Outpost and Resources Q&A, 7/26/2013

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. IrishDead

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    In all fairness, the game also took into account morale, food, medicine, ammo, construction supplies, mentality of survivors, etc. It was extremely deep in the beginning.
  2. AnselmBlackheart

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    And at this point I acknowledge there is no purpose to further discourse on the topic and bow out of this sub thread. Any more on topic discussions?
  3. SapLivion

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    I I I umm did put that into consideration see its never a issue for me....................HOW can we relate when the AI is a VIRUS.....all our shit is so different. beers are on me....well the one's that i am drinking

    Anselm.......didnt mean to make out u were a liar liar panties on fire
  4. IrishDead

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    It better be Guinness ;)

    I was just adding those on since they weren't mentioned ;)
  5. xr1st1anos

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    To bring us back to topic. I have a little pic demonstration.

    This is my current playthrough.

    This is my map. As you can see I have 8 outpost surrounding Snyder.

    7 Plain Outpost (1 with the arrow has a food rucksack)
    1 Food outpost


    What I have at hand:


    What my current cost is:


    According to Sanya the calculations are:

    Now, this proves something is wrong. It was stated that perhaps it was just the UI reporting error but was actually calculating the supply gain and loss. I had to check.

    So off I went a little further. I went and got access to a Hex editor and had a look at what the data looks like.

    See below:


    Can you see the decimal point amount in the Material Usage?

    The total resource is calculating incorrectly. The resource gain from the 8 outpost's does not reflect in the data above yet the Material Usage is already at 22.40. The question now is, what is causing the Material loss?

    In any case, I'm happy to wait for the official reply and the outcome of TU3 once implemented.
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  6. Just to point out, I told you in a separate thread that Co-op was the most requested feature, and you refused to believe it unless I could provide detailed statistics or a quotation. My word as someone who had followed this game for months and had seen thread after thread about the topic was not good enough. I provided the quote that proved this to be true.

    As a sidenote, I find many of the mechanics for outpost construction/use to be illogical and not user-friendly. I really wish it had been explained in more detail somewhere in the game. Otherwise, there's a lot of guessing involved. A spreadsheet that shows how the resources are being gathered/used would help in this regard. I would not find it unrealistic. What I would find unrealistic is if a community was losing/gaining resources daily and not knowing why/how.
  7. now call me stupid if I am being but what do you mean by raw materials? you say these are needed to generate the resource at an outpost. Do you mean building materials are the raw materials and if so what does an outpost that generates building materials use to generate those materials?
  8. Hello everyone ! First post here and i'm learning the english language (i'm brazilian), so my commentary may contain gramatical errors. Be nice with me :rolleyes:

    I am at the church with 4 outpost. When I created the outposts, the houses were full cleared (without any resource inside). The question is: Will I get 12 ammo per GAME DAY or REAL DAY ? The post says that it's every game day, but i was playing for 5 hours (about 2 and a half game days) and i haven't noticed my ammo resource increasing or my materials decreasing. It's a bug that will be fixed or i understood wrong ?

    Thanks. Loved this game, can't stop playing \o/
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  9. sgallaty

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    Good job man.

    "materials" are used as raw materials.
  10. XlFrostBitelX

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    I have to say that I think you guys are a fine group of people, and I enjoy reading and discussing the topics that pop up on the forums. With that said I feel as though there really isn't anything I can add that hasn't been already said beyond my own experience with the game. Please forgive me for bringing up older topics I just think it's something I really would have liked to be a part of so anyway let me begin. (Let it be said I have no quarrels with anyone on here nor do I seek any) I agree with Irish (If I may be formal) about games holding your hand. I'm a fan of The Elder Scrolls and I noticed how "dumb downed" it has become. Specifically I'm referring to Skyrim. It's a great game but it's a good example of a series becoming easier to attract more players. I can't blame the company for wanting more players but it takes away from those of us who are veterans of the series. In relevance to State of Decay, however, I have to disagree with how they went about the vague tutorial for the Outpost. I like figuring things out myself for a more difficult experience but there should be other ways to make the game more difficult then by hinting at the features of a particular aspect of the game. I don't believe they did it purposely though
  11. SapLivion

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  12. Undead Sanya

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    I cleaned the thread up just to make it simpler (for the devs who will be helping me) to read the actual topic.

