One. Million. (Official Celebration Thread.)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 4, 2013.

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    My favourite development moment had to be once I figured out there was a band of people who loved this game as much as I did a good many years after they discussed 'Class3' in an issue of the OXM long before any news came along.

    Congrats on the million sales Undead Labs, you've earned it.
  2. I greatly appreciated the different special zombies and their finishing moves. My favorite moment was going face to face with a Big 'Un for the first time. And then being ripped apart shortly after. I love trying to survive for as long as possible, can't wait for the dlc soon. Glad to be part of the million sales and hope you all get to celebrate thoroughly.
  3. My fav memory has to be when i was running over a horde and a zombie somehow got stuck in the bed of the truck. Well the zombie just stode up and started just riding in the bed of the truck when i was driving. Looked really funny driving around with a zombie standing up in bed of truck. Of course when i stopped it just jumped out of the bed and tried to eat me....
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    Martin Rebane had been a valued member of the group. Time after time, he'd proven himself to be a capable fighter and defender of the enclave. Nobody, not even Marcus or Maya, had a body count that could rival his. As reports trickled in of other survivors encountering the Black Fever, nobody really worried about Martin. He was the last person who'd get sick.

    Maya was the one who decided to have the talk with him. Everyone knew he was a danger to the group after contracting the disease that Will and Alan had, but after two losses, nobody was willing to make another hard choice. Nobody but Maya. Even then, as she approached him, she couldn't bear to take him out to execute him, so she asked him to leave. He angrily refused and stormed off to be alone, when Lily reported that multiple hordes were closing in. Without a word, Martin loaded up on grenades and ammo, along with his favorite bat. If he had to go, he was going to make damn sure that some zed would go with him.

    I've loved State of Decay for letting me play out moments like that. It's nice to let my imagination run wild every once in a while.
  5. Nice ---- Nice ----- Nice DLC lets goooooooooooo =)
  6. My most unexpected sad, but funny moment in game would have to be when I made a turn to wide and accidently hit a gas drum/tank and blew up my car and killed the player I was using... My favorite moment was mowing down hordes with the fastest car and do donuts around them till they were all killed in the farmers field. oh can't forget my happy face when I came across a grenade launcher.
  7. Congrats on a million sales, that's a phenomenal number for a small developer to hit. (Heck, it's phenomenal for any developer not selling a sequel.)

    My fave moment was when I lost my first survivor. Maya was scouting for supplies and I didn't track my suppressor closely enough - in the heat of battle I fired off two unsuppressed shots from her rifle and instead of taking a few hits she was mobbed by about a dozen zeds. I managed to down all but three of them before dying, and just when I thought it was over and I'd lost my best shooter, BAM! She is literally torn in half by the zombies, twisting the knife just that little bit harder. It was genuinely shocking since I wasn't expecting it, and that is how State of Decay became one of my favorite games of all time.

    I can't wait for Breakdown so I can see just how long I'll be able to cling to life.
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    [video][/video] congrats

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  9. Fav moment? Sending Ed out to grab some supplies just as a big horde event spawned, so i followed him to keep an eye on him just to see how he did. In typical Ed fashion he pulled 3 out of the 5 hordes.....and smashed his way through them like a champ, i felt so proud just like a dad watching his kids learning to ride a bike i now knew Ed was gonna make it in this undead world!

    Also the first time i ventured over the bridges i bumped into 2 Big 'uns right off the bat, they clocked me and began to charge...straight off the cliff edge into the water....that had me loling for few mins i tell you XD
  10. Although there are millions of great in game moments, I think the best one is when the black screen fades away at the start of the game to reveal a beautiful sunset in the background of Ed getting munched. Great job guys I've only had it for a week and pumped over 20 hours into it.
  11. Favorite in-game memory... well not exactly unique but I have become a BIG fan of vehicular zombiecide... Nothing more satisfying than hopping into a vehicle and slaughtering 20 or so zombies.. backing over the stragglers... and all was merry... until I met the BIG BASTARD Zombie... stopped dead my tracks... BIG BASTARD just stares at me ... starts coming toward me... floor it in reverse.... get about 100 yards... floor it... hit the BIG BASTARD HARD... and the wheels come off the truck and fire comes out of the hood and the BIG BASTARD... stares at me as I am ejected... and starts running after me.... two molotov cocktail later and shot to the head with a shotgun he goes down. Now I am stuck about 1000 meters from home....

