Occult Intelligence Agency: Operative Action

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    Ernie Goldsmith

    As he began to move closer to the beast, he realized he was alone. He turned to look back at Norm. A frown on his face. This wasn't a being he could take on alone. He looked back down at the creature sleeping, in frustration he looked up at Norm. Ernie began to swim back towards Semum and Norm. "Fine then. Semum, take us back to shore." Semum's grin grew wider. "Hah. Being alone scared you? Hureyre. Perhaps we should call you a kitten instead." Ernie didn't reply as he glanced back at the beast. "We don't have time for your jokes, Semum. Take us back up now." Grabbing onto the Serpent, it began its ascent up to the surface. As it gently broke the surface, afraid almost to disturb the water anymore, it spoke. "You all do not have much time.....Perhaps we shall see a great event take place." A cackle of laughter followed before it dropped then back on land. "Oh? More to join the slaughter. Or to add to it." It glanced sharply at Ernie, before diving towards the trees and leaving them alone.

    After a moment, the ground rumbled. "Remember. Hureyre. You are to leave us in peace, once you are done here."

    Ernie turned to look at Norm. "What is wrong with you? You ask us to come to stop the world from falling to harm, and run from the first sight of danger? Why didn't you come down and help? We could have at least gotten its nose." He looked away, disgusted, his eyes watching the wide body of water. "What are we gonna do now? Cement the lake? Pour gasoline on it, and hope it doesn't come up? Guns don't work on it....So?" He turned to look at the new comers. "There is a giant beast left from long ago under the water. Still sleeping. Any ideas on how to make sure it remains that way, or that it can't come out to see the stars?"
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    Griffin Richards

    "Well, let's find out what's going on then." Griffin said, his voice even and expressionless as he started on a jog to the oceanside. His eyes had flitted for a moment, he'd noticed the Rosary, Angeline could see that he'd noticed. Any emotions he was feeling were hidden from her.

    When they arrived a creature had surfaced, the giant serpent she'd mentioned, along with a soaking wet Norm and Ernie.

    "Are you retarded?!" Norm yelled, "What did the snake thing say? Only magic shit can do anything to it. My knife is regular bro. I don't know where you got that fancy-ass shapeshifting bullshit, but I didn't have one. And since when does cutting something in the nose kill it?! What fucking agency did you belong to?! You're a fucking idiot. On a sleeping bear that'd be a bad idea, but that huge fucking monster?! No way in hell am I swimming towards it with a tiny-ass knife and poking it in the nose. And that's a FUCKING OCEAN! Are you blind too?!"

    "That's enough." Griffin said, and though it wasn't loud the tone seemed to shut Norm immediately up, indignant though he was.

    Griffin turned to address Ernie, "From the sounds of it, you summoned a creature to help guide us to our monster. Any self-aware creature has it's own motivations and goals, especially those whose eyes see more than ours. Keep that in mind when dealing with the occult. Is there anything that either of you two can tell us about what went on down there?"

    Norm spoke up immediately, "The thing is sleeping down there somewhere, magical stuff hurts it, we can scare it off but then it goes somewhere else, and it's coming up tonight. Oh and Ernie's a fucking-"

    "Thank you." Griffin said, cutting him off, "Anything to add Ernie?"
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    "It's a creature that lives underneath the ocean 364 days a year. What did you expect? How good of an eyesight could it have had-" He cut himself off as Griffin stopped the argument from escalating. Ernie didn't reply for a moment watching the ocean. He pursed his lips. "It's an old forgotten being of war." He pursed his lips. "I don't think it has good eyesight. It hibernates in total darkness for nearly all days of the year. It's eyesight being poor is a must. So it has a strong sense of smell." Staring at the surface of the water he didn't reply. "Norm chickened out, so we couldn't do anything to it. And I can't call any Jinn. They'd break every bone in my body." He paused, then slaughter the monster, the people, all living animals. It would get quite disturbing to say the least.

    "Perhaps give it a sacrifice. Poison it. Find a child about to die. Poison the child and feed it to that monster." Ernie didn't reply for a moment rethinking his words. "Tsk." He kicked the dirt. "That may not be an option that we have, or ethical." He didn't reply as he looked at the town off in the distance. "A better plan may be to get all the villagers into the body of a running river, so that way their scent is harder to track. Then we may be able to deal with the monster. Or at least have less casualties."

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