OXM Interview, 6/26/13

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    What a great read, glad you guys are getting noticed for the brilliant work you have done & are still doing. I look forward to what ever you guys bring next (hopefully co op) after the sand box mode.

    @The Devs - In Sandbox mode will more characters be introduced, as in more enclaves etc? With freedom to trade at will? I think that kind of stuff would add to the greater survival experience.

  4. Great read for sure. Hope we can get more details on upcoming changes (SandBox and the all possible Co-Op).
  5. Good interview :)
  6. IrishDead

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    Great interview...my only issue being that they said TU1 caused more problems...when in fact it simply did not change a thing.
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    Woot bring on TU3!!! haha :)
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    so when do you think they will get a dlc
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