Only SP - 7/6 interview, Part One and Part Two

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  1. Undead Sanya

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  2. Warrilow

    Warrilow Starting Off

    Definitely like the "Death is Death" and it will definitely make me try as hard as possible to keep my original character alive. Will we be able to name our other fellow survivors?
  3. Goonie

    Goonie Here To Help

    I'm very excited and impressed that you guys decided to stick with perma-death. Awesome interview, thanks! :)
  4. That's a lot of good info to know. Thanks for posting that.
  5. Bturn

    Bturn Starting Off

    My favorite part is about the Death is Death and you play as one of your fellow survivors, that is pretty neat.
  6. Yeah I like that part too.
  7. Sounds great, These bit's get me crazily excited ;

    Because it's one of the best worlds in a game, it actually felt 'real' .

    And do I even need to say why this get's me excited ?.... i haven't played Dark Souls but Assassin's creed and Batman Arkham Asylum are thee best, most fluent and actually look sick as f**k hand to hand combat in any games i've ever played :D .

    So yeah I can't wait. :D:D:D
  8. codybuck0

    codybuck0 Starting Off

    I love the death system.
  9. Melychath

    Melychath Starting Off

    Dark Souls is incredibly frustrating (it is wildly difficult but trememdously rewarding), but easily the best sword and board magic fest RPG ever created (I have not played Demon Souls). If Class3 can capture half of the marvelous combat mechanic of that game they will have created a wonderful masterpiece. Do yourself a favor, go and pick up Dark Souls today. The developers of that game deserve the monetary reward for having created such an incredible piece of video game art.
  10. Heavily agreed.
  11. So agreed. I think Dark Souls has the best combat mechanics of any game I've played. It just feels so real. Anything and everything can kill you if you slip up, and that's how things should be. I hope they put that same feeling into Class3--as well as Class4.

    Anyway, I love the perma-death mechanic. It actually makes me wonder if we'll start out as a randomly-generated survivor. Losing a character that we put through character customization would be pretty depressing. XD
  12. ^^^
    All the more reason to survive.
  13. Fantastic interview
    Bring on part two :)
  14. Permadeath will make this the most exciting zombie/survival game out there :D
  15. this game suddenly became way more interesting (and obviously fun) with the perma-death system. Can't wait!
  16. I think this Q&A just made a whole bunch of people happy!! :D
  17. Read and happily nodded my head at everything that was said in the Q&A. All this talk about melee combat makes me with the Xbox used something like the Playstation Move, because running up and throwing a punch would be fun as hell! (I know there is the Kinect but running and jumping in my living room is not conducive to keeping happy my downstairs neighbors)
  18. I don't think your furniture and/or television would be happy, either.
  19. I like the death system, but I hope we will start out creating our own character. That is one important feature to have and I'm sure it's valuable to pretty much every player, whether or not you wish to be "you" or just have the option to create a person unique to the world. One thing I don't like is that a random survivor will be spawned if we lose all of our current survivors. I don't like that idea because as a whole different person, in-character they would no little or nothing of what your previous group built and/or accomplished - so, how could or should they be able to just pick up where your other group left off? I think that if your whole group is eliminated, it is grounds for a "game-over" so to speak. If you can manage losing your whole group by accident or stupid-decisions, the consequences should be major in my opinion. I hope my post is taken into consideration.
  20. Deffcon_1

    Deffcon_1 Starting Off

    OH MY GOD!! To this DAY I still play X-Com UFO Defense! I am SUPER EXCITED to see that this is a game that influenced the base design! This makes me even more excited to play this game!
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