Performance Mode in SoD2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Dec 3, 2017.

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  1. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    Many games coming out on the new Xbox One X are offering optional enhancements. Take Ark and Gears Of War for example, these two games offer options when it comes to how their game takes advantage of the extra horse power in the Xbox One X. Their first option targets 4K resolution (which seems to be what Microsoft is pushing for). The other option is for performance (60 frames per-second). To veteran gamers the difference between 60fps and 30fps is like comparing night & day.

    I'm willing to bet Microsoft is pushing for 4K when it comes to SoD2. Why? Because 4K is a big selling point for the OneX. Undead Labs if your reading this, and if this is the case, is it at all possible that you could include a performance mode option for the OneX version?

    Not everyone has 4K TVs and I'd much more prefer a FPS boost over a resolution boost any day. I've already got my OneX and I don't have a 4K TV, but thanks to the performance mode that many devs are implementing, I'm enjoying the extra horse power in my new console in the games mentioned above and most recently the most recent Hitman title in 60fps. I'm telling you the difference is amazing.

    Thanks for your time, and I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks about a performance mode in SoD2.
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  2. The Final Bow

    The Final Bow Starting Off

    Sounds fantastic, Gaming is my primary hobby so I did invest in a XB1X and 4k tv. Like mentioned in another post with us when I fired up SOD 1 on XB1X it was refreshing to see things just a little clearer then before.

    We all know with the resources put into SOD 2 this world is going to be far more immersive than SOD, if I can have this in 4k with HDR and 60 fps? Well I may die form looking around!
  3. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Exactly this.

    Final Fantasy XV comes with Performance Options that give you a choice between enhanced graphics, a focus on frame rate, or a mix of the two. Every game that's Xbox One X enhanced could do itself a favour by learning from that.

    Meanwhile Fallout 4 comes loaded up with so much that it actually destabilises the game, and there's no way to roll it back or focus on game performance. This is what we don't want.
  4. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    I've seen the fallout 4 issues as well. I think Bethesda could iron it out with a patch in the future (hopefully).

    I hope SoD2 offers a setting focussed on performance for those that have a OneX but don't have a 4K TV. When YOSE came out being marketed as a 1080p title on Xbox One, I remember playing and wishing I could lower the resolution to improve the framerate issues. I ain't saying or assuming the framerate will be an issue in SoD2 (it probably won't be), but I still would love the ability to increase performance since I won't be playing in 4K anytime soon.
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  5. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    I remember when the first game came out originally and there were barely any issues with it. But then the updates added features and changed things (for the better I'd say) but that introduced problems as the already stretched engine was stretched further. Then YOSE came around which emulated and also added to stuff, compounding the problems further.

    I'm assuming that the game engine will be built the same way and pushed to the limit already to give the best game that they can give. Which is fine out of the box as the game can be as feature packed as you'd dream of, but doesn't give that all important wriggle room to add new features without stretching the game past those limits and into super problem territory.
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  6. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    I’ve seen a couple games on Xbox One X suffer because the devs wanted to push resolution over performance. Fortnite is a good example.

    I hope UL focuses on performance over resolution this time. I believe the framerate issues in YOSE could have been minimal on Xbox One if Microsoft hadn’t pushed the whole “Full HD 1080p” sells point.

    Xbox One X is very powerful, and it probably can handle 4K in SoD2 without struggle, but I’d prefer a focus on performance primarily.
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  7. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Performance period. Resolution is cool and great of course, but not a big selling point anymore.

    Every game could use resolution settings for tweaking performance imo.
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  8. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    For me, the problem isn't how much stuff is loaded up into the game - it's how old its engine is. They're still using the Creation Engine, the same engine used to create Morrowind nearly 16 years ago. Knowing that, it should be no surprise that the game suffers in performance, with or without mods.
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  9. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Just started playing The Witcher 3 again after it falling by the wayside (I'm not mad; it's a great game. Just far too similar in style to the books I'm writing in some parts and I didn't want to influence myself that way) and it also has a Performance Mode. I believe this one locks the frame rate to 60 (whatever it is, it's stable as hell) and allows for dynamic resolution instead of locked graphics.

    Quite frankly, it's the way to play the game. I'm not bothered about upgrading to a 4K TV, but if my current one dies I know they're cheap enough to be worth a look now. But I'd still choose the performance modes then, simply because I will always prefer a superior game experience to slightly sharper graphics.
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