Occult Intelligence Agency: Operative Action

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    Ernie Goldsmith

    As he began to move closer to the beast, he realized he was alone. He turned to look back at Norm. A frown on his face. This wasn't a being he could take on alone. He looked back down at the creature sleeping, in frustration he looked up at Norm. Ernie began to swim back towards Semum and Norm. "Fine then. Semum, take us back to shore." Semum's grin grew wider. "Hah. Being alone scared you? Hureyre. Perhaps we should call you a kitten instead." Ernie didn't reply as he glanced back at the beast. "We don't have time for your jokes, Semum. Take us back up now." Grabbing onto the Serpent, it began its ascent up to the surface. As it gently broke the surface, afraid almost to disturb the water anymore, it spoke. "You all do not have much time.....Perhaps we shall see a great event take place." A cackle of laughter followed before it dropped then back on land. "Oh? More to join the slaughter. Or to add to it." It glanced sharply at Ernie, before diving towards the trees and leaving them alone.

    After a moment, the ground rumbled. "Remember. Hureyre. You are to leave us in peace, once you are done here."

    Ernie turned to look at Norm. "What is wrong with you? You ask us to come to stop the world from falling to harm, and run from the first sight of danger? Why didn't you come down and help? We could have at least gotten its nose." He looked away, disgusted, his eyes watching the wide body of water. "What are we gonna do now? Cement the lake? Pour gasoline on it, and hope it doesn't come up? Guns don't work on it....So?" He turned to look at the new comers. "There is a giant beast left from long ago under the water. Still sleeping. Any ideas on how to make sure it remains that way, or that it can't come out to see the stars?"
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    Griffin Richards

    "Well, let's find out what's going on then." Griffin said, his voice even and expressionless as he started on a jog to the oceanside. His eyes had flitted for a moment, he'd noticed the Rosary, Angeline could see that he'd noticed. Any emotions he was feeling were hidden from her.

    When they arrived a creature had surfaced, the giant serpent she'd mentioned, along with a soaking wet Norm and Ernie.

    "Are you retarded?!" Norm yelled, "What did the snake thing say? Only magic shit can do anything to it. My knife is regular bro. I don't know where you got that fancy-ass shapeshifting bullshit, but I didn't have one. And since when does cutting something in the nose kill it?! What fucking agency did you belong to?! You're a fucking idiot. On a sleeping bear that'd be a bad idea, but that huge fucking monster?! No way in hell am I swimming towards it with a tiny-ass knife and poking it in the nose. And that's a FUCKING OCEAN! Are you blind too?!"

    "That's enough." Griffin said, and though it wasn't loud the tone seemed to shut Norm immediately up, indignant though he was.

    Griffin turned to address Ernie, "From the sounds of it, you summoned a creature to help guide us to our monster. Any self-aware creature has it's own motivations and goals, especially those whose eyes see more than ours. Keep that in mind when dealing with the occult. Is there anything that either of you two can tell us about what went on down there?"

    Norm spoke up immediately, "The thing is sleeping down there somewhere, magical stuff hurts it, we can scare it off but then it goes somewhere else, and it's coming up tonight. Oh and Ernie's a fucking-"

    "Thank you." Griffin said, cutting him off, "Anything to add Ernie?"
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    "It's a creature that lives underneath the ocean 364 days a year. What did you expect? How good of an eyesight could it have had-" He cut himself off as Griffin stopped the argument from escalating. Ernie didn't reply for a moment watching the ocean. He pursed his lips. "It's an old forgotten being of war." He pursed his lips. "I don't think it has good eyesight. It hibernates in total darkness for nearly all days of the year. It's eyesight being poor is a must. So it has a strong sense of smell." Staring at the surface of the water he didn't reply. "Norm chickened out, so we couldn't do anything to it. And I can't call any Jinn. They'd break every bone in my body." He paused, then slaughter the monster, the people, all living animals. It would get quite disturbing to say the least.

    "Perhaps give it a sacrifice. Poison it. Find a child about to die. Poison the child and feed it to that monster." Ernie didn't reply for a moment rethinking his words. "Tsk." He kicked the dirt. "That may not be an option that we have, or ethical." He didn't reply as he looked at the town off in the distance. "A better plan may be to get all the villagers into the body of a running river, so that way their scent is harder to track. Then we may be able to deal with the monster. Or at least have less casualties."
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    Griffin Richards

    Norm seemed beyond annoyed, if the color in his face was any indication, with Ernie the more composed of the two. To his credit, Norm held his tongue, at least for now.

