quarters, collect herself and then explore the town a it more. There was no way that she would be able to sleep any time soon. Not after that attack and the threat of the winged beast still fresh in her mind.
    On the way over, she remembered that Griffins still needed to be filled in on what happened. Maybe she could connect more dots re-explaining it to him.
    She realized that she didn't know where Griffins was. Way he still by the alleyway? She glanced around to see if she could spot him anywhere and headed back in the direction she came. Information first, then housing, Lucía thought.
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    (The marks of last year were not completely washed away in the surf. The dock was roughly pieced together, and deep claw marks could be seen on some of the larger rocks that marked the barrier between dirt and sand. Houses near the beach [including the one the group would be staying in] bore the signs of damage, some crumbling wrecks, others just impossibly gouged. The claw marks came in sets of 4, and at their widest were a few inches thick and several inches deep, made by what could be assumed to be a larger creature.)


    Norm laughed at the first sentence, but when Johnny didn't laugh back he settled into an awkward expression.

    Norm's look of puzzlement lasted a few minutes after the man had left. He just shook his head. This Johnny guy was sure a character.
    "Oh just some demon thing abducting children." Norm said, scooping his last shovel-fuls over the makeshift grave, "Some of the others killed it, disintegrated into dust or something."

    Norm paused a moment.

    "Is this all crazy or is it just me?" he asked.

    She wandered in the direction she had came, seeing a few familiar faces pass her by. Before she made it all the way back she heard Griffin's voice coming from off to her right, echoing down an "alley", enough that she could hear that he was talking, but not all of what he was saying.

    "... rookies... situation... aware... casualties... problem?... under control... minimize... international... check... sure..."

    If you went a little closer you'd definitely be able to hear more of what he was saying. He sounded like maybe he was just around the corner?
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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    A feeling of success from finding Griffins was overcome by the feeling of curiosity in the conversation. She realized that she didn't really know the head of this organization that she had joined and was curious in this conversation, assumingly a phone call. Probably nothing but a report. But even so, she continued walking in the direction of the voice, slowing her pace greatly, enough to perhaps catch more of the conversation, but not stopping to make it obvious that she now had the intention of eavesdropping.
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    She squinted her eyes at the mystery man walking away. Suspicious. She turned around and headed back to the restaurant finishing her cigarette before stomping it out before she went in. She entered this time to a little more friendly of a welcome. Well as friendly as a Russian welcome could be. A few nods and a few glass raises. She sat at the bar where the bartender walked up and gave her a shot. "On the house." "Thanks." She shot back the the vodka, burning her throat on the way down. The comforting burn and warmth that spread through her body made her smile. "Russia always has the best vodka." The bartender nodded at her and gave a small smile. "Another?" the bartender inquired. "Please." He poured her another shot and then poured himself one to. "May God protect you and have mercy on us." he raised his glass and so did she. She shot back the glass with the bartender and they both slammed down at the same time. "I must be off. Thank you for your blessing." The bartender nodded at her as she got up and left. Time to head to their lodging and find Griffin to sort this thing out.
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    He shrugged as he knelt down besides Norm, opening up the grave and slowly making a large hole. "I'm sure its nothing ser-" He paused as he stuck his arm deeper into the fist sized hole, reaching the dust. "-ious." Examining the dust, a slightly frowned. "Wish there had been some hair as well. This is going to make it a tad more...complicated." He pocketed a portion of the dust, leaving some in the grave. Looking at Norm with a slight smile, Ernie explained. "I'm gonna need some, souvenir purposes. Nothing serious." He began to cover up the hole. "It'll be fine. Trust me, it's Russia." He patted the soil off of his hands, and arms, and closed the grave a second time with a few well placed kicks this time, while reciting a prayer as he did so. "Don't stand out late at night. It's cold."

    Ernie began to head out towards a place with a goat, or a sheep. A sheep would serve him well. He had a knife with him and a lighter, so that was a plus. He wished he'd been able to obtain some hair as well, "Can't get everything though" he muttered.

