PAX Coverage Roundup - 9/7/2012

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. Undead Sanya

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  2. Cargot35

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    Awesome! All the coverage is doing so much for this game and more. It's so wonderful to see everyone getting on top of this game now.
  3. Ok 3 things one IM STILL HUNGRY for this game and two I knew it I freakin knew that the game would explode as soon as you guys hit PAX I had a gut feeling also I really really wished I could have gone to PAX but I live in Ohio and well meh family doesnt consider PAX a event worthy enough of goin crosscountry for oh well would have been really nice to meet yall after followin the game for 3/4 of the way
  4. murdock1969

    murdock1969 Starting Off

    cant get enough of this game i would have gone to pax just to play s.o.d when i see new news it makes my day even before i read it i would have loved to play this demo well keep up the great work
  5. This game is gonna do great, the best part is your not like other companys coming out with a new zombie game in a year just so u can make some guys listen and care....that is super sweet...from all of us here thank you...
  6. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Got Your Back

    Awesome amount of coverage. Unless I win free passes and paid airfare, I'll never be able to go to one of the big events. They need to come over to the North Carolina area.

    Keep up the good work guys
  7. Furie

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    Glad to see you guys are getting the coverage you deserve. It was conspicuous in its absence before.
  8. This is going to be something special! Even more excited about Class 4.
  9. Definitely got me hyped up for this even more than before! I know you and the team are all very proud of the work you've done thus far. Feels good to see all that hard work pay off I'm sure!
  10. screenamesuck

    screenamesuck Got Your Back

  11. The part about irreversible changes due to story missions sounds interesting in itself, starting to wonder what that will entail. Glad to hear that you all are getting more and more attention. If the game is like I hope it will be each time I got out there will be a slight anxiety on dealing with the zombies and them being a possible threat.
  12. The game was amazing and to think that it was still in the Alpha phase of the game. I like the XBox and look forward to playing the game on there, but I am a PC gamer and can't wait for the game to come out for the PC. You guys are doing great and I can only hope to work for a company like yours one day. Also it was great meeting you in person Sanya, you are such a sweetheart.
  13. i'm Anxiously waiting for this game. it's got potential. Cant wait to play it ^_^
  14. Great article Sanya! Glad to see SOD finally getting the recognition it deserves! XBLA GOTY!
  15. Read all the links. Interesting how many enjoyed the game even though it's in alpha. I'm excited to try out myself. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a beta invite. I have been looking around the web on coverage for the game and I love what I read but visually, mmm I don't know. It's the cartoony look but aside that I'm all gun ho. Can't wait for more info. I especially can't wait for something on the mmo. Hope it doesn't end up cartoony.
  16. I just wanted to say I was thoroughly impressed not just by the game but by the people at the booth. Everyone was really friendly and obviously excited about the game.

    Ever since the game was first described I thought it sounded like the game I've always wanted to play and was afraid it sounded too good to be true. Happily, I was wrong, it really is the game I've always wanted to play. I liked it so much I played both days I was at Pax and haven't stopped talking about it since.

    Terrific job. I can't wait to play it again on XBLA.
  17. I never really liked zombie games much, until SoD. I cant wait to play the game. I think the developers are doing a great job and it looks like their hard work is paying off. Thanks guys
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