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Post Your Awesome SoD In-Game Pictures HERE!

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by broudie, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    Epic battles, awesome vistas, pictures of your (in-game) crew,crazy photoshops! If I were playing on the PC, I'd take screenshots all the time!
  2. Dezuel

    Dezuel Got Your Back

    UPDATE: 2014-08-15

    All my main six characters are still alive, plus Zander. My glutton! After 4 months of inactivity!

    My first character Timothy on breakdown, runs into my favorite guy in the first house! sodjesusgilchrist.jpg

    My secondary hero, Maddoxx Montoya. This picture showing, his skills at parking a car. Maybe he should stick with gardening...


    Jesus Gilchrist is out scavenging, with a fellow called Christopher. When Jesus said, search the place for stuff. He didn't mean his ASS!


    Brent tried to mimic the zeds, to no avail though.


    Carlos and Logan, out in the tower. Carlos is my chef, and always pissed at Zander (our glutton) and is like the grumpy guy generally. Often seen patrolling the watchtower, with a grenade launcher. Logan is the counciling guy, sadly hes also the most depressed of them all. Also he is a expert at going missing, and shooting with the sniper rifle. And... other odd stuff... like...


    "Showing the newcomers how to do things". This pictures contains a surprised Grant watching Logan showing Wyatt "How we do things".


    Moments later, Jesus takes a walk around the base and spots a... wounded Logan. I wonder what happened to him... Though I think the pic above may give a hint.


    Carlos (Cook) is pissed at Zander (Glutton)


    Jesus Gilchrist (Old badass) meets Kevin Seay (New badass)... alike in more ways than one.

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  3. Primus

    Primus Starting Off

    Now I know why she wears that hoodie, her mouth is like a supply locker !

    da suply locka\'.jpg
  4. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    Help! The atheists are after me!

    My Crew: Dead Wreckening!

    I wondered why it has been so long since the last patch update...

    Church entrance.

    The Wilkersons place.
  5. The Unreanimator

    The Unreanimator Got Your Back

    Good thread keep 'em coming.
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Here To Help

    Those are great! The powerhouse/cook in the brown vest is one of my favorites as well. He's guaranteed a spot on my team whenever he shows up.
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  7. GamerGirl82

    GamerGirl82 Here To Help

    I like the Dead Wreckoning. The name of Riley's truck in 'Land of the Dead'.
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  8. WalkerZed

    WalkerZed Here To Help

    Norma crawled up the fence and flipped over. 2014-03-26_00002.jpg
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  9. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    I've got heaps. If it's odd, or funny, I F12 it. I'll put up a couple.
    (F12 being my ATI Tray Tools screenshot hotkey)
    I was going to make a thread just for my screenshots in the Zed Gallery but that seems like it's only for artwork and fanfics.

    Matching Backpacks:

    I'm sure this happens to everyone on a new level:

    Always funny when that name comes up:

    Home! (I wish):

    "Sorry, you're on your own!"
    (That was an adventure. We attracted two hordes by accident).

    Om Nom Nom:

    Never Gets Old:

    I might post more later.
  10. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Moved this to the Zed Gallery. :)
  11. Wolfwood824

    Wolfwood824 Got Your Back

    I have to say: Sweep in a room crowded with zombies looks especially awesome when you pause and capture individual frames from it.

    Ed takes a swing:
    ...readies another swing:
    ...infestation cleared!
  12. BiggusD

    BiggusD Got Your Back

    Love Powerhouse Heavy wielders!

    Only thing I need to do is to press F12? No need to calibrate things? I can just open it in Paint and upload it to an image sharing site?
  13. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    @BiggusD - Print Screen [PrtScrn] will save a screenshot to your SoD directory (Steam\SteamApps\common\State of Decay), most likely in PNG format. I use F12 as it's part of ATI Tray Tools and Print Screen is sometimes unreliable for me as I need a new keyboard, plus it saves it in JPG. I use Photo Impact if I want to edit images, but most of the time I just take a screenshot and upload it as I don't run the game on my monitor's resolution (1920x1080), but something smaller. The image host I use is Post Image.

    At the moment I'm having a lot of fun driving the rally car across paddocks and dirt roads. We're based at the Fairgrounds so it's a nice little zippy racy thing. Even though I love my trucks they're not very helpful this level. I was using police cars but they got wrecked too quickly. With the rally car I dodge zombies instead.

    Hmmm. Looks like that's all I've got from today. Although I do have 11 folders of old ones :D
  14. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    Love the rims!
  15. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    Since I have dual monitors, the print screen does not work to capture game screens.
    So I bought Fraps and set it up to capture screeies, or video. Which reminds me, I have a funny video I need to upload.

    This survivor companion did not quite make it into the truck, but is still going along for the ride.
  16. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    One game I'm playing I've got the Breakdown achievements locked, again, and am being really picky on who I unlock this time. As long as I leave on the RV before I get 500 fame that'll be great. If I remember rightly 500 fame unlocks that Pastor. I can't stand him. Some will be inevitable (that Judge, who is another hated) but death by fire will be how I get rid of them. It'd be good if they stay dead for this entire profile, saves me wasting time killing them each level :D

    It was for a good cause :p

    @williesea - One of my "paintings." Image is from Fallout NV (main character and follower) and whether I resize the original, or not, it ends up like that. A bit fuzzy. But, unlike my Skyrim main character, also as a painting, at least it's the right way up, lol.

    I hate Sam, she can walk, or run, or die, whatever :p
    (that's an old one)

    Do you canoe?
    A cookie for anyone who knows where that line is from :p

    Good job! Not.
  17. VandalCreed

    VandalCreed Got Your Back

    Don't see this every day as a spawn point mission. Just completed the first survey mission on BD6. Just started to drive away when it spawned. Also let's just say as I took the ladder they decided to base jump. without parachute of course.
    Alas my triumvirate of the army gals( Capt, Shayla, (med/con) and Maya) ended with Maya getting ripped by Beryll the Feral.
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  18. WalkerZed

    WalkerZed Here To Help

    I'm so focused on the gameplay I simply forget to take screenshots. This was my very first car accident. Plowing through two hordes was too much for the Wray Pick Up.


    That must be one of the Miller boys.

    The headless zed tried to bite me. What?? No head = no mouth.
  19. BiggusD

    BiggusD Got Your Back


    "Eliminate Stragglers" you rascals!
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  20. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    OMG! How did that happen?
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