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  1. Undead Sanya

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    (Note that we’ve added the ability to tell outposts apart in TU3, thus answering all the questions on that topic :) Also note that “Outpost bonuses to Stockpiles are now retained when the game is restarted,” another TU3 note, is an upcoming fix to the UI. Many of you have observed that numbers jump around all over the place, and resources did not seem to appear in your stocks/get used/etc. even as raw materials were used. The problem was not the stockpiles, but in the UI communicating numbers with you. After TU3, you should get a more accurate report of how much stuff you have - but we have more fixes to make before it will be completely accurate.)


    Q: What about an outpost's location helps AI survivors get back to the base? Are they trying to get somewhere in particular that I can anticipate? If I loot an entire area, should I abandon outposts there because survivors are never going there? I realize this is half not-an-outpost-question but since this is an aspect of their function some clarity may help here.

    A: An outpost does a lot of things, strategically speaking, but you decide the primary value. You can use them as supply chain security, or as extensions of your perimeter defense, and more. They help missing survivors find their way home -- the more outposts you have, the better the odds your missing friends will get back to base. An outpost will generate resources, suppress (but not remove) zombie activity in a perimeter around the building, allow you to set defensive traps, and give you a safe spot to grab some supplies and catch your breath on your way home (but not sleep). All of those things help survivors get from point A to point B in one piece, in different ways.

    So if you’re only using an outpost to give yourself a safe(r) spot to organize supply runs, then yeah, abandoning it once an area is clear is a fine idea.

    Q: When I set up my outposts for the first time, the area is clear and basically children can play in the safety of my outpost net. But a few days later, there are zeds climbing over the fence. Can you shed some light on details of what protections an outpost’s radius offers? Does the radius of an outpost show an area where zeds cannot spawn? Does the outpost radius prevent infestations from occurring inside the radius? Or is this only showing the radius protected by traps (for hordes)?

    A: Zombies/infestations cannot spawn inside the protected radius, but as you’ve seen, nothing stops them from wandering INTO that radius...and thus triggering your traps. (Speaking of traps, the radius determines mine placement.) Or trying to climb over your walls.

    The spawn prevention can be overridden for specific missions, by the way, but you should be able to tell when that is happening from the context.

    Q: I know the traps only work on hordes (not the stragglers), but does an outpost provide any sort of protection against individual zeds? or must that be handled by watchtowers?

    A: Actually, the mines are placed around the outpost when a horde draws near. Once placed, anything can set them off... a straggler, a horde, or even you in your car. Note that a horde might not trigger every mine that is placed, so be careful. But as to the rest of your question, sniping a zed can only happen from a staffed watchtower, yeah.

    Q: My traps will automatically regenerate, but will occasionally need to be manually reset. Is this intentional, or a bug? If it's intentional, about how long do I have before I have to reset the traps?

    A: They aren’t actually automatically regenerating, exactly. They’re spawning in the presence of hordes, as described above.

    You can reset the traps by hand once a (game) day. That expands the safe zones for all of your outposts.

    Q: Does "Too many infestations" pop up when there is an infestation within 500 meters of my home base, or can I extend that figure by setting up outposts close to the base (such that the safety zones overlap)?

    A: No, the number used for the infestation warning is calculated from your home base, and doesn’t count even the most cleverly deployed outposts.

    Q: Is the one-fuel-barrel-arms-all-outpost-traps dynamic intentional, or is it supposed to be one barrel per outpost?

    A: One barrel per outpost was the intention. So, uh, enjoy that while it lasts.

    Q: I'm set up in the truck building and have outposts set in a line towards Marshall. Can you please help me to understand the reason around 6 game-controlled community members all jog into Marshall whenever I'm at base? I know that are trying to help defend the base. They just keep running through the outposts, over walls, etc, in an "A to B" fashion to the currently furthest outpost.

    A: Outposts are, in our game, things that have been designated as places for NPCs to interact with each other when you’re not playing as one of them. (That’s one small part of the system that lets your survivors lead independent lives when you aren’t driving.) So while what you’re describing sounds like we need to do a spot of investigation to make sure there’s not something else going on, it’s also possible for them to simply be going from outpost to outpost in some kind of demented pub crawl. But with supplies instead of booze.
  2. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help


    Q: What types of resources can an outpost generate?