    "Sacrifice implies both intelligence and communication. Our reports don't seem to suggest anything beyond aggression and animalistic intelligence. Moving the villagers may be a possibility. Some are already preparing to leave, but if they were to go they'd need protection, in case other trouble finds them. And we're not feeding any children to it, sick or not." Griffin said crossing his arms over his chest. "I think we're done here. Go back to the house, rest. If tomorrow," he cast a sideways glance at Norm, "Is when it's arriving then we'll be ready for it. And no more shenanigans." he said, giving Ernie a look before he left the others and walked off in the direction of the house.


    Norm was almost literally biting his tongue to keep from saying anything, but as soon as Griffin was out of earshot he was back again.

    "And what's with all this bullshit of bad eyesight and good sense of smell? What do you know about any of this shit? We were both communicating with the weird monster that led us down there, I don't remember it saying a thing about that. Don't put this idea in Captain's head about shit you know nothing about."

    "I can't be the only one thinking this." Norm said, casting a look at the other two women, one of which hated him, the other which hadn't seemed to have formed an opinion on him yet.

    @Burning Phoenix @Panic!atSkyfall

    (Whoever wants to chime in can do so and then I'll move us to the next segment sorry for the wait.)
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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    Lucía observed as Angeline confronted Griffen about the situation. And rightfully so, she mused. They didn't really have much in the way of direction.
    Still no answers, but the interruption of the sea monster was quite the diversion. Slightly dazed by what she was seeing, she hurried after the others, and listened to the information exchanged.
    Her head whirled at the exchange of information, and the series of events, for that matter. This kid has seen the monster? They went underwater? By some other force? She didn't understand this world at all, but she was starting to understand that this world didn't play by the rules that she was use to. And she didn't like messing with it. At all.
    Part of her just wanted to follow Griffen to the place they were staying and just ignore all that had happened. But there were too many holes and people weren't making sense. She still wasn't going to acknowledge the idiotic American, but this kid, Ernie, has some explaining to do.
    She shifted her attention to Ernie and demanded, "This doesn't make any sense. How did you get this information? What methods did you use? You seem to know a lot more then this... world then the rest of us... You need to start explaining. Now"

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    Angeline Dubois

    What was that look for? Was it something that simple?

    He lead them out to the beach where they found the 2 water logged boys with the serpent. She looked at serpent trying to get a gauge on it using her "inner demon". What ensued was the 3 men yelling at each other. She rubbed her head in frustration. Ernie was not getting on her good side. She felt like he was one of those people that was so smart they're actual stupid. Like they think they know everything so they take the lead and then fall flat on their face like an idiot. To think he could get this thing on his own. Even 2 people couldn't take that thing down. Yes they had the element of surprise, but it was still a dumb idea.

    She approached Ernie( @FTcivic ).
    "Ernie, dear, it appears you know a lot and that's great, but how about you work as team next time, like maybe give us a fucking heads up next time!! I see that your assumptions may be correct, or they may not. But let's say you were able to injure this thing, and let's say you could've made it back to surface in time; what happens next? Your team knows nothing of what your doing, we aren't prepared, that thing attacks. Death ensues. Maybe you didn't know this, which is surprising with all this stuff you apparently seem to know, but I don't want to die. Lucía( @Burning Phoenix ) has a daughter to look after so its safe to assume she doesn't want to die either, and I'm positive Norm doesn't either. It's like you have 2 settings, think about something so much that you over think it or don't think at all. Let's work on a middle ground shall we? How about you think next time before you act but don't over think it. Norm( @TheMuse ), lets go dry you off and get you something to eat and drink and run by the events of what happened. And Ernie, no more summoning. That's a disaster waiting to happen."
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    Ernie Goldsmith
    Ernie didn't have much in the way of a reply to Griffin he was making a guess. Sure, but he didn't think he was wrong.

    Yet resting, it was absurd. They could prepare something in the way of defense. It didn't seem like Griffin was doing much in the way other than waiting for it all to go down. Still, staying away from the water, and the trees was his next course of action.

    "Oh. Right. Of course. You'd rather have no plan at all. Well, Norm. By all means. Please go on, chickening out of every plan. You must have a plan of some sort, I mean since you are expecting all of this information to just be lying around in some biology book chapter?" Ernie looked at Norm in the eyes. "Are you waiting for all these answers to just be handed to you Norm? Does nothing make sense to you?" Ernie rolled his eyes. "It's almost not worth talking to you. Go read, you barbarian."

    Ernie turned to look at her. "You, you mean you don't know?" Ernie didn't reply for a moment, trying to understand if she was serious. "Well...That was a Jinn. Semum. I threatened to burn down his home, and the home of every other Jinn, and he gave me a piece of information. The location of the monster." Ernie looked at Norm with a bit of anger. "Norm here, chickened out of attacking that monster when we had the chance. A blow to its nose might have helped us out quite a bit. But now, he is here constantly yelling. Might as well change your name to Nicholas Cage." He murmured.

