Only SP - 7/6 interview, Part One and Part Two

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    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    It seems to me that class 3 is just a stepping stone for class 4 which will be the true zombie apocalypse experience. Also wondering if the AI will be able to hold their own and behave realistically ....well as realistic as AI can be.
  2. I was just about to post something similar to what you said. Right now it seems like there is no game over screen. I don't like that and I have to agree with you sir, if you lose your entire group then you should end up losing the game.
  3. Lilbuffalo

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    Yay death is death and my character will be lost for ever!!!....Wait a minute....
  4. Im not very impressed by the way you die and lose everything, I was hoping that they could do level systems or maybe just character creation but ohwell atleast we can keep on playing the game over again without getting bored because we wont always have the best weapons :D
  5. You Sir are a Legend :D
  6. Bturn

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    I enjoyed the entire interview, I'm also curious about the "three core characters' mentioned.

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    Great interview! The second part of the interview is up now. Got alot of good info but now we need some actual gameplay.....not spycam videos.
  8. codybuck0

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    part 2 is up
  9. Hey Sanya (and UL in general),

    I'm quite interested in knowing a little more about the characters / survivors that are seeded into the world. From part 2 of OSP's Q&A it sounds like the three core characters you mentioned are the guys with you on the fishing trip (?). If so, then I guess they're the same every time you start a new game? Does this mean you're never out in the world on your own, you always have at least two NPC's in tow?

    After you start a game, are the majority of NPC survivors generated from a large pool at random or do you have a finite number of survivors which spawn in specific locations every time? I'm hoping for a pool of say, 150 skill / character trait templates, and a system which gives the survivors a unique look and name, maybe a back story. That way, every time we play survivors are in different locations and we all get a game which is different from each other - lots more re-playability here I think.

    I think it's just such a shame to have an enjoyable and variable core mechanic when you end up having to do all the same missions for all the same characters during a second play through. Here, the minute to minute is different every time, which keeps it fresh and inviting. This element of the game remains the same, but from the strategic level it loses all its mystery, and therefore appeal, when you know where survivors are going to be when during a second play through. Games like Borderlands make this mistake as, during your second play through, you're all excited about even bigger guns etc. which makes you want to come back for more, but the appeal of completing all the same missions for all the same characters, does a great job of taking the fun out of it.
  10. PS doh! I spent so long thinking up a new question I forgot about feedback on the actual QA ... sorry!

    I'm really impressed you guys found a neat way to punish players for losing lives without forcing them to restart completely. I think it was a really tough rope to walk but you guys obviously had a lot of discussions about this and I'm impressed by the solution. It's, elegant.

    Am interested in the Red Dead comment. Do you mean they way red dead has 'random' interactions when you're free roaming e.g. a prison wagon with escaped convicts etc.? to really help you feel like the place is organic and has a mind of its own? I think Red Dead needed a greater variety of these so you weren't always seeing the same one but they were very cool.

    X-com references are VERY encouraging indeed. What a piece of art that bad boy was. The new bases in the x-com revamp by firaxis look immensely cool. Half imagining having my own arsenal creating bullets and mines in the workshop out back! Mech bullets from Falling Skies anyone?!
  11. 3 characters?
  12. Seth

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    Building your own community of survivors is crucial. (Although, if you do run out of survivors, we’ll respawn one for you just so you don’t have to start over completely from scratch.) The more skills and abilities represented by the members of your community, the more options you as their leader will have to hold off the zombie hordes.

    so if all your survivors die (except you) other random survivors may get spawned and you can rescue them? that way you will never be alone in the world? or am i just thinking hopefully?
  13. Seth

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    so if your character dies does he become a zombie as in you see him walk up and start attacking?
    can you use defibulators to revive a fallen team member? (if my main charcter dies i wiill have to restart cuz i just don't want to part with my own character, even in games like dragon age where you can switch between party members i never really used it cuz it just didn't feel like my character)
  14. Seth

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    btw great interview i checked on friday but didn't see anything just read it today
  15. I have been fellowing this game ever since i first heard about it in 2009, I love every asspect of the game and I can NOT WAIT for it to hit the screens. Now i hate xbox, and im not lieing when i say this BUT, I WILL be buying an xbox just for this game, I have been waiting for a true Zombie Sim, to come out, One thing I have a few con......concerns. 1: If it is a Zombie Sim, why are you giving us pre made toons to pick from, now I could have read that wrong, but from my understanding, It sounds kinda like Dead Island where you had to pick from the 4 toons they gave you, I hated that, If its a Zombie Sim, shouldnt we be able to make our own, give him his own skills and specs, and then give him our own looks, from hair to eyes to whatever. Now my secound question, 2: Are we going to get to change cloths, if we are looking for supplies and run across a bio mask or something can we pick it up and put it on.(that is a small question dont really care if we can or not but my biggest concern and question is line 1.) keep up the good work guys i YERN FOR THIS GAME!!!

    EDIT: Another thing, I was really happy to see that we will be able to craft our own things and what not, and not have anything that just really cant be done, like flame throwing chainsaws of doom...Really cant wait to see how that plays out. :D
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    Yay a part 2!
  17. Seth

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    yah part 1 and 2 are out and this friday another Q,A!! i can't wait for all that info.
  18. It's going to be on PC too.
  19. Ive been waiting for a game like this sense I've watched movies like resident evil. I can't wait for it to come out. Now about the release date can you say that it will be out in 2012? Can you make the game first person instead of third person? and how can you fit this much data onto one disk?
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