One. Million. (Official Celebration Thread.)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Here's the post:

    Hey, everyone! We wanted to let you know that last month we hit the one-million milestone mark. ONE MILLION.

    That's right. Over a million of you are now playing State of Decay, including our new friends currently rocking the Steam Early Access.

    As we said at the half million mark, we are humbled by your continuing support and enthusiasm for the ideas in State of Decay. Your encouragement drives us to keep working and keep improving. You got us here with your energy, your feedback, and your telling your friends about us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and brains.

    We're not going to stop, either! We're so close to having some news about our first DLC pack that we're going to go ahead and offer State of Decay: Breakdown as a prize in our One Million Celebration. Please stop by the comment thread attached to this post, and share your favorite memory of development, or favorite in-game experience. We'll pick five people at random to get codes for a free copy of Breakdown, and ten others to win some Undead swag.

    Thanks again for being on this ride with us.

    GROUP HUG. Or high five. Whatever.
  2. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    I have a question ,did you guys get any money from steam or Microsoft yet ? also how can I pick my favorite experience from the game when every second is my new favorite ? and well as far as development I got in after it was out ,but I do love you guys willingness to listen and interact with fans ,here's hoping that breakdown also sells million copies. :) "I knew you'd come through "
  3. favorite memory? gotta love getta jumped by a feral and losing marcus on my first playthrough
  4. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    We've not gotten paid yet. It's not a bad thing - checks are only written a few times a year, and guys, we only launched in June. Everything is great :D
  5. i knew you guys would make it been tracking for 5 years since it was from Scratchs and i tell you this game state of Decay is the bomb <3 keep up the good work i love you guys and i knew you make it by selling alot of them Awesomeness games
  6. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    just figured that by now as it's October you'd have gotten a little something ,unless you got something left over from development that's floating you guys along ,it's just you guys are a great game company and I hate the Idea of you guys getting stiffed on what is rightfully your cash.
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  7. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    One million players. Such an eeeeeevil number. Congratulations!

  8. Memory eh. Patch#3 :) , not getting Doctor in time, Ed dies :( and CONGRATZ:D
  9. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    Well done to all of you. Undead Labs are a fantastic company in this day and age, and deserve this may sales. Hope you will have many more years of great gaming developments!

    My favourite moment in this game? It would have to be when I first played the game. My base was in the Savini Residence and hordes were piling in. They started attacking my base, and were being ruthless. I used my best people to repel them, Maya, Marcus and Jacob. It cost a lot of ammo and even my first casualty. R.I.P Virginia. But day broke as we finished them off and I looked at my base. Full of bodies with the people doing their business. I had done it. I had survived. I rarely get a feeling like that in a game.

    Well done Undead Labs! Group hug for all!
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  10. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    My favorite moment in development was when, the forum section first opened up, I had never participated in a forum before, and was shocked that the developers replied and lurked on the forums trying to understand us. Helping everyone get a general feel of the Apocalypse.

  11. Favorite part so far would be finding out about the Dev live streams.

    I think I may have glanced over these forums, but after watching some of the videos I did gain a lot more respect for Undead Labs, and the effort put into their game.

    Favorite experience in the game was returning to my base after a stretch running down several hordes. I couldn't remember if my truck was red or black when I started.
  12. My favourite in-game experience was when i first booted SoD through Early Access, logged into the game after the initial intro and nearly crapped my pants when a small number of zombies were after me while i was trying to figure out the button layout on the gamepad.

    Epic moment.
  13. Bturn

    Bturn Starting Off

    Congratulations to everybody at Undead Labs for working so hard to achieve this goal. You are the guys that made this possible. Anyway, My favorite in-game moment of State of Decay was finding my favorite rifle to snipe the heads off of zeds. I remember scavenging out in the farmland and I came upon the rifle. The legendary Mosin-Nagant (sorry, I forget the in-game name for the Mosin). After I got the gun and had lots of fun sniping many zeds. I came upon the big bastard and I got my first head shot on him. It was the most satisfying and memorable moment I had in the game.
  14. Well done, UL! Chest bumps all around!

    Best moment would have to be when I was running around as Marcus and heard a Feral let out one of those "I'm gonna eat yer face!" yells. I jumped thru a window into a house and waited. The Feral got into the window, howled and jumped. I swung my sledge hammer and killed it in one stroke in mid-air! I was stunned motionless for a moment until I realized that it really was dead dead. Then I committed my one and only Tbag session in SoD:)
  15. I enjoy backing over more than one horde at a time in my pickup truck, so meaty!
  16. My favorite moment was when i saw the forums and it gave me some new ideas to do in the game.
  17. Foinikas

    Foinikas Got Your Back

    I am so happy to be part of this community and to support this game! :)
  18. Congrats!

    My favorite moment (so far) has been traveling to a house with two other survivors and just destroying all of the zombies there. It was early in the game, but it was very satisfying! I felt pretty strong at that point, only to be knocked down a peg when I went to get the doctor! :p
  19. I remembered the time when the first video of the game was uploaded and i learned it. So i went the more faster i can to youtube to see it and after that i just told /"Whaouoo". I cannot believe my eyes at the moment and was so excited by the game that i watched again and again this crazy video 5 or 6 time in my free time, all the possibilities of th game were so thrilling that since this day i check every day the game website =)

    PS: I hope my English don't hurt your eyes, it's at tipical passiv skill of French people =)
  20. KUyTh

    KUyTh Starting Off

    I have every right to be proud of Undead Labs' effort and their community involvement in the development process. Even the forum moderators are doing well, especially Sanya. Finding such a communicative developer is like searching for the needle in a haystack.
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