    As he made his way a bit away from the town, his eyes came upon some animals. No goats, or sheep. Ernie sighed as he spotted a small hole in which a bunch of rabbits were in. He couldn't help but frown as he unsheathed the knife, holding it behind. He took off his shoes, and began to make his way over to the rabbit hole.

    15 minutes later
    Ernie had skinned all of them. He wasn't happy about it at all, but it needed to be done. It had to be done.

    He opened up a hole, outside by the trees, and throwing the dust into it followed by the bones, and organs of a few he took out a small piece of paper with arabic numerals written on it. He buried all of them together, and took a few steps away.

    Ernie closed his eyes, and slowly began to hear footsteps, conversation, blurry faded out characters moved among-st the trees. Some walked, some crawled, others flew. He began to see them clearly, a cold sweat ran down his eyebrow. "I seek shelter, from the Lord of Mankind."

    The footsteps stopped.

    "King of Mankind."

    The crawling stopped.

    "God of Mankind."

    The flapping of wings entirely stopped, he began to hear them land.

    "From the mischief of the whisperer who hides away."

    He began to hear growls, he began to hear frantic breathing.

    "Who whispers into the heart of mankind."

    Screams began to echo from the forest, screams began to echo from the water, screams can be heard by those who are not attentive to the world around them but instead are searching for something else.

    "Among the Jinns and the men."

    With that final phrase, Ernie was lifted up and thrown quite violently meters away. More screams, now he heard stampedes coming his way, and right when he saw the giant shadows encroaching as if to end him, he whispered. "He has Spoken the Truth."

    With every such incantation on Ernie's end, the voices grew more violent. More aggressive. They grew desperate. This cycle continued, and with each time Ernie said it he was thrown once more. Towards the water. With each incantation he was thrown just a bit closer. Yet each them, he flew less and less. Until finally he stood before the water line yet they too weak to press the charge. Ernie waited, taking deep breathes. Fearing that if they were to continue, he may not live another moment. Finally, the whispers faded, and he felt safe enough to get up.

    Before him, stood a figure, he knew all too well. Ela stood before him. A cold air ran through Ernie's every fiber of being. As he was about to approach the cat, it spoke.

    "Ebu Hureyre!" The voice echoed onto the water line behind him. "You dare, come into our realm, break down walls forbidden. And force us, from our own homes!? What is our crime, if there is one? What is this transgression." What scared Ernie more, was not that a cat was speaking to him. But the very fact, that this cat was supposed to be in the United States at the confine of his very own home.

    Ernie searched for his own voice. "I came, simply to ask for a witness to whom or what is disturbing the peace of those that are made from the earth. And for the assistance of an honest one among your kin." Ela didn't reply for a long while. Angry. Whomever it was that occupied that shell. "You think, you can just scatter the tribes of this area?!" It's voice boomed once more.

    Ernie took a deep breath. "I can do more than scatter." The cat kept staring, almost as if taunting. "Neither slumber nor sleep overtaketh him.." Ernie began, and at the mention of that phrase, the cat gave an ear shattering screech, Ernie nearly fell upon hearing the disaster sound, regaining composure took a moment. "I could continue, if you'd like." The cat hissed at him before stopping.

    Ernie spoke once more. "Send for a witness. To be my guide, and I will provide protection myself." The cat stared at him in silence. "What if he were to crush you?" The cat hissed again, tempting him. Ernie reached into his pocket, and took out a lighter. His gaze hinting the trees.

    The cat stared at him, in anger and disgust. "There are those, even worse then Iblis himself I'd heard long ago. Now I see an example before my very own eyes." The cat disappeared, and after a while he noted a small child forming from the shadows beneath the closest tree. Ernie didn't let go of his guard, keeping a steady gaze. "Show me the way. And I'll protect you."​
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    "... know they're not ready, but if... don't do this now... escalate into a serious problem. Worst case scenario we'll bargain out a few souls from-"

    "They are not all going there, you are already aware of this." A second voice said, "You believe you can protect them all. You are mistaken. You have grown, but you have not grown this much."

