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Discussion in 'Polls' started by Thomas Owens, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. every time I tried to fight it would take 10 or more attacks till I hit them also make it where when you attack you automatically face the foes.
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  2. casey graham

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    Undead Labs, big fan. Is there any chance we can get a mechanic to toggle between third person to first person when shooting guns. Ex. Ghost recon wildlands. Pleasssssssssseeeeeee, this would be a fantastic mechanic that fans would love. I'm not saying a first person mode but a only when shooting. And attachments for weapons would make it even better. Thank You
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  3. Sailorwolf

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    I hope they add it for SoD2 for scoped weapons but in SoD and Yose the draw distance is to short for it to really be needed. Plus there will be no updates to Yose and SoD, UL is throwing everything and everyone into the making of SoD2.

    Welcome to the forums :) I'm not a fan of auto targeting(or TAB targeting) in action based combat games because it tends to lock onto the closest target. If I have 2 normal Zeds, a swat Zed coming at me with a bloater bringing up the rear. I'll roll to get a clear shot on the bloater then deal with the others in melee and fighting 2 Zeds and a feral would be a nightmare if you kept auto targeting the Zeds when the feral is the biggest threat.

    If you aren't use to action based combat it can a little tough at first. But once you get the timing down and get your survivors pumped up you'll be a zombie slaying master in no time ;)
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  4. CaptainAssassin

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    Auto targeting would just get you killed in the middle of a horde. As for taking 10 attempts to hit a zombie... is that a depth perception problem or what? You can move the camera left or right, to better gauge distance.
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  5. casey graham

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    It would be an option. Like in wildlands and day z but without being able to move. And I don't use auto target. I always turn that off in the option menu. I still play state of decay and I know the mechanics I was just wanting a more options when using guns. It's just a cool mechanic
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  6. andydabeast

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    I don't think other people have your problem. Not trying to be a jerk here, but maybe you need to aim yourself better before you swing? In both original and YOSE it did not seem to difficult for me but I am using KB+mouse.
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