    Turning his attention back to Maria. "I studied those beings, the one you saw on the surface of the water for a long time. Traveled to meet monks who spoke and communicated with them. They take the shapes of animals, and they live in there own societies, with there own cities and so forth. Some of them, enjoy making deals with humans in exchange for different things." He looked at her in silence. "As for methods, I took the dust of the monster you all killed in the village, and sacrificed some wildlife to draw one to me. They call me the Father of the Kitten. Ebu-Hureyre. Because I have a cat." Ernie stared at the water for a moment, then a quick glance at the tree line. He didn't feel safe at the moment. He did not want to stay here any longer then he had to. He reached for his lighter, and lit it. Nothing happened of course, the thing was soaked. He needed to dry the lighter, and find a large sword.

    He pointed at Angeline (@Panic!atSkyfall) "Normally, I'd say you reek of alcohol and don't know what your saying." Ernie paused, taking in a deep breath. "But your not wrong. Still, best get sober before you start telling me what to do." Ernie turned around and began to follow Griffin. "I wouldn't go near the trees if I were any one of you, or any place that is full of trash."
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    Norm couldn't take anymore of it.

    He closed the distance between him and Ernie.

    It wasn't a kill attempt, but it was an attempt at a lesson.

    The intent was to throw him to the ground, put him in a position where he couldn't fight back, show him he wasn't powerful.

    [TOUGH ROLL: 84 + 20 = 104, Incredible Success]

    In seconds Ernie was face-down in the dirt, Norm holding his arms behind his back.

    "Learn some respect." Norm said, his voice practically a growl.

    (Ernie physically immobilized, ROLL required to escape, TOUGH or WEIRD.)
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    Ernie Goldsmith
    The punch, he didn't see. For a moment Ernie was making his way towards the town, in the next he dove headfirst into the ground. It was a blur to say the least. As Ernie was pummeled into the ground, he couldn't help but fill up with anger.

    Respect? For what? To be a complete little over privilged ignorate ape?

    Did he really think this was a high school stand off? Mad because some girls had heard him getting insulted? Ernie took in a deep breath, taking in the smell of the soil. Ernie would make sure he was buried into the ground, until all but his head remained. He whispered into the soil "And we took the chosen children across the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued them in Tyranny and Enimety until when drowning overtook him." Ernie didn't finish the verse on purpose. He wasn't grinning. (Roll for weird?) (@TheMuse )
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    [WEIRD ROLL: 80 + 40 = 120, Incredible Success]


    There was a sensation near his left leg, like the ground was moving? When he looked down his leg was already disappearing into the dirt.

    "Fuck." His hands came off Ernie, his leg sunk farther into the ground, Ernie scrambled out of reach. His right leg started going under too.

    He stole a glance back at the other two. Would they let him go all the way under? Would Ernie?

    Anger was replaced by resiliency. Ernie wouldn't have the satisfaction of him freaking out.

    He was waist deep and kept going, the dirt rising up to his chest, enveloping his arms as it rose up to his neck.

    Norm closed his eyes, but the movement of the dirt stopped. He was just able to breathe, shallow breaths, but breaths nonetheless. If he kept relaxed he'd probably be able to breathe for a while. The pressure on his body was worse than he'd thought, the ground around him nearly suffocating, but he wouldn't move, not yet.

    Norm said nothing. There were too many things to say. More than anything he needed Ernie gone so he could get himself out of this mess.
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    Angeline Dubois

    She chuckled to herself. She was nowhere near being drunk but Ernie could think what he wanted. She was about to walk away back to the place where they were staying at when Norm tackled Ernie to the ground. She watched as Norm had the upper hand but Ernie muttered something and Norm began to sink. She could tell he had held back and didn't think he would kill Norm so she waited till the sand stopped. She might have to hand in her resignation to Griffin. This was getting ridiculous. It was like she was working with children.

    She picked up Ernie( @FTcivic ) off the ground and stared at him hard. She dug deep and used "it's" power to let him know that she was serious. Her voice was deep and dark, "You need to go back to where we are staying and do not leave. The hour of darkness comes and we need to prepare. No more leaving on your own, no more summoning, no more incantations unless called for. Death is looming and you call it closer every time. You are no longer an individual. You have become part of something bigger. There are others to think about." She let go of him and turned from him. She straightened herself out as she regained composure and proceeded to dig out Norm.

    She spoke quietly to Norm, ( @TheMuse ) "I know I am not the one you want to hear and apology from, but I apologize for Ernie's actions. I get the sense he's never worked with people of this world before, if you catch my drift. Personally I'd like to offer him as a sacrifice to this thing we're fighting but sadly he has knowledge and power we are unaware of. What he said was uncalled for though. I would take everything he says personally about you with a grain of salt. I like your tattoos by the way."
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    (Moving things along, with permission from the players)


    Ernie left, his reasons for doing so his own.

