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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alan Gunderson, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. Bob Crees

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  2. VonLoon

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    I was a late comer to this forum as I never heard of or played SoD. I was invited here by a long time friend of over 30 years @Doomen Gloom to play in @Bob Cree's DnD game. Even then it took me a couple months to sign up near the end of June 2017. Just couldn't see playing a text based game at the time. I did watch Doom play SoD a few times so I knew what it was about at least. I didn't feel qualified to post in other threads for the game so basically stayed in the games area to post. After playing for a while and getting advise from people like @Cejao,Doom and Bob on how to use the forum efficiently for the game I was PMed by Cejao and teased about having 1200 likes and zero posts. That not only surprised me but started a long running joke between some of the DnD players and me so I figured what the hell. Let's see how many I could get with zero posts and screw up anyone's head that noticed it. So as of this posting I've managed to get 7818 likes and just might break 8000 before the shutdown and all on one post. :D

    So UL if you read this I have 7818+ people agreeing with me when I say closing this forum is a mistake. I, like everyone else, don't know or understand the reasons but we really don't want to see it go. :(

    I've enjoyed my stay here and made many new friends too. Read some amazing stories by @The Muse,, @Quarantine Road and @Panic!atSkyfall , Read many interesting posts throughout the forum by all of you. Bob Cree's patience and quick wit in the DnD game and other threads. He could be a pain in the butt too as many of us found out!:) @Undead Nicole for her very quick and friendly replies to any questions I had. Never had that in any other game forum. @Alan Gunderson for this thread ,Quarantine Road for the other similar thread. And a final Thank You to @SwissArmyKnife for letting all us orphans that can't figure out how these new fangled toys work crash in his spare room until we do. If we do!:) Bob may be as old as dirt at 58 but at 63 I invented dirt. I still prefer my old 1968 Charger to anything on the road today and the same goes with this style of Forum. I'll test drive the other style of toys but will never love any other style like this old toy. I do look forward to the release of SoD2 to finally give it a shot too.
    Will see you all on one or the other forums I'm sure.
  3. Bob Crees

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    Mate it has been a pleasure to DM a D&D game for you. I think we have both laughed out loud in RL, as a result of some of our 'In Game' posts. Microsoft may have forced the closure of this book, but another is ready to open over at Swiss's site (The Alamo)
  4. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    As the sand runs out I hope Jeff will do us the honour of telling us why he no longer believes in this Forum community. I know I am 'flogging a dead horse' (( No Horses alive or dead were flogged during this post )), AND Yes my nose is still bloody from having the rug pulled from out from under my feet - BUT can Discord really replace here? Yes I know that some people from here have gone over to Discord, but @Undead Nicole like I said, at the time we had no other option. I saw @MonPrinCyCLoPe post his recent YouTube feed and within a few minutes it was lost in the drivel chat of Discord.

    Jeff might have loaded his mates on the RV, but there is a very good Home Base left behind. Believe it or not and they are 'Cross Platform' players, who have just one thing in mind - the Success of UL no matter what crap is thrown their way.

    Nicole I know it's your not your fault and I do apologise to you for taking the brunt of my hurt.
  5. Undead Nicole

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    Microsoft did not force the closure of this forum. Please stop saying that.
  6. Hendo003

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    Ahh... Where to start. With my swiss cheese memory, I don't really remember why I cam to the forums in the first place. I do know that once I got here I was hooked. I was able to come here and be the goofy 44 year old kid that I am at heart. This community is one those that I truly like being apart of. This is one community that the Dev's, the staff, and the rest of us are always there and are always willing to lend a helping hand. One of the coolest that I have been apart of.
  7. Thank you for being as transparent with us as you can, it's appreciated
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  8. Like i said...discord is not a place where you can put your creative vids etc...you put something and it's gone...you can't keep on scrolling the chat forever....it's bad for the eyes......these forums have its charm....i hope you guys ooen it again if SoD2 do well with selling....
    Discord is a bar...you come drink, chat and the next morning you forget completely what was discussed....merde...that hurts so much...
    Goodbye forums.
  9. Kjolly99

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  10. Alan Gunderson

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    Nice video! It's a shame my contribution didn't make it.

    Could you please credit a link to the project thread in the description? It will help people find responses they want to read between the clips and allow them to see what everyone has contributed.
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  11. Kjolly99

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    Just comment it on the video and I'll 'heart' it.