    A: The plan was: Food, ammo, fuel, some medical supplies, construction materials. Whatever type of resource is in the building when you declare it to be an outpost is what it makes. More on that below. (Outposts without any resources in the building when you make your declaration will generate ammunition.)

    Please note that as of this writing, fuel generation doesn’t work.

    Q: How do we know how many resources an outpost gathers per day? Do they actually gather resources?

    The resources aren’t gathered from the surrounding area; they’re generated. Here is the formula at this time. (If you are reading this Q&A in the future, please check the date.)

    1 outpost = (3 * (type of resource) - 1 material) per day

    So, if you have an ammo outpost, you will get three units of ammo and lose one unit of raw materials, each game day. (We are aware that the UI is not reporting either the gain or the loss accurately. We’re working on it as I type :))

    The resources have to be taken by your survivors to your home base (which is also where the materials are being consumed from, not your home base).

    Q: What indicator (if any) is there that the outpost is no longer producing resources?

    A: There isn’t one. Should you restock your home with raw materials, the outpost will start producing again.

    Please note that there is currently a known issue where the outposts will continue to generate resources even if you are out of the raw materials.

    Q: Does it matter if I set the outpost up on some random house with food, or a restaurant? E.g., searching from a high area fills in the map with various icons (warehouse, house, food, medicine, fuel). Is there a difference between putting an outpost on a house where I find food versus on a restaurant where I find food?

    A: No. The important thing is just that there be one unit of the thing you’re trying to generate. See next:

    Q: Does an Outpost built supply you with ammo if it's built on an area with no resources left? There's no difference between an Outpost built on an ammo supply store and one built on a building with no resources inside at all, right?

    A: The materials used in generating resources are coming from your main base, not the outpost itself, so the number of resources at the newly-created outpost itself does not matter. But you’ve got to start with something in the outpost in the first place, unless you just want ammunition.

    Q: If there are multiple caches in an outpost (say, medicine and food), are they both contributed, or is it only the map icon?

    A: Only the icon.

    Q: How is it determined which resource is gathered by an outpost? I have found places where two resources are in the same location, but it picks one instead of another.

    A: It can only have one. The system looks in alphabetical order, and stops on the first one it sees: Ammo, food, fuel, materials, medicine. If it finds nothing, the system goes with ammo.

    Q: If I find an outpost that has three material caches, and I make an outpost out of it, does having three unlooted caches count for the outpost daily supply? Or can I just leave one for the outpost to "count"?

    A: You only need to leave one there to begin the resource generation cycle (assuming you don’t want the outpost to generate ammo). Leaving more won’t make a difference. And of course, once you’re rolling, you can take that one as well. Once the outpost resource type is established, that’s the type of resource it makes for the remainder of the game, no matter what else is left in the building.

    Q: If you create an outpost,does any unclaimed loot in the building go into your inventory?

    A: No. You still have to loot it. Please note that if you leave loot in the building (not to be confused with generated resources), other survivors may loot it. As Shaun reminded me, you and yours are not the only group of survivors in the valley...

    Q: Why do resource rucksacks have to be dropped off at the main base? Could their materials be dropped off at the outpost stockpile for later transfer to the main base?

    A: Funny story about that. We actually had it that way, originally. Unfortunately, it was possible to exploit the system as it was and effectively end the game. So... we changed it.

    Q: Is there any screen or menu in the game that shows how many resources are being generated, where they're coming from, and how they're being consumed? Something like:

    Daily food balance: -2
    Income: +22 (+12 garden, +10 outposts)
    Usage: -24 (-2 per survivor)

    A: No, but I’ve passed this on as feedback in hopes of our being able to make improvements.

    Q: What do the little green flags on the outpost icons mean?

    A: Just that it’s an outpost :)

    Q: Are you aware that outposts stop providing resource income as soon as there is a population change?

    A: They don’t, not really. This is a display bug, not an actual resource bug. It should be (partially) fixed in TU3.
  3. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Thanks to Shaun, our technical director, who sat down with me and verified in the code how things are actually working, as well as telling me the intent of the design. And thanks are due to DJ, who ran tests on just about every bit of this to make sure we were answering your questions with the greatest possible accuracy.