    Griffin was silent a few moments.

    "We can't leave, not now." Griffin said. "Whatever happens will be on all of us and we have already made ourselves visible. Isn't there anything else you can provide us?"

    "No." Came the answer, clear and distinct, "You are on your own. Again."

    There was a big sigh, and then all too suddenly approaching footsteps. Griffin appeared before Lucia could conceal herself. He paused, examining her before walking past her towards the street.

    "Anything to report?" He asked.

    "Tomorrow you will end this nightmare." The bartender said as she left out the door and into the night.

    There was a cool ocean breeze in the air. The town had a strange feeling of peace, even despite what had happened.

    The house was right near the dock, the side of it gouged with deep claw marks. It was fully furnished. One could only assume what happened to the original inhabitants.

    There were a few bags marking sleeping spaces, but otherwise it didn't seem anyone was home.


    "Hey what the fuck are you-" Ernie started to walk away like he was looking for something. Souvenir? Norm wasn't that stupid. Norm made sure the "grave" was closed, marring up the ground around so nobody would know exactly where it was in the alleyway before taking the shovel with him and going off in search of the weirdo.

    He found him near the edge of the water, talking to... a cat? God, what had he gotten himself into.

    "Hey, what the fuck is going on, bud?" Norm called out, still a good distance away.
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    What scared Ernie, was not the malicious intent of the being whose peace he had disturbed. No. It was the voice that broke the silence. The one burying the grave was here, Norm. The little child turned to look at Norm. Showing itself to Norm. The Child has no features. There are no eyebrows, no hair, to determine the gender, was impossible. Making out a skin color, was impossible, the child was grey skinned. "Ebu Hureyre. A friend of yours?" Ernie didn't reply, he was sweating. "Your deal, is with me. Not him. Now, guide me to that monstrosity." The child almost scoffed. "The laws your clay husk adheres to make you too slow to follow me. A being made of fire." It was proud for saying that. Ernie remembered what it felt like to have your body and your soul ripped from one another. The hair on his arms rose. He felt a horrible sensation.

    Ernie didn't glance at Norm, afraid to take his eyes off of the child. "Either stop talking, and get behind me, without touching the water. Or go back to town Norm. Either-way, what is about to happen, may not be to your liking." Pausing a moment more he spoke out to Norm. "This child is a witness to what happened here, and his fellow Jinn indicate that this child knows more about those beast. He is to guide me to them." Ernie sheathed the knife he had, and put away the lighter. "What is your name?" He asked the child. "Semum." The child whispered, and Ernie took a step back. Horrified. He gulped down a deep breath. The child grinned, it's iris darker than the darkest night, the whiteness of its eyes like the moon on this night.

    Regaining his composure, he decided to risk a look at Norm. "Will you come with us, or go back." Either way we are fucked. " We don't have much time."
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    Norm only nodded, cautiously stepping in behind Ernie, his eyes never leaving the child. A cold pit of dread told him he had wandered into something out of his depth. Ernie, on the other hand, seemed to have more of an idea what was going on, though seemed equally unsettled. He was quiet for now, trying not to upset the... thing. There was a gun on his hip, but his hand was far from it, unwilling to provoke the creature that stood before them. He was extremely careful not to touch the water. His demeanor was the most reserved anyone on the team had probably seen him, but it was a demeanor that reflected the seriousness of what he assumed to be otherworldly danger. Did this have to do with the dust Ernie had stolen? Did Ernie give it to this creature as some kind of payment? Norm remained very quiet, waiting for what would happen next.
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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    That didn't sound like a phone call. There was someone else there. Strange, and now super curious, but she knew it would be too risky to get a glace of who it was. They were too close, and the conversation ended too suddenly. But she didn't like the sound of the conversation at all. Bargaining souls, not able to save everyone, on our own... the words made her mind race. She didn't know what conclusions to come too.

