Official Tactics Video Thread, 12/20/12

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    Some brief notes:

    -- There is a moment around 0:25 where a zombie takes a large, crunchy bite out of the neck of our hero. Be aware that this would probably kill you if it happened to you...unless you worked for Undead Labs and had turned on "immortal mode" for the purpose of recording an entire video without dying.

    -- Yes, it takes a headshot to make sure the zeds stay dead. Please check out the Tactics Q&A and the epic Weapons thread for information on aiming.

    -- At 1:23 is a list of things you can do over the radio. Our hero selected "call for scavengers," which means survivors in your community will come running to pick up the loot you've found. Again, check out the Tactics Q&A for more information.

    Join the discussion already in progress if you like! Participants in the Survival Cell Challenges get our videos a day before the general public, and the party is in full swing.!!
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