    Good times, good time :D
  12. My favorite moment??
    Just today. A survivor was under attack. I run with Ed to help him. I hit a zombie in the back and then the zombie or the survivor explosed!!! The NPC die, killing all the zombies and almost killed Ed. I switch my character, ten second later. Take a new car, slowly hit a wall. The car explosed!!! Almost killing the second survivor.

    I was like: WTF??? Did they make a "Micheal Bay DLC???"

    ps: and then everything exploses of course ^^
  13. My favorite moment so far is
    when you return to the first base and find everyone dead after venturing out to explore the distant gunshots. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't, and it was... just perfect.
  14. My favorite thing was during a Development Q&A and you guys answered my question if we could snipe off rooftops while cracking a cold drink, you guys are awesome! :cool:
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    Just piping up to say I'll be picking the winners tomorrow morning.
  16. liamypoo

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    Excellent. Come on Liam, be lucky.
  17. Joey

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    Well I sure as hell hope I win.
    The game was getting a little bit boring.
  18. Hopefully I'm not to late to get in my entry.

    My favorite memory is from one of my most recent play sessions. I was out on a mission to help one of my survivors take down one of the Big boys. The location was out in the middle of the field, far from safety. Just getting there, my ride got trashed. When I get to the area where I think it is, it's in the water. After a grueling fight that nearly kills my tag team, we just barely survive...only for me to realize that he wasn't the Big that I was sent out to hunt down...and that one had just come charging down the hill! I don't know how I was able to survive the fight...but somehow with just a sliver of health, and no more bullets, we put that second Biggy down and ran like hell to safety. Which was a long, long way away without a ride. But we made it. If I ever come across a pair of replica tag team championship belts in the ruins, I'll be giving them to those two survivors. They earned it.
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    Congrats UL :) really hope the PC gamers can give the sales another big surge and XBOX continues to sell well too :) I certainly enjoyed seeing SoD at the top of the sales chart on STEAM while it lasted!

    Looking forward to whatever you guys decide to do next. Hit me up if you're looking for a narrative designer to join in the fun ;) :D
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    FAVE MEMORY so far:

    I like to pretend the characters are my friends from real life (whomever the characters resemble or remind me most of). Marcus would be my best friend, Maynard. Ed would be my other best friend, Josh. The two were out together, and I was playing as ED at the time so of course in my mind's eye, it's Maynard and Josh out there trying to work together to bring home the bacon and help the group survive...

    Well, even though I was playing it VERY stealthy for the most part, I managed to attract a Feral along with a quickly growing number of zeds - completely surprised me! They jumped Marcus/Maynard... I stopped searching through stuff and quickly went to react - but this was the FIRST time I had seen a Feral zed. It was also the first time a character was TRULY in trouble and to hear Maynard crying out for help made me freak! I whaled on the horde around me, getting to the Feral and my damn weapon gives! I managed to kick the Feral away but those suckers are fast and I still had a few zeds around. I was doing my best to dodge/back away only to watch in fear as the FERAL pounced Maynard again - I was low on stamina and my health was really low as well and I knew in that moment that I could die there with my friend, or run and leave him to a terrible fate... I stood my ground. I could not leave a friend behind and I know as smart as Josh (Ed's character) is, he wouldn't either.

    Unfortunately, Maynard was torn apart and as it happened, I really felt it. I managed to down the Feral right after, but the splash of its skull could not fill the void left behind by losing Maynard. I think I just stood there like five minutes... contemplating if I should just restart.

    It was a tough decision not to, and just take it as part of the experience... minutes later, I found a Broadsword which was really crazy because Josh LOVES his swords. It felt like the universe threw me a bone. In the theater of my mind, I could see Josh vowing to use that sword in Maynard's name to slay every damn Feral he'd ever see - to this day, I go out of my way to slay Ferals when I'm playing as Ed.

    LEAST fave moment, just for fun (please don't take this as a critique, it was just a funny incident)

    So I'm playing and as I stated above, I was pretending characters in the game were based on my friends. I hadn't found 'my' character yet - the one who looked most like me, sounded like me, etc. I'm showing my game to a friend and getting him invested, pointing at characters and telling him which of our friends I see each one as... then Jacob comes around and I'm like 'SWEET! that's me!'.

    **SPOILER -for anyone still early in the game :p**

    Jacob needs rescuing in a barn where he and his boyfriend had met up. My friend and I had a good laugh at my expense... apparently I was gay in this reality, HA. Really threw a curve ball to that relationship I had going in my mind between me (Jacob) and Maya (whom I see as based on my wife.)

    Hope you guys enjoyed the read :)
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