Only SP - 7/6 interview, Part One and Part Two

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  1. It'll be out this year. I don't have a link (because it's not confirmed), but I'd bet money on it.


    There is no disk.
  2. My PC is crap, not what it use to be, now back in the day when i had it, oh yea it was amazing. Xbox is alot cheaper then building a good gaming PC. lol.
  3. Very informative interview all in all, thanks Sanya & OnlySP!
  4. Hi I've just joined after stumbling across this and I have to say I'm very excited, this sounds like the game I've wanted all my life ! Thanks and keep up the good work.
  5. do you guys have any ther games already out
  6. Hopefully it comes out in the next few months befpre i leave on deployment late this year or early next year.
  7. screenamesuck

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    Wasn't sure where to post this question, so if its in the wrong place I apologize.

    I read that the game still progresses even when your not playing and away. It also said time moves at a slower rate when you are away because you understand that people need to sleep, eat, work, etc...., but my question is just how slow does it progress. What about the players that work 40+ hours a week and just want to enjoy the game on their day off for example. Will I have to worry that everytime I sign in when I actually get the time to play that everything will be screwed because the game time is still moving forward while I'm working all week? Maybe I just read it wrong, but thats why I'm asking
  8. Fleshblight

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    Bad news for you, bubba. Once you start your game, you CAN'T log out! So hopefully you have kids; that way you can put them on shift duty. 12 hours per shift; three days on/three days off. You can slip their meals under the door.

  9. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Got Your Back

    I just want to know how fast the game progresses when you are away from the game. For example, how long will you have to be away from the game for an entire day to pass in the game.
  10. I think as more time you stay without playing, more slow the game progresse. But I can't be sure.
  11. Roids

    Roids Starting Off

    You don't need to spend that kind of time on the game. When you stop playing, the character that YOU were using won't just stand there la-de-da and possibly die, the world and survivors that have their own choices (if you go a long period of time without helping them or not getting rid of the closing zombie wave) that might make things happen differently. If you go on at least once a day for a couple hours, you can keep things the way you want.
  12. Umm, I'm pretty sure somewhere Undead Sanya or somebody was saying that the time progression as similar in nature to the required amount of time for a given character to become fully rested, and that the relevant zombie population would not explode in your absence for those that may have to be 'away' for extended period(i.e. working overseas) For the most part, your home and outpost will not vanish, but resources will still be consumed (hint: make that garden as soon as possible!!)
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    Good interview sanya
  14. Negnar Holf

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    Lets try and avoid necro'ing these old topics if there isn't any real reason :)
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