Our Final Farewell Thread to forums.undeadlabs

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alan Gunderson, Jan 5, 2018.

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    R.I.P Forums
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    Like losing a friend...
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    Okay guys, it's been a ride and I'm gonna miss this place. Discord ain't the same feel to me, so you probably won't see me there often. Anyone wants to add me for SoD2, gamertag is OriginalFurie. Just cleared out my friend list of people from games I can't remember anymore and it's cold and lonely in there.
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    And so here we are, on the final countdown of hours to the closure of our beloved UL forum :( I hope to see you all skipping around the various SOD social media places ie The Alamo forum's (an unnofficial replacement/copy of this one, made by fans, for fans), Twitter, discord yardada yardada...
    Goodnight and godbless UL forum's, sleep well, you earned your rest! You did good! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)o_O
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  8. Alan Gunderson

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    Hello everyone, Alan here.

    I almost forgot that I was entitled to say goodbye as well.

    There’s so much for me to say. I feel like the only reason why I think I have a presence online is because of the years spent on this forum. Losing a community has always been hard, but losing this place feels like a death in the family.

    Months, maybe even a year from now, I know that I will still be typing “und” into the top text box on my browser because it is so ingrained into my motor-movements every time I turn on a computer. The thought that it won’t go to the same lively common room that it has been every single day for the past x years of my life still scares me. The fact that I can’t rant to the same group or hear about what’s going on with you guys here anymore is going to hurt, especially since I couldn’t communicate with a lot of you guys beyond this website.

    When I first joined this forum years ago, I was not Alan Gunderson. The username I chose was something abhorrently immature, and the fact that I have come to refer to it as such shows me how much my personality has changed over the course of this forum’s life. Anyways, back in the days of “Chef Ret” (as @Undead Sanya used to refer to me as), I really had no idea how much this community was going to mean. I didn’t know that State of Decay was going to become a sleeper hit on its release. I didn’t know that I would meet some of the internet’s best people that arrived with the spike of new forum members. Back then, I was an insecure teenager that was seriously convinced that my only ‘hook’ for the community was being up to date with obscure memes and internet tropes.

    It was never easy to get along with everyone, but you guys took me into the forum squad and were very nice to me. After I realized that I was here to stay, I feel like my new friends didn’t care about how loud I was, or how absolutely annoying what I thought was funny and “hip” truly was to everyone else. People actually talked to me and didn’t just pester me away when I would have been such a deserving target, and it was probably time for me to grow up. Sanya emailed me asking what I would feel about a name change now that I had been there for months, and we settled on everyone’s favorite asshole: Alan Gunderson.

    Of course that isn’t my real name, but with how long people have been calling me this, I respond to it as if it is my name.

    It already sucks that most of the people who were there back in those days are no longer here, with or without the forum closure. I always wonder what’s up with @IrishDead, or how @WhisperFire26 is, what’s biting @B STATS, or what’s new with @Alchemist and what’s cooking with @ilovethisgame. The list of people I still remember that will never have returned to this board after leaving their mark is too long. Sanya is not even here anymore.

    Well, now I’m entering my professional year I/S teaching program of University after working at it for what will be 4 years. I’ve student-taught at schools and have been in full control of classrooms. I don’t think I would have seen myself as a teacher back when I joined this forum, and I think the people here have something to do with that life choice.

    We’ve had a ton of great memories forged on this forum. From the damned Denny’s roadtrip of 2013 to the Body is Ready thread that has been surviving since 2013, there are plenty of inside jokes for this community that just won’t survive on a Discord server or Facebook comment section.

    We also can’t forget the recurring forum dramas and unruly misconducts that truly brought us together as close as people over the internet can be. The important thing that I loved about this community was that regardless of how many shit-disturbers joined, we were always willing to give people a chance. Nobody was left behind, and somebody was always making an effort to welcome the new guys to the community.

    I think when it came to morale issues on the forum, I don’t have many regrets on how I dealt with adversity. There’s been more than a few times where I was the problem. However, it makes me happy to see that we’ve always had each other’s backs, and it made me happy to hear that speaking my mind and truly saying what I had to say was appreciated around here. I had to be told numerous times to stop shadow-moderating, and I agree that I was projecting my stress onto people sometimes. I’m glad that through it all, we’ve managed to work together and still continue to function, especially after we’ve been at each other’s throats.

    I want to thank the staff of this forum for their service to it, whether you used to work for this community (Lori and Sanya), just began working or are still with us. I’m not thanking you because this forum is functional and had survived as long as it did, but because you guys truly cared about making this a fun place. With you keeping this up, I’m sure we could have done another 10 years of forum, and even kept it going after that.

    I’ve been pretty tight lipped about how I feel about the decision to close this forum and that’s only because I know that what I say will not change this course of action. If there was anything I could do to help keep us together, I would. With Swiss’s forum on the rise, we at least have a different website to fall back on – but unfortunately, we are still losing a lot of people here.

    There are too many people to thank for my experience, I'll edit some names in beneath here.

    First, I'd like to thank @SwissArmyKnife for everything he has done to keep us together through this unfortunate news. Your forum looks amazing, and I hope that people join it.

    I want to thank @Undead Sanya for believing in me being a part of this forum even though I was probably an annoyance at the time. I've grown a great respect for what you have done here.

    @Undead Nicole , you single-handedly dealt with the forum's problems when Sanya wasn't around, while dealing with the members of other outlets as well. You were the second moderator I have encountered that wasn't out for power and serving their own interest, and I will always appreciate how real you were with everyone and dodging bullshit.

    I want to thank @QuarantineRoad for everything you have done for this community. You have always been supportive towards me and everyone else. I have a special folder on my desktop for your art, and it's not even hidden in a subfolder. You were one of the best parts of this community and I will miss seeing what you have created here.

    @ThatChristmaskid , you have always had my back through everything this forum has experienced. Sometimes I would log on expecting a message in my inbox and smile when I saw that it was you updating me about the piss fights and arguments going on. While I wasn't the most charitable person to be with, you were always such a great friend to me on here. You always were ready to talk about anything and I can never express how much I appreciated that.

    @Capt.C.Baker deserves a mention for practically living on this forum during the release of State of Decay. Your dedication was inspiring, and back when you were around I aspired to reach that point in this community. Everybody here either admired you or was annoyed at seeing your name pop up in the community 24/7, but that's what everyone got for somebody as great as you hanging around.

    @Cejao you have always been alright in my book. Sometimes I would log on, and there would be 47 notifications of you interacting with my posts. You're an absolutely great dude, and I'll always be in your corner.

    @Bob Crees we've had a lot of meaningful conversations here over the years and even dealt with a lot of... interesting people. You truly cared about this community, which makes me disheartened to see how much the closure of this forum has affected you. I'll see you at Swiss' forum.

    I'm running out of time, so I'll tag the names of some of you guys that have truly made this place great
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    Well, goodbye everyone. Not much else to say. I’ll be on the new, shiny, unofficial replacement forum but... yeah. Kinda sucks this is closing. It’s the only real community I’ve ever been a part of and I’ll miss it greatly. even though I’ve barely been on for a while, I’ll never forget the many, many, many hours I would spend here in years gone by.

    So yeah, bye everyone. Have fun and all that :D
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