    And she couldn't, she didn't have any time to really sort through them. She acted as naturally as possible as Agent Griffins unexpectedly rounded the corner.

    "Thought I heard your voice", Lucía stated casually as she fell into step next to Agent Griffins. She then filled in Griffins with what had happened, the scream, the winged beast, followed by the threat, rescue of the child and the strange way of death. All informative. Then the questions, and she watched carefully his responses. She wasn't sure how she felt about him anymore. She had trusted him, but withholding information was never okay. It could be the difference between life and death. Now she was even more unsure what she was getting into and what game she was playing. Granted, she was a rookie in this group and wasn't entitled to know everything, unlike her prior position. Still, she didn't like it at all.

    "So do you think that this winged creature is connected to our ocean beast?", she asked. "And why are we here a year after the ocean beast's attack. Naturally, we can still gather information, but is there reason to believe that it actually might return, if this beast even does exist?"
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    Griffin Richards

    "I don't think they're connected, personally." Griffin said, "Sometimes occurrences like this can draw attention. Once something supernatural has broken loose in one place it's likely for other things to show up to. In that sense this creature may have been an opportunist. While everyone was concerned about the monster it was free to cause its own kind of trouble. What it wants with the kids is something else entirely. Many creatures will seek children for their purity, often as a sacrifice or a source of power, but sometimes they are just easier targets. More defenseless. The manner of its death and the threat suggests it is a part of a larger group, potentially a pawn. It is also probably not permanently dead." Griffin looked back at Lucia, "Sorry, might be a lot of new information, but you'll pick it up. It's really not all that different from what we did before."

    "As for the beast," He said, and he shifted something in his back pocket, you thought you saw the corner of... a mirror? "The timing of the attack seems to suggest a cycle. Lunar cycles are usually the culprit, but there was no attack when we had undercover operatives here a month after the initial attack. We had an increasing number of operatives monitor the area for any sign of the creature, but it hasn't yet appeared. This would be the last attempt at a regular cycle before we move into non-traditional ones, but the locals seem more nervous this time than in the past, which we're taking into account."

    "Are you holding up okay?" He asked, and at this his rigidity seemed to soften a bit.
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    He shook his head at Norm. "Smart choice." Ernie wondered how far Norm could have made it if he'd decided to venture back. May be he would have been torn limb from limb. Who knows?

    "Semum. I need you to take us, to those that are causing the terrors every year on this one particular day. The ones who take the children. Please." Semum, the Semum stood before them. This was a being that could destroy entire civilizations, cast the most trusted of servants of God into doubt. A personal friend of Iblis himself. Ernie couldn't even phantom why he'd come out of every other one. Sometimes, he wished for those on the path to good could show up.

    Semum looked at Ernie in silence, before it began to approach the water. As it entered into the water, it began to transform. "You will leave us alone afterwords?" Ernie shook his head. "That's right, we will leave you alone." The child turned into a giant serpent. Dwarfing the two fully grown men. Ernie looked at Norm. "We need to hold on well. If you slip, who knows what awaits us there. And, if you have a knife, now is the time to take it out. He unsheathed the knife he had brought with him, while with the other he tried his best to hold onto to the snake, deciding to hug it with both arms and legs.

    Ernie was now touching the water. It was cold, yet perfectly still. No movements other than the few small waves they'd made entering it. Semum didn't wait as it began to swim towards the center of the lake.
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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    Lucía nodded as she took in the information. He was right about one thing, it was a lot. It had been a lot over the very short time that they had been introduced into this difference perspective of the world. Had it even been 24 hours since her world had been turned upside down? She shook her head as she tried not to remember how long she had been awake and focused on the information in hand.

