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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. HellSpunk

    HellSpunk Starting Off

    I don't understand why you think one is more deserving than the other, does buying it before someone else make you more deserving? No, that's arbitrary.

    Think of it this way if you have to be selfish, xbox gamers got to play it earlier than PC gamers did, that should be reward enough. PC gamers didn't have a choice if they wanted to play it or not, that's not their fault so I don't see why they should be punished for it. Grow up please.
  2. I haven't searched around yet but has there been a release date yet?
  3. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Yep, a thread with that as a name. It is the 29th of this month.
  4. Pajama Dad

    Pajama Dad Got Your Back

    6.99 is a pretty sweet price.
  5. Ah awesome thank you!
  6. therhino

    therhino Here To Help

    Jeez, man. Next you'll tell us you want your money for nothin' and your chicks for free.
  7. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Hah! I want my.. I want my... I want my MTV. :)

    We love everyone the same. :) Forgetting that is where many go wrong.
  8. Diesel3649

    Diesel3649 Starting Off

    WOW! 2 Dire Straits references in one thread, this place is awesome.
  9. Why comments and rating were turned off for the trailer ?
  10. Probably because of all the "Bob is trying to set up an army" comments. Happens to many comments atm.
  11. "I think you answered your own question. You got your game of the generation, thats a whole lot for very little money, if you ask me, why do you think you deserve more?" - Diesel3649

    Sorry, been busy working selling solar energy. Your entire premise is bullshit to be quite honest. You pick and pull from my entire post. If it wasn't for us Xbox Live users, then State of Decay would not have had the cash infusion and hype for a Steam release. PC users did not make State of Decay what it is today. Xbox Live did.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2013
  12. So the game was planned to be released on Steam if it sold 10k on Xbox Live? You are forgetting laws of business. You don't release on another platform or in another territory at a later date if your product does not sell. At that point, you re-tool and re-release on the same platform or in the same territory. Expansion where it is not due results in failure.

    As for it being arbitrary. I don't see how in the fuck 250k Xbox Live users making it the fastest selling Xbox Live game is arbitrary, tertiary or even the slightest hint of minimal. We were huge in making State of Decay the game it is today. Thank you very much.
  13. No, I want what is due to 249.999k Xbox Live users and me who made State of Decay the fastest selling Xbox Live game in the history of Xbox Live. I apologize if you bought it on PC and feel that you owe us Xbox Live users for making it possible for you to get it in the first place.
  14. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Except the fact that the entire business expect is off. Sure all of this is real.

    The rules of business is changing, especially with games. Discs? Who needs that anymore? Territory? All we need is to satisfy the requirements of each regions Game rating boards and press the release button.

    250K? I'm rather sure its closer to 500K at the very least. But I won't pile up your rather invalid outlook. It is one thing to get first release, and just being planned for it. But I don't think they have ever said they would not release on PC. Everyone asked for PS3... Which did not happen because?

    And do you know what Tertiary means? Third.
    And Arbitrary means? Based on Random choices or personal whim(Whim being: sudden desire or change of mind) rather than any reason or system.
  15. HellSpunk

    HellSpunk Starting Off

    You don't make any sense. Just because more people bought it on XBL they deserve a better deal? That's arbitrary. You're creating divides, us and them's where there isn't any. It was released on PC because it did well on XBL, but how exactly does that factor into the equation? Why are people on XBL more deserving? Your argument needs to answer this question, with something more convincing than ''We got it first and you wouldn't have it without us!'' as if that means jack.
  16. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Annnnnd everybody take a breather.

    Arguing for PC or Xbox is like asking your parents who they love more, you or your sister. You're both going to get treated equally regardless so the bickering about who's better should stop.

  17. Xbox users definitely do not deserve any more than the PC crowd does.
  18. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    We all deserve the same and we are going to get the same. So stop arguing, it won't end well. Ever.
  19. Why to pay DLC for just add sandbox mod ? I never pay just for a sandbox mod ! It's just the map without scénario 3 guns, 3 mans and difficulty modification !
    The french community is not happy by this news. You could add free content with corrective patch. Thank you for your attention.
  20. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Well said. This sense of entitlement is absurd.
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