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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sapper Jay 12B, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Sapper Jay 12B

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    Please keep it clean & friendly. All branches are fair game. :D Funny-Zombie-Run-For-Your-Life-7-550x440.jpg
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  3. Dhamptastic

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    I've seen the A-10 in action, and it is an essential component of land battle. The Air Force, dominated by jet jocks who adhere to 80 year old and disproved theories of aerial warfare, who don't even consider land warfare to be a legitimate form of armed conflict, is engaging in a massive PR campaign to convince you and your Congressman that the upcoming F-35 is better at CAS and will be an effective stopgap until a replacement A-X can be designed and produced. This is patently false, it will get good men and women killed, and is a black hole for taxpayer money.

    You should watch this video, and if you see the value in the A-10, email the youtube link to your Congressman.

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  4. Sapper Jay 12B

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    Don't gotta sell me on how awesome the A-10 is. Its depleted uranium shells hit a tank, go through the tank, and then make a crater where it exited the tank. I love that thing. New & shiny doesn't always mean better.
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  5. Gmutant

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    To heck with the F-35. That PoS got its ass handed to it by an F-16 in a mock dogfight.

    Comparing an F-35 to an A-10 in the CAS role isn't going to end well for the F-35. It can't carry near as much armament, it isn't armored like the Hawg, and stealth means jack shit in this day in age where the Russians' latest SAM missile technology (who they've been selling to everyone) CAN detect stealth aircraft, like the F-35.

    What's worse, is that I was reading an article the other day about how the Air Force JUST acknowledged how terrible the F-35 was as a bomber, so they're going to start building new long range bombers.

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  6. Sapper Jay 12B

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    They acknowledged it sucks at precision strikes and they still want to use it in ground support? That's essentially saying friendly fire is gonna happen more frequently and we're ok with that.

    Request: I know I started it with the GAU-8 meme but lets try to keep it PG as best we can. Mods don't like the language.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    I have also seen the A-10 in action, although it was just during a Battalion live fire exercise, when I was in Germany back in 1980. What an awesome piece of kit.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    "Well Sir, what had happened was..."
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    This one made me laugh.

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    I about died laughing first time I saw this one. Fair warning: there is profanity.
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  16. SomeRandomGuy

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    Yeah, pretty much. F35 is an overpriced turkey that is outperformed by other multirole aircraft that can do the same things like the F-15 and F-16. The only advantage it has is vertical takeoff capability, but it's not a true VTOL and has to land normally. It almost reminds me of the F-14 being retired and replaced with the F-18, except if I remember right the Hornet was actually superior to the Tomcat in some areas.

    And actually here profanity isn't really an issue as long as it's not over the top, the mods swear occasionally too.
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    As a kid in Lebanon my prized possession was an A-10A thunderbolt model.
    Damn that thing was cool had like a thousand agm65 mavericks on it too that could come off and I could throw at people xD hahaha

    Favorite has got to be the F-16 though, remember after leaving Lebanon we holiday'd in Hawaii and on leaving when we taxied out the plane had to hold place right next to runway to let a squadron of F-16s take off, right in front of us. Was pretty amazing.
    Luckily I didnt speak english yet as I was so excited that apparently I yelled out something about "asshole Israelis", that would not of gone down too well. (hey I was like 9 I didnt know any better lol but was all good cause all the hot flight attendants thought I was super cute :) )

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    No, no it wasn't. The F/A-18 was originally supposed to be a "low-cost" complement to the F-14 and a replacement for the A-7E, hence its "F/A" designation (technically, the A-7 should have been the F/A-7 since it was really just a shortened F-8 Crusader with an attack role grafted onto it, but the Corsair was designed and built before "multi-role" became all the rage).

    The F/A-18 had a smaller fuel fraction than the F-14, less range, couldn't carry the AIM-54 (admittedly less important when the -120's came along, but the Tomcat could carry AMRAAMs, too, so that's a wash), and, for a big aluminum rock, the F-14 was just as maneuverable and agile as the F/A-18, especially after the Turkey was re-engined with the GE F-110s vice the original Pratt & Whitney TF30s. The whole reason we've moved on to building the E and F models of the F/A-18 - the stretched Super Hornet variants - was to correct some of those defeciencies, but it still has a smaller combat radius than the F-14 had. Hell, you could always use the F-14 as a fighter-bomber anyway; the Mach Sweep Programmer - the device that controlled the wing sweep - always had a "bomb" position setting marked on it. As a matter of fact, in the years before it was retired, we did exactly that with the F-14, which is where the moniker Bombcat came from, and it was the only tactical aircraft the Navy had that could get from the Arabian Sea to Afghanistan and maintain station without hitting up a Texaco.

    The advantage that the Hornet had over the Tomcat was that it was newer (meaning that it had been conceived and designed in the 1970s, as opposed to the 1960s for the F-14) and that it was, compared to the F-14, indeed cheaper on a unit basis. The Tomcat was slated for retirement when Cheney was Secretary of Defence purely for budgetary reasons, despite the fact that there was a Super Tomcat design proposal that would have kept the F-14 competitive with newer aircraft. But even barring that, let's face it: as long as you properly maintain an aircraft, you can fly it forever. Especially in the digital age, where all you have to do is rip out the analog flight systems and replace them with digital ones. Witness the B-52; BUFF has been happily obliterating people since the mid-1950s. McDonnel-Douglas just had better lobbyists than Grumman did.

    Anyway, since I can't post photobombs from the Xbone . . .

    How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? No one knows, it's never been tried before . . . I'll make you a deal on a French Army rifle: never been fired, and only dropped once . . . Know why the French Foreign Legion is so good? Because none of them are actually French . . . :eek:;)
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