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Discussion in 'News' started by Undead Nicole, Mar 10, 2017.

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  1. Plum Fun

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    I want mods. I don't care about cross-platform at all because, well, I'm not a console gamer. People want consoles because it's more "plug-n-play". That's it. They want "Generic Cola, with Generic Chips, and a Generic Chocolate Bar", because that way they know exactly what they are getting every single time. It's fast, simple, and easy. If one of your online buddies asks for a Cola, you hand him one...because there is only one Generic Cola. I have one friend who is primarily console (all my other friends are PC folks or both). He plays PC games when all of us are playing one (ex: City of Heroes from way back when, or Guild Wars 2 more recently/currently on occasion).

    PC people? We like to tinker. We like to have Cola, Cola Extra, Max Cola, Cola-Cola-Cola, or maybe SuperMaxSpectacular Cola. Sometimes we like to mix half a glass of Cola Extra with half a glass of SuperMaxSpectacular Cola...and add a lime slice just for fun. Why? Because we can. We can mix n' match what we want to how we want it...and we can change our minds when we feel like it. To me, THIS is why SoD2 NEEDS to support least on the PC side. Otherwise, honestly, why bother? I'll just keep playing 7 Days to Die to get me "mod fix" (great game with one or two people, but rather terrifying solo play...for my kitten-like nerves nowadays anyway ;) ).

    How? I'd be happy with a game that simply starts with a "Type" of game you want to play. That game save is ALWAYS that; you can't change it once you've chosen. So if I want to play with my one friend who may buy it on console, I'd check off "Cross-Platform Multiplayer". If I want to play with my PC friends, I can check off "PC Non-Mod Multiplayer"...or, if I want to do the solo campaign, "PC Non-Mod Singleplayer". If I want to add mods..."PC Mod MP", or "PC Mod SP". The bottom line is that the players are the ones that should decide how they want to play their game...not Undead Labs, and not Microsoft (at least from the standpoint of a "what do we do to please our customers" standpoint and not a "we're the creators and if our customers want to play our game, they have to play it our way!" standpoint).

    For me, being able to Mod the PC version may very well be the "Must Buy NOW", versus, "Oh. Huh. I think I'll wait a year for a sale then..." purchase. I mean, I have well over 1,000 hours into I can happily keep on playing it. Or I can jump into 7DtD if I want to play a modable MP zombie survival type game with my friends (or even SP). The fact that the game is built upon the UE4 engine gives me great hope for PC Modifiability. The only thing that would nix that would be Microsoft saying "No, our special Unified Doohicky Thing is more important than PC customers". And...unfortunatly...I can actually see MS doing that. *crosses fingers that they don't*


    Plum Fun
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  2. Corwyhn

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    Well I want co op to play with my girlfriend. Just because she freaks out at zombies and is a terrible FPS player so I expect many laughs. I also expect her to jump into a car and drive off leaving me fighting alone when I do laugh. But if I had to sacrifice co op for player mods I would do it in a second. So hopefully we can have the best of both worlds.
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  3. Exotic Charm

    Exotic Charm Starting Off let me get this straight. The dev's are making a new story, a much larger world, new weapons, new characters, adding co-op, and god only knows how many countless things they will reveal at E3...but NONE of that matters if they don't have mod support? That sounds like you barely care about the game at all. o_O
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  4. Plum Fun

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    First...LOL! :) I have well over a thousand hours playing SoD:YOSE, so I obviously *love* the game. I'm really looking forward to the story, as well as exploring the world and seeing what characters are there and how they all 'fit into' it all. Limited co-op is, imho, perfect for this game! I've always been a fan of this sort of play since the DWANGO days of DOOM (if you don't know what I'm talking about) and I was a HUGE fan of how Gas Powered Games did their Dungeon Siege "co-op". It'd be nice to see Undead Labs go that route, but doubt it. :( I said, it "may" very well be the deciding factor. If I like what they have to say and show about it at E3 enough, the whole "modability" thing won't matter. But if I see E3 stuff and can equate most of it to a moded 7 Days to Die (as an example)...then being able to just create something in UE4 and "export/import" into Sod2...then I'm sold! Hell, it can even be "less than impressive" (not that I think it will be, quite the opposite!), but if it looked like it would suck, but still had good/total moddability...still, I'd buy it.

    Why? I've been a closet video game "dabbler", since DOOM came out in 1993, 24 years ago. I've taken programing for 2 years in college, I've learned and become a graphic artist, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on a 3d education at both Vancouver Film School and C.D.I.S. (now an Art Institute branch?...or maybe they got sold/bought again?), and have been playing table top RPG's since 1980 (mostly as DM...writing stories, creating whole worlds, etc). I've been able to 'combine' all of these skills and experiences into Modding video games. Mostly just for personal enjoyment. I REALLY enjoy being able to come up with a concept that fits into a video game "reality", then design the concept, draw it, create a 3D model of it, texture it, animate it, toss it into a video game engine, script it, and see it working in a game that I enjoy.

    I'm hoping I can do this with SoD2. That's all. It's a fairly big consideration for me when buying a game. So...uh... TL;DR - Yes, probably. ;)


    Paul L. Ming
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  5. Vers

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    I think that's awesome, and what I love about your post is that you bring up a very good point, we all want something out of the game, and for you its mods. I hope you get them, if you don't, I hope you still enjoy the game. But I get that for you, it allows you to invest in the game on a whole different level. Similarly how customization would have allowed others to invest in a different way, or how new maps will allow everyone will.

    In all fairness, I think the only thing SoD II "needs" is to be true to itself--its vision, and I think Jeff and his team are working hard to maintain that integrity. I hope we all find something in SoD II that keeps us coming back.
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