    She didn't like the sound of these creatures. There were many, and she way just going to have to accept that. She was realizing more and more how big of a battle they were fighting. This wasn't just about her demon that tormented her, but something much bigger than that. Another world that played by different rules. It made sense though that one event would attract more of these beings to the area. She hoped that this was just a singular event. That would make it less threatening, than if this was coordinated with a larger group or part of a bigger plan. She also hoped the creature was truly dead.

    It also made sense that this organization would monitor the area. It was silly of her to think that they were the only group that has visited here since the attack a year ago. Of course they would keep a close eye on the area.

    She took a moment to process the information before realizing Griffins' question. She was a little surprised, especially with her new found suspicions of him and question of goals/motives. He seemed like he really did have the best intentions for all of them. But she really didn't have enough information to come to any conclusion, but she was wary. She tried to mask being caught off guard with the question.

    "You are right, it is a lot. It's strange, and I feel like we have been very much thrown into this situation", Lucía responded. "However, this isn't my first mission. I'll adjust."

    She paused, contemplating her own thoughts and then asked, "Is there anything else that you can tell me. About the mission, or this organization, or anything else that might be useful for the mission? I know there is a lot I don't know, I'm just very much in the dark right now."
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    There was a look of longing for the shore, for dry land, but there was an unseen menace to abandonment, Ernie's fear showed that plainly enough. It sounded like he'd enlisted a demon to help fight a demon. Norm stepped out into the cold water of the ocean, the waves lapping gently at his legs, then his waist, then his chest. He took hold of the creature as it went out into the surf, faster than Norm would have anticipated. They wormed their way out to sea, and then, without warning, dived directly down into the water. He hadn't gotten a chance to take a breath, but as they dove down it seemed they hadn't needed to. The cold was seeping in, but even this didn't seem to be extraordinarily dangerous. They were being protected, for what it was worth.

    The water was dark. Pitch black. The light from above faded, and the depths seemed to stretch on forever.

    In all directions there was nothing but the sensation of cold and an increasing pressure, a pressure which, while not as fully fatal as it normally would have been, was nearly panic-inducing in the lack of sensory information.

    There was a sort of turn. There was some kind of current, maybe they'd dipped into a ravine of some kind.

    All at once they came to a harsh stop. Norm almost lost his grip. He shuddered at the thought. He had no idea what might have happened if he had.

    "It sleeps." Their 'guide' said to them. They couldn't see it at first, until all of a sudden they could see what 'Semum' saw.

    The creature was large, about the size of an elephant, but far stronger, and with claws the almost looked like knives. It's back rose and fell extremely slowly. It seemed unaware of their existence.

    "It will wake soon, at dusk. Normal weapons will not pierce it's hide, it is from another place. It can be scared away, but then it will only move, as it did last year to this village. It is stronger, but not smarter, and more vicious because of it." The creature told them.

    "Then how do we kill it?" Norm said. His voice sounded strange in this place. Was he actually speaking? He wasn't sure if his mouth had actually moved.

    "The Cursed One has a weapon that can injure it. There are other ways. I thought children of the earth were clever?" It seemed to be taunting them now. Norm 'looked' to Ernie. Maybe he'd be better at communicating with this thing?

    Griffin Richards

    He paused for a moment.

    "Just always keep your guard up." He said, "Things are never what they appear. I know as much as you when it comes to this creature, though I've fought similar ones. They always have weaknesses, but they're often good at working around them. Everything else is just experience, honestly. Like you said, you'll adjust, and quicker than you know."