    And thanks to all of you for being so patient. As you know, I meant to do this three weeks ago. However, as you may have guessed, it was one of the last systems we put into the game, and has a corresponding level of polish. As such, many of your questions required us to dig deeply, instead of just tossing out an answer based on intent. And in the middle of all that, we've had some Title Updates, a couple launches in new countries, a national holiday, blah blah blah. I really do appreciate all the help and the thoughtful questions and feedback.

    I expect followup questions, of course. Shaun stands ready for you next week ;)
  4. Doctor Invictus

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    Thank you Sanya and Shaun!
  5. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    thank you one question though ,it is slightly related to this topic why do my survivors without guns still use ammo ?
  6. Hi sanya i was just wondering when i recruit some survivors it says there good at arts and crafts and when you look at what there good at says you need a art gallery :-/
  7. Great info here! I wish there was a book on all this so that new players can know this. I have enjoyed the game so much more when I know what I am going up against. Knowing this helps to be strategic and be on top of things. Thank you all so much for this!
  8. sajuuknights

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    Q: Why do resource rucksacks have to be dropped off at the main base? Could their materials be dropped off at the outpost stockpile for later transfer to the main base?

    A: Funny story about that. We actually had it that way, originally. Unfortunately, it was possible to exploit the system as it was and effectively end the game. So... we changed it.

    THIS makes no sense what do you mean by END THE GAME ???
  9. Meat Popsicle

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    One minor question...

    It is stated that "1 outpost = (3 * (type of resource) - 1 material) per day". Well, what if it is a materials outpost? Does it still give 3 while removing one, thus giving a net gain of 2 materials, or being that its purpose is to generate materials, does it simply forgo the deduction of one material and give a gain of three like the other resources?

    Not a big deal either way, just curious. It seems a bit weird to use up materials in order to generate materials...
  10. jwarner

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    It doesn't? Then why does my game say a +3 every day for fuel, and I notice that my fuel stock goes up by that much the next I play?
  11. xR0ckNR0llx

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    I think I can answer this one... in one of your outpost you may have found fuel as resource in that area and any resource that were found in that outpost will be gradually added to you material stockpile overtime... thats probably why your gaining fuel :) edit: I understand the context of this quote now lol my bad... this might be because there original pan was to use fuel for generators but it didnt work so its just used for outposts which doesnt really matter if you set your outposts right... and plus you might have extra fuel resource in that outpost and it will keep refilling you stock untill its gone... is that about right sanya?
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2013
  12. jwarner

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    Yeah, but she said that fuel generation doesn't work.

    Edit: saw your edit after I made my post.
  13. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    Question: you say that traps are set in your outposts "safe zone" and you say that they can be triggered your car... so does that count your character thierselves? And if so can they be triggered by other npc's? And now that I think about I havent actually notice any traps on the ground or a car to set one off... but are the traps sort of metaphorically in the game... as in the traps are their but you just cant see them? Thanks :D
  14. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    Ok what I mean is when you search somewhere and it has just fuel (lets say three fuel) and instead of picking it up you leave it there and turn the place into an outpost youll use up so much fuel in that outpost untill its all gone and then it will move onto ammo... thats what I mean :p
  15. jwarner

    jwarner Starting Off

    Except that mechanic doesn't seem, to work. I've done some personal testing: First I set up an outpost in the gas station. Then, I manually take out every resource in the building. It still gives me the +3 fuel every day.
  16. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    Hmm that is odd... thats just awesome... that then is what you call bug sir and I like this bug XD
  17. jwarner

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    Never really thought it was. I wish Sanya could shine some light on it.
  18. Frankly, I'm more curious how none of these issues came up during QA testing.
  19. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    I reckom microsoft thought that it wasnt a bug and that it was part of the game.. cuz think about it... it doesnt detract from the game experiance its not something no clipping through a wall and it doesnt mess up the whole mechanic of the game so im guessing it wasnt seen as a bug soo :p
  20. CountryBoy74

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    Sanya, Check your Facebook :p
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