    Angeline helped dig Norm out of the dirt, Norm helping once his arms had been freed.

    "Thank you." He said, and in his voice the aggression was gone, replaced by a nearly child-like authenticity. The innocence seemed to slip sideways out of sight, while a new emotion danced across the stage. Longing? Desire? In another second the moment was lost and Norm was digging the rest of himself out as the tide crept closer, having no further problems extricating himself.

    "Thanks again." He said, and his demeanor had returned to it's usual, "Think it's about time to get some rest."

    Whatever thoughts Lucia had she kept to herself.

    The Next Day

    The next morning all were woken by a blur of commotion.

    Griffin stepped out of the residence, unaffected by the crisp morning chill.

    Everyone was in the streets, trading, gathering, some even straight up stealing what they could. It was the chaos of a riot, of people looking out for their own instead of each other.

    He threw on a shirt and his shoes.

    "Come on." He said to the others, "Can't have them this way if we want them to live through this. Control the crowd, look for volunteers, those that don't want to stay and help will have to be escorted up into the mountains, I'll send a few of you with them to keep them safe. Gather the volunteers outside the house, the ones going up into the mountain can gather in the marketplace. Find me if you have any questions."

    Griffin stepped out of the house and into the madness of the crowd, calling out in Russian to those near him.


    Norm rolled over. 5 more minutes...
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    Maria Lucía Guadalupe Martinez Fernando

    To Lucía, Ernie's description made as much sense as any of the villagers that she tried to talk to earlier that evening. Maybe because he was still so young, or perhaps he was just that strange... Either way. The new terms made her head swarm. She was sure that she hadn't heard those words in English before. But then commotion broke out... once again. Guess who started it? The idiotic American, of course.

    But then things got crazier and she froze as everything that use to be accepted as undeniable truths shattered. What was happening to her reality? She shook herself free from the new terror that gripped her. She had underestimated this youth. There was power and youth together in one. A terrifying mix. She didn't know how this "team" was going to work. She couldn't trust anyone, and this Ernie she was not going to willingly trust right off the bat either.

    She grabbed the gun, but didn't take it out of the holster. She didn't want to kill if she didn't have to. And sure enough, the American's head never went under the sand. Pity.

    She felt bad for not helping Italiana, but she had had enough. She watched as Ernie departed and not soon after silently excused herself. She checked her phone to see if Ana had tried to contacted her. She didn't know if she would. She probably slept a good majority of the day, and she was a good girl. She didn't expect any trouble. She checked, but noticed that there was not reception. Silently cursing and praying that everything was okay, she headed towards the house to finally sleep.

    Sleep was instantaneous and one of the deepest that she had in a long time. She had dreamed of a world warping, people flying instead of walking and walking on ceilings and some strange dog like animal that appeared like a wolf's reflection in a circus mirror. Then it was morning.

    She awoke, still weighed with heavy sleep, but refreshed. But soon she realized that what she woken up by wasn't normal. She hopped up and was ready in a matter of seconds, watching as the villagers ran a muck. "What happened?", Lucía asked, to any soul who may have a glimmer of explanation.
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    Ernie Goldsmith

    Having been up for the past half hour, Ernie brushed his teeth as he looked himself in the mirror. He'd apologize to Norm today. He didn't like the man one bit, but currently they were stuck here and he had to get along. Reading that curse to the man, had been a step too far, Ernie spit out the tooth paste before washing his mouth.

    Then he walked out to the guest bedroom of the small building besides the Church. He hadn't gone with the rest of them, simply because he didn't have the patience to be constantly harassed. Walking out of the building, he entered the Church and sat down for a brief moment, making a short prayer in Hebrew, Greek, and finally Arabic. He got up, straightened himself and began to walk to where the people were gathering.

    Finally arriving, Ernie leaned besides the entrance to a small shop for the others to come.
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    A Russian man ran by, bags of food in his hand, muttering something in Russian to Lucia as she walked amongst the crowd, trying to figure out what was going on. Everyone had something in their hands, food, their children, decades-old firearms, or random valuables. Some carried backpacks, others armfuls of bags, and a few were stocking a very old worn-down car that looked to be on it's last legs.

    Griffin was elsewhere in the commotion, the others were... somewhere? In the house still maybe?

    For the Russians running past, Ernie's calm demeanor was a puzzlement. Most just stared as they ran past muttering to themselves or their families in Russian. A few were fighting over a bucket of fish, two burly men shouting at each other, a crying family behind each.


    There was a reluctance, a resistance to leave the families, but also a sense of duty. A few of the men volunteered to stay behind and fight, one woman did as well. Griffin sent them over to the house where the others were.

    4 Volunteers (3 men, 1 woman)

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