    He patted her shoulder, "We should probably get back to the others. There's a couple days before the creature might re-surface, but it never hurts to be prepared." He said as he started walking back towards the house.
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    She pulled out a cigarette and stood outside looking out at the still dark water. "Tomorrow you will end this nightmare." She was contemplating this and all that she had heard when she noticed Ernie being pushed by some unseen force to the beach. She watched in curiosity. Out of now where appeared a cat. A conversation. The cat disappeared. Then appeared the form of a child but it was hard to tell for it lacked any features. Norm had also come onto the beach when suddenly he stood behind Ernie. Ernie looked terrified. Norm looked stiff but collected maybe with a twinkle of fear. They started to head towards the water. What were they doing? Her beast growled at her. Shut it. She started to head towards them when the child transformed into a serpent. They dove into the water riding on the serpents back. She reached the edge of the lake as the tail disappeared in the far distance. She threw her cigarette to the ground. She need to find help and fast. She ran back towards the village looking for Griffin or Lucía.
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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    Lucía nodded and followed Griffins in the direction towards the sea, where she was heading before she doubled back to find him. Keep your guard up, he said. She was good at that. She kept her guard up on missions, she had kept her guard up when she felt her demon was close. He was right. The last time she let her guard down, Ross died. Since then, she had kept her guard up and she was super tense all the time. It was just a bit exhausting. She gave a small sigh, but kept a sharp eye out for anything that might hint more towards their mission, and continued to follow Griffen to their place they were staying by the sea.
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    Griffin Richards

    As they got closer to the group house Griffin spied someone hurrying towards them, the image resolving into Angeline.

    "Something wrong?" Griffin asked, noting her urgency.
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    Ernie Goldsmith
    Ernie relaxed a bit, at the sight of the beast. Semum was telling the truth, and he wouldn't be trying to kill them for now. He noded at Norm, to reassure him. "He isn't lying." Taking another look at the creature, Ernie spoke. " "Once the armies of the great Prophet King Solomon, were bolstered by beasts such as this one." Semum shifted, in anger. Cursing in a language now forgotten. "He tamed them for war, making an army of Jinn, Animals, Humans, and other beasts and conquered many civilizations." Ernie looked at the beast, and the knife in his hands.

    He could take the risk of trying to injure it, yet that could set it into a furry and not give them time to do much. "Semum, if I were to go after this beast here and now. How long of a time would we have left to escape?" Semum gave him a sly smile. "You talk highly of the great King Solomon. If you denounce him....It'd be no time at all." Ernie stared into Semum's dark eyes. "Don't push your luck, you may live for centuries but even you don't know what the next moment will bring." Ernie emphasized this last part, Semum flinched.

    Ernie looked at the knife, then at the beast. If he impaled it, it would have a tougher time swimming. A beast that remained in the depths. Probably it's sight was not that well. So it's nose was the place to aim.

    Ernie looked at Norm, and grabbed the knife in his hands. "He commands for it to be, and it is." For a brief moment, the knife remains unchanged, then begins to twist and twist until it looks more like a sharp cone. The giant serpent behind them moved away, uncomfortable. "This should be good for a single use. Try to aim for the back. We could slow it down. Maybe."

    Ernie began to swim towards the nose of the beast.
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    This did not seem like the environment to be fighting this thing. Norm also did not have any kind of randomly appearing magical knife. He felt like maybe Ernie should have mentioned this earlier. He felt like Ernie should have mentioned a lot of things earlier.

    Norm stayed back with the serpent. No way in hell was he going towards that thing in this condition. Didn't it just say that anything non-magical wouldn't hurt it? No, the weirdo was on his own. Norm wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he knew danger when he saw it and double for bad ideas.
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    Angeline Dubois

    "Ernie was being weird per usual. I was at our lodging when I noticed Ernie being pushed by some unseen force onto the beach. First he was talking to a cat then it disappeared and a boy, I think, appeared. Norm came along and after talking to the apparition it morphed into a serpent. Norm and him jumped on the serpents back and it dove into the ocean. I know you've been giving us free reign but for fucks sake please either tell us what is going on or be a fucking leader. We know shit about what we're dealing with except the little we know from our own situations. Pardon my french, but it has been a bit frustrating."

    She sighed. Until that moment she didn't realize how worried she was. It was now she realized she had been silently praying with her rosary, playing with the beads, feeling comfort in the small fidgety motion. She stared Griffin down, searching his eyes. Was he hiding something? He eyes pleaded back. They needed help and fast.
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