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Discussion in 'State of Decay Bugs' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 20, 2013.

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    You do not have to do any of this. Players reporting bugs are doing us a favor and we are very, very grateful for the time and effort. However, we are a very small team. There are two programmers working on the PC version, and they have other tasks as well. Our QA team is also two people, and they're responsible for doing QA on everything we do. If you can help us get to the heart of the matter quickly, we can get a hell of a lot more done.

    Before reporting the bug, it might help to check a few things out first:

    1) Do you meet the system specs? If you are even remotely close to the low end, turn off other programs your machine may be running when you play State of Decay. The game is super demanding, and optimization is something we'll be doing for the life of the game.
    2) When was the last time you dusted out the case? Especially if you're running hot, it will help.
    3) Have you installed any mods? Please uninstall them before reporting any bugs. But go ahead and let us know if a mod caused a bug - we're not supporting mods, but we do want to be as friendly as we can to the modding community.
    4) When did you last update your drivers? Right click "My computer"/"Computer" --> Properties -->Device Manager (or Hardware Tab, then Device Manager) --> Display Adapters --> your video card. Right click the video card --> Properties --> Driver. Look at the date. If it's a year old, you need new ones. Go to the website of whoever made your machine and get them. Note that this advice is geared toward people like me, who are not particularly technical. If you have the tech chops to know whether you should get your driver from the PC maker or the card maker, and which ones, and so on...great! Do what you think is best, here.
    5) Have you run Steam's file verification process? Please do it.
    6) Did you reboot after verifying your files? It is shocking how many problems are fixed with a reboot.
    7) Can you make the bug happen again? If we can't duplicate it, we can't fix it.

    If none of that works, and the bug repeats itself, run your DXDIAG. Our programmers lurk in this forum constantly, and the first thing they ask for is a DXDIAG. Might as well be prepared:

    Click on the Windows "Start" button. Choose "Run" or click into the "Start Search" field depending on what version of Windows you've got. Type "dxdiag" (without the quotes) and hit enter.

    Save the DXDIAG by clicking on "Save All Information." The "save as" window will open and will ask you where to save the info (by default the filename will be "dxdiag" and will save as a text file named "dxdiag.txt"). I suggest saving it to your desktop.

    (Note that if you see any problems listed under "DXDIAG NOTES," you will want to fix them and see if that fixes the problem you're having. If it all says "no problems found," continue.)

    Next, go here and copy the format: https://forums.undeadlabs.com/threads/bug-template.33966/

    Give us all the details you can muster up, and if you can post a link to the DXDIAG, great. If you can't, email it to me and give me a link to your bug post. sanya at undeadlabs dot com

    As I said, we don't expect everyone to do this, and we're grateful for any help you can provide. By playing the game, you're already giving us your time and we sure do appreciate that :)
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