Our Forums, Ourselves, Our Passwords

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Password changed! Happy to see everyone, and everything back up and running! :D I like the current look, too.

    Right on! :D Couldn't have said it better.

    lol! Seriously.
  2. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    It's happening... it really is happening.

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  3. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    I missed these forums more than anything. I went on there for one day and....I nearly died.
  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Hey you guys, lay off on the FB kids.
  5. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    Sorry but it is a bad place. I was forced there and....I feel so cold. Promise me I can stay here Nicole! Forever!
  6. Doc Roley

    Doc Roley Got Your Back

    So very true - glad to see everyone back up & running!
  7. B STATS

    B STATS Got Your Back

    I don't even have Facebook. I got tired of family and friends never socializing in person anymore. Now they HAVE to come to me.
    ''Oh you had your baby and you didn't call me?''
    ''Um... Duh, didn't you see it on FB?''
    ''Right... Facebook...''
  8. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Sorry, Nicole. :(

    I was on for awhile, then left for the same reason. I started calling people more, too, instead of relying on e-mails. Sometimes, the technology that keeps you connected, only makes you feel more disconnected.
  9. Hardfighter7

    Hardfighter7 Here To Help

    yay cake i like cake....ooo ooo and cookies too! GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!! *pants like a dog*
  10. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Can't be more true. I have it, but just logs on every now and then to see if there is something I didn't hear in a text or a phone call. Rarely is.

    And- Thank god you're back up Facebook was {Fluffy bunnies}

    Cheesecake? I think I've heard about that, does not look tasty. I'm with Baker, we want cookies.

    EDIT: So it seems I have one of the password reset passwords as a password. I'll just have to ask for another one.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
  11. Zugai

    Zugai Starting Off

    I wonder if you could make a "faded Americana" style forum XD
  12. KproTM

    KproTM Starting Off

    Did something happen to the groups? Are they gone?
  13. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Unfortunately the groups did not make the move with us to the new forum systems.
  14. DwarfBanew

    DwarfBanew Starting Off

    Unfortunately! or "Unfortunately"? lol
  15. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member


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