Out Of Our Hands, Almost In Yours: Final Certification (5/16/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 16, 2013.

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  1. I'm newly registered and just liked the game on facebook (dont use facebook very often), but me and a buddy of mine at work have become fanatics. We talk about the game everyday while at work and he keeps the forums open in a small window on his pc lol. We have been following the game for a little over a month. I'm surprised it took me so long to find this game because I was constantly searching zombie about a year ago, but I only found this the one day that it was up on the main Xbox window. Thank God I logged on that day lol. Thanks UL and I'm looking forward to an awesome 2-4 player co-op DLC ;)
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    I gotta admit... a few days ago I went to the "games" tab on my dashboard and saw that picture of a cabin, with the caption "Explore the Wilderness"... and I nearly came to tears of joy...

    Then I click on it and it was that new Call of Juarez game, or whatever... Slightly disappointed, to say the least...
  3. wait wait sayna yousaid or somone said that june is going to be the release date not knowing when around jjune but your said a couple months back that june you guys would having it out so now knowing that june is not going to to be the relase date or whats the closest you guys can get it done please give us an answer
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    June is their release window bud. And the sooner it gets done with certification the sooner we have it. :)
  5. It's an interesting one now that Microsoft have confirmed XBLA games will not transfer over and the console is expected out this year.

    Might just get it on PC so if I do upgrade, at this rate to PS4 (who knows what other stupid ideas MS have up their sleeve) at least I'll still be able to play this game.
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    It's okay, I was like that for the longest time..lol welcome to the forums regardless :)
  7. hahaha. I as well.
  8. out of your hanfs.. for now i hope

    I only heard about this game today but I'm already very excited as a player of the game Dead Island. I've been looking for games just like it, but with the sandbox kind of feel of GTA ,and here we are!
    The game may be out of your hands for now, but one thing I have been really disappointed about with lot of games- is a lot of download content packs come out for most games, but consist of only map packs....

    When you release downloadable content in the future, make sure you add substance to the game like guns, new vehicles like a plane or helicopter...
    Perhaps even expand on the abilities, or add gadgets to create interesting new ways to approach a situation (grappling hook like just cause). The idea being new ways to have fun or creatively destroy an advancing horde...
    Not only expand the gun arsenal (maybe new rounds for shotgun?), but add new melee weapons with their own styles (sure I could slice up a zombie situation samauri style with a sword, or dive in lumberjack style with a sledgehammer- but later add a staff that players can two-handed combo attack several zeds lightning quick, or javelin that invokes a bunch of distance stab attacks and a throw)...

    As long as you consistently add downloadable content that beefs up the game, the game should be replayable and consistantly exciting- kind of the reason why Borderland what such a great game- because you never ran out of different guns to go find and kill with. Also the reason why I hate call of duty, because they consistently release map packs, never adding guns or other stuff and if you already unlocked all the guns what's the point keep playing?
  9. DLC will most likely come out depending on how well the game does. Don't quote me on it but i think that's where it stands, so tell your friends.
    And welcome to the forums :)
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  10. Agree there mate, this is begining to get rediculous, both PS4 and Xbox-One will not have backwards compatability for most things, not sure bout Xbox-One and its retail games but like u said XBLA games wont transfer and dont even get me started on the PS4 not havin ANY backwards compatible. I'm a PC gamer by nature but i dont want to wait for this game!!!! I doubt i'll be getting either of the next gen consoles, sure they migh tbe better then the "average" computer for a few months, year max, but then PC will up its specs and lower its costs and the consoles will be expensive paper weights again, especially if i cant play my PS3 favs without having an old PS3 taking up valuable realestate on my limited TV shelf space.

    Anyways onto the topic, Congrats U-labs, been a while since i checked in glad to see that Cert is up and underway. Hopefully its nearing completion so we can hit that June release window :p
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    The Xbox 360 is still going to be the mainstream console for Microsoft 3 years from now, I predict. If MS was smart, they'd cut off internet service for it 1 year after the X1 releases, because no one is going for crappy new over good old.
  12. IrishDead

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    I wouldn't quote me on it, but I believe I read someplace that they are planning to support it for 2 more years at least.
  13. Thats right Irish:
    "Lewis also hinted that the Xbox 360 won’t disappear as quickly as the original Xbox did. "
    "Lewis said that he expects third-party publishers to continue to bring content to the Xbox 360 for some time, saying that the system “will continue for another multiple-year time frame,†and that Microsoft has Xbox 360-focused marketing plans for at least the next year."
    Don't take it wrong, but i am sure, State of Decay haven't a playtime of like 6 month ;-)
    You still can keep the Console, there comming great other games this year for the 360, such as GTA V, Watch Dogs and BF4 of course.
    To bad for me it will the last MS console, i think i move to Sony's PS4...even if i hate the controller, but hey if the PS4 don't force you to be online every day.
    But we will see, maybe both have these DRM sh*t.
  14. Just on the note of backwards, Xbox One won't have any either. To be fair, the way it's been going with all these announcements, I won't be getting a Xbox One anyways. I'll stick with my 360 until I get a PS4.
  15. Just to add something, frmehe. If you don't like the PS controller, there are unofficial, licensed PS controllers that are built like Xbox ones.
  16. Lol should make transition easier for many many formerXbox users...
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    i kinda hope they add a split-screen/multiplayer dlc and a survival mode in which zeds are more in number and stronger while all you have to do is survive as long as posible.
  18. Capt.C.Baker

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    Sorry Kryzmen, the game engine they are using doesn't support split screen. :(
  19. Im soo pumped for this game, i remember years ago when i saw this as class 3, i was so excited i checked it for months hoping that it would be released but nothing, i forgot about it for ages and im glad i remembered it because i always wanted a game like this, a zombie survival 3d open world game, that was one reason i was excited for dead island and quite liked it because of the open world and the horror feel of it, and now the game of my dreams is almost here and i cant wait to buy it on the day and play it for months :D Thank you Undead Labs for making such an amazing game! :D
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    Still an awesome idea though, like you can go to any area on the map set up traps and fortifications then sound an alarm and fight waves of the undead. You have the option to fight to the death or cut losses and retreat, maybe even get some A.I. allies into the mix without the worry of losing people in your community this mode could be separate from the main game.
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