    If this thread were a competition and not a place for players of the game to discuss the somewhat confusing/due for cleaning outpost system, I would declare Anselm the winner of it.

    It's still early on the west coast, but I'm putting together followup Qs now. Anything above this post will be asked, though I can't promise an answer.
  13. sgallaty

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    By leaving the offending comments of the chat vets, and removing the attempts to minimize her deflection of criticisms of UL, again Sanya? Really?

    This is not helping the topic, and your clear mod bias here is really antagonizing the topic.
  14. Undead Sanya

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    Sgallaty. Stop derailing the topic. That is largely what I removed - the offtopic [stuff] about whiteknighting and metacomplaining and namecalling. Not criticism. There are PAGES of criticism.

    There is nothing objectively wrong with Irish's post... nor is there anything wrong with the MULTIPLE followup posts (that you did not quote for some reason) saying, paraphrased, that the speaker disagrees with Irish and that there should be better documentation in the game.

    Stay on topic. If you want to complain any further [about other people], anywhere on this board, you have two choices: Report the post you think is a problem, or email me. Further offtopicness is going to get deleted because this thread is about the outpost/resource system.
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  15. AnselmBlackheart

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    I can't tell if that is a compliment or a jab. XD
  16. Wait wait wait. I'm here too!

    The points I wanted to make after wading through the thread were just so:

    If the problem is gain/drain reporting, why is it when the drain number remains the same but more outposts go up, that there's never any increase in resource IME? With four ammo outposts at the apex, I've never gained a single resource, excepting a situation I'll detail in a second. I can tell the resource is not going up because it will remain at zero, and I know it's zero (I don't even trust the numbers for my resource stocks now, thanks :) ) because I can't do anything costing 1 resource. There was another commenter indicating that it was the actual calculations that were off, and I must agree.

    If it's raw materials that are being used to create supplies, doesn't that create an imbalanced priority on Materials that isn't reflected in spawn density of resource crates?

    As for the issue with transparency vs investigation, I would probably be one of the best examples of the second, but then, I've become the kind of gamer who would loot empty every location in Trumbull Valley on his second full playthrough (Guilty. I'm about three fifths the way to doing it again) I think Transparency would better help players who are, well, not me.
    Of course, in that case, gamers who are me (like me) would probably be almost nearly as equipped to provide this information as the devs, but the question is not whom on the internet to look to for answers, it's between the internet and the game itself, and for those who aren't playing with a lined notebook on the table, being informed in some way about mechanics that directly effect your gameplay (not things like how Karen knows it's time to go get drunk in a shed, but things impacting the effort you are putting in) is probably pretty fundamental.
    As a side note, I actually haven't set time aside to play mad doctor with the game mechanics. I've been having too much fun actually playing the game, and that's a rarity for me. I've been meaning to do it though, and if I did I would probably be able to answer some of these questions.

    Now onto another phenomena that I think might possibly be related. In my latest playthrough I've been paying more attention, and I've noticed that every time I relocate, all my resources go up a fair bit. I'm utterly baffled at what could be the cause of this, and I was wondering if it has to do with the resource outposts I have (all my outposts are resource outposts every time). Perhaps the game refreshes the amount of resources displayed in your stock on moving? Perhaps outposts with material supplies only deliver on relocating? Could use a tip on this.

    Glad this topic didn't die. I've been shadowing it pretty long. Almost as long as this post.
  17. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    A little of both I'd say :p

    You get a resource bonus when you move homes. Depending on the size of your new home. I believe it was stated on the TU2 notes.
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  18. Wait... then given how moving has given me far more resources than outposts have, simply rapidly switching back and forth between bases is consequently a means towards generating infinite resources. And given that it requires but does not cost materials, it's also a influence to resource conversion, and increases the unbalanced priority Materials have.
  19. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    I've never tried it but I can see that as a possibility of transforming influence into materials. How long can you keep switching homes whilst playing though? I haven't checked but there could be a cool down timer for switching homes just like calling for a scavenger..

    Understand that you won't be able to create facilities in your home(as those cost resources) whilst your moving back and forth. It would get tedious fast. But hey, that's just me. ;)
  20. AnselmBlackheart

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    Not entirely sure... I always thought it was a resource cap bonus...
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