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    I'm currently in study week and then the exams will follow! After that I'll be more active. :D
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    Wondering: anyone around here knows how to program in C++?
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    Haha, check out the modding group.
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    I have just watched a Starship Trooper animation movie. Awesome.

    I've also watched 3 episodes of Dark Matter, a TV show I saw on Netflix.

    Now, I've got an idea for something.
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    Anything interesting going on around here I could join in on? :D
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    Fabian wants in *banging table with fists*
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    In an RP?
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    Lol. I could but I'm busy. -,-
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    Now that I think about it, this may go better here...
    Hilal Buyu Vakifi (The Crescent Foundation of Magic)
    August 14th, 1902
    Istanbul, Ottoman Empire

    Serhat bey strode into the room, not entirely happy not entirely sad. A poker face, if you'd ever see one.

    Before him, stood a court and in it filled to the brim his superiors and others. "I'm sorry. Yesterday, both Selim bey, and Jack bey, were killed hunting down a suspect of a case that had been eluding us for months." Taking from his pocket the two wands, he placed the silver one in the hands of the Ministry of Magic Officer. "They were found in the morning hours, dead. With the killer gone. I'm sorry on behalf of the Crescent Foundation of Magic. Record this, on this day the 14th of August 1902 of the Georgian Calendar, I shall find and have this man strung up!"


    "'Sihirbâz! Dur!" He yelled as he ran after the Kacan Maymun, the street life had just begun in this part of the city. Dashing through a crowd, before throwing himself into the first back alley he could squeeze himself into, a bath house. Perfect. He groaned as he ran through a mixture of trash-bins, spoiling his perfectly fine suit. "Well, that's a couple more pounds I'll have to spend!" His eyes scanned the dark alley way. The street had almost been untouched, but he was dealing with one of the Sihirbaz. Insan-ul Garib. He reached for the wand, and aimed, particularly nowhere. "Aparecium!" He shouted, and slowly the old alley began to morph and change. Leading, into a now blocked off entrance to the back of the bath-house, which currently went nowhere, a doorway appeared.

    A large blue eye stood staring back. Walking upto it, he used to the best of his abilities the Turkish 'Charm' as they called it here. Walking upto the shut doorway he pointed the wand at it. "Nazar-Al Baab." Nothing, the door did not even budge. "Where is Selim when you need him?" He groaned, leaning against the wall. The most notorious house elf kidnapper in three continents was behind this entrance, yet here he sat.

    With a sigh, and now an aura of defeat he sat down. A few moments later, he heard footsteps. He recognized those footsteps, looking up, he was greeted with a blinding light. "Turn your light off." He muttered, Selim laughed as he stowed it away. "Called for backup, sorry about that. So he's holed up here, huh?" Selim walked up-to the wall Jack was now leaning on. "Scary place. Hmm Jack?" Not being able to avert my eyes in annoyance, he looked up at Selim who took his wand and placed it against the wall. "Don't you think I didn'-"

    The way opened, and Jack nearly tipped over, if not for Selim grabbing him by he collar. "I did say others were coming, Jack. But that still doesn't mean you should go around throwing yourself down stairs trying to be lazy." Selim laughed again, Jack was more so annoyed. Still, this man was the one that had averted the Suez Crisis, and had gotten him out of London, at the most urgent of times.

    "Selim, we've got a job to do." Selim shook his head. "Right, sorry. Go on then, hadi." Jack pulled himself up, brushed off his jacket, and then pulled out his wand. "Keep yourself on the ready Selim. This man has taken more lives than we can count." Selim shook his head, his wand out as well. "Let's go and get him then."

    The stairs let into a dark appartment, built into the old bath-house's now long walled over entrance. Jack entered into the darkness, and uttered. "Lumos." A light of great force projected from the wand as, lighting up the darkness. Pillars stretched beyond the eye could see, once light as day now turned black. Fitting really. As he stepped onto the ground, he felt water flow through his feet. "Wish we'd stepped inside the hamam now right?" Selim chuckled. "With a bunch of guys? Not in a million years." Selim huffed. "You Brits are so insecure. Not like your putting your-" Sounds of splashes broke his sentence. Both Selim and Jack turned towards it, and the darkness departed only to leave out the shiloute of a lone figure. Selim couldn't help but gasp, I myself was startled none-the-less.

    Selim took a few steps down, his feet entering the water. "Serhat bey? I presumed you were still in head quarters?" The man straightened, and laughed. He stood ready, wand in hand. "Ah....Right. Headquarters." Jack looked at Selim and shook his head. "It was Serhat bey all along! Think about it, the head of Investigation Divisions running the smuggling ring as well! That's why they weren't caught for years!" Selim shook his head. "That's impossible, whenever a major transaction took place, he was there at HQ. He toiled day and n-" Yet Serhat bey cackled, his voice a torment to the ears. "I-I had called for back up..." Yet Serhat bey did not wait for Selim to finish, and instead, shouted "Avadra Kadavra!" Both Jack and Selim dove away as the powerful bolt destroyed the staircase behind them, pulverizing it entirely. Jack laughed. "Not getting any.....I'm presuming?" Selim shot off a few spells, Jack followed suit. Lighting up the darkness, Serhat bey answered kindly in return.

    "Selim. Selim. Selim. I told you, not to interfere with my case." Jack rolled his eyes. "When you asked for the assistance of the British Intelligence. I knew, something had to be done." Selim didn't reply, as he stood behind a column, he motioned. His hands doing a silly motion. Not being able to help but smile, Jack bolted out of cover. So did Selim. "Avadra Kadavra!" A synchronization of voices followed, and for a moment after the blinding light. Silence. Jack took a deep breath. Three flashes. One life gone. He patted himself, he was fine. He spoke softly.

    "Luminos. We got him at last Selim! Ha-Ha!" Turning the light to his friend, the air on his arms rose up, a freezing sensation ran up his spine. "Good try, Mr. Jack. But I'm afraid, the English Press was wrong to call you a killer of any sort." Serhat bey's voice echoed, this was followed by a bright flash. A splash followed of Jack fell beside Selim.

    Serhat bey shook his head, in condolenses. "I've got to be off." A silent nod followed from the Ministery of Magic agent. Serhat bey began to walk away, a smirk formed upon his face. And none would be the wiser.

    Right as he reached the door, his hands turning the handle, a man's voice echoed. "Aren't you forgetting something, Serhat bey?" This time, a cold sweat ran down his forehead. "S-Selim?" A chuckle. "Forgetting one, are we?" Jack. He tried turning the handle. Locked. "Figures." He muttered silently, cursing his luck.

    Serhat turned around, everyone within the room stood armed. "Expelliarmus!" One of the closest officers shouted. His wand flew from his coat. Serhat stood silent, handcuffs were brought forth. "Do you fools think you can actually trap me!? Hah! I scoff at you!" He scoffed quite loudly. "The last to laugh, gets the best laugh! Selim! Jack! I shall have your heads!" Being dragged away he screamed this forth.

    He could see Jack lighting a pipe, and Selim laughing as the two stood basking in glory while he himself was ruined.

    Laughing at him. Mocking him.

    He'd have there heads. One way or the other......​

    This certainly wont ever be the last you see or hear of me.

    A smirk formed upon his face as he was led away.

    The strange laughter was cut off only with the forced shutting of the doors.

    Another day, in Constantinople. Or was it Istanbul? This does elude me quite.....

    Diary of Jack the Killer, by the Revered Selim Bey.
    The Senate for Magic and Progress (Reformed Circa 1923)
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    Nice job:)
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