PAX East 2013 News Roundup

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  1. Hmm got to remember to put in a winky face then as a I am kidding thing or a face in general.
  2. Saw30

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    Thank You Sanya <3
  3. Hortey

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    Really state.

    Say it 3 times fast.
  4. thanks sanya <3
  5. Gunz N Rozez85

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    IGN said it was the best game from PAX East?

    There were some great ones there for sure, so that's saying A LOT!
  6. Num47

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    Just been looking at the screenshots on the Omniconic site and seen a building with a T-Rex standing next to it... is this a potential Home Base?
  7. i don't think so all the home bases i've seen, have barbed wire on their walls
  8. TenaciousMarine

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    In regards to the release date zeds,i just tell myself they're too excited to read the F.A.Q. That's what keeps me from loosing my cool lol
  9. Capt.C.Baker

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    Barbed wire is something you add to your base later on, basically an upgrade. You can make a base out of any building that has a defensible perimeter(wall that circles the building, chain linked fence, those sorts of things).
  10. Num47

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    yea...wasn't to sure but going too make it an outpost at least.
  11. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    I think anywhere with a gate around its perimeter can be established as a base or outpost
  12. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Any building can be an outpost. :)
  13. Just curious, how many people are on the crew to making SOD?
  14. 22 I think so small team
  15. @armageddon: thanks
  16. Great time in Boston. Most of my time was spent wrangling friends and giving directions to PAX as they flew into Logan, but seeing SOD in action was well worth the trip. The booth was so freakin busy that it was hard to get in playtime, but I watched off and on for a good hour or so. It's looking absolutely stellar- can't wait to see how far it goes upon release.

    Spent an hour or so with the team at the W meetup. Everyone was just awesome and in good spirits even after talking non stop on the floor for the whole day.

    And I'll always have this- a little gold star on my PAX badge from Sanya. Yay!!!


    photo (2).JPG
  17. Bronxsta

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    Favorite preview is Frontburnr's. Well-written and really captures the essence of the game
  18. Num47

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    I think my favorite review would be the 4player one apart from the mic in the way you see some funny stuff and Brant is very informative.

    Just read about the big special zed is powerfull enough to rip you in half..i'm guessing that's when your stamina is low or can they do that during any encounter i have or just trying too pass-by one?
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  19. Thanks for the compilation!
  20. Lol lucky XD
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