    Also. You are quoted in the very first quote.
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  12. Alan Gunderson

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    I'm not sure if you intended to cut the majority of my post out and just leave the thanks to the staff, since that was most of the post. However, all I ask is that you just put a link to the thread in the video description so people can come visit the memorial project, since the content and contributions on the video were taken from it. It could help people find posts to read if they didn't want to pause the video!
  13. Cejao

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    The Doors - The End
  14. e5futter

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    I'm not all that good with goodbyes, so I'll just say this:

    This place is awesome, the community here is awesome, y'all are awesome, Undead Labs, this is a mistake.

    There's my goodbye. See ya!

    Ok joking aside, I've been here for awhile and the memories are some of the best ever, from the mini faction (when the forum started there were factions that we could make in preparation for the mmo) war between @Negnar Holf and a bandit group. To the superfan contest, to the horrible mistake I made in one of the rp games here (lol). Hell I never would have thought I'd ever have a presence in a video game, yet now the trucks rule and for that, I will always be eternally grateful. This place has always had a great and helping community. Hell SwissArmyKnife ,@YojimBeau, @QMJS, @mystyk, @WillieSea and a hell of a lot more are some of the best pic helpers I've talked to, and gave me a huge interest in learning c++. Y'all are awesome. @XzerothreeX is the damn king of wholesomeness here in the forum. @Alan Gunderson we've had debates, and we've had jokes, either way, great person to talk to. @Dantron I love you. @Abhor Deities good Lord the all night run in the shite zed game was awesome. @Capt.C.Baker you're my brother! @Undead Brant you need to voice someone who will live, it hurts when I play lifeline and main story. I know there are other people that are here that I haven't named, please don't take offense.

    @Undead Nicole We've disagreed on a few things, but you're a great mod and I don't think I've seen you absolutely lose your cool. Thank you for being the moderator for these past few years.

    Oh and pie is good.
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  15. QMJS

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    I have been putting this off, but time is short.

    I am enormously saddened and disappointed by the decision to close this forum.

    The desire to extend the community to other areas like Discord, Facebook, and Twitter should not require closing the doors on the existing community here. They had the option of extending their reach by adding new channels. But the decision was made to pay attention only to the new, and simply took all of us here for granted, with the blithe assumption that we would simply assimilate.

    None of those others have the capabilities of a forum. The specifics have been noted in many other posts, so I won't go into the long list. I have tried them for a month now, and they are not even remotely close. The essential point is that the newer places are all deficient for the purposes of replacing this forum, and by attempting to include other groups, they have chosen to exclude the long-term forum members who have supported them for years.

    To quote the game's Eric Tan UL has "Left us in the woods like an unwanted puppy."

    Nevertheless, I do want to express appreciation to the developers for making a game that has held my attention and provided me with satisfying and enjoyable gameplay for years. I would like to thank Nicole and Sanya for making this forum a strong, useful, and enjoyable place to communicate with the community for such a long time.

    I have had the opportunity to help explain how the game works to the current developers when there were pieces left over from previous developers that they didn't quite understand. I have helped locate and correct a few errors that made it into the code that were causing problems. None of that would be possible in the current communications systems.

    Part of the reason it has taken so long to make this post is that I wanted to give the new methods a chance. I did, and they are simply not good enough.

    The second reason was trying to make a list of specific people to thank, and I have failed there.

    There are too many people with who I have built friendships, too many people with who I have worked on specific projects, too many people who have helped me, and who I have been pleased to be able to help. There are even people that I have argued with, and learned from thier differing opinions. There are people in completely different time zones in which I'll never be online when they are available.

    So, to those of you who will be using the newer stuff, I'll see you there from time to time, and probably will smile a bit when I see your name.

    To those of you who will not be making the jump, know that I will remember you and miss you.

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  16. liamypoo

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    Tomorrow is my day off and I write until I either die or finish
  17. Dantron

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    Dantron confirms the veracity of this statement.
  18. Bob Crees

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  19. LiNanMian1984

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    Was too afraid to come and see. But seems time is on my side for once.

    Will miss you all. Will try getting catcha working on the new forum... if possible..

    Will have discord and all the email notifications.
  20. BoRoBomB

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