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Post Your Awesome SoD In-Game Pictures HERE!

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by broudie, Mar 31, 2014.

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  2. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Cool! Is this the same mod I gave you originally? Also if it is, how stable is the code in the new game? Are there any glitches? I have major updates for that mod. I also shoot them in the head for realism sake.
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  3. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    I really want that Jade character! Still playing with State of Decay Vanilla for now.

    Meanwhile I'm falling for her.

    StateOfDecay 2016-03-26 14-10-21-62.jpg

    She wins second place.

    StateOfDecay 2016-03-14 16-19-21-00.jpg

    My first!

    StateOfDecay 2015-11-27 14-19-45-04.jpg
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  4. Tomskii

    Tomskii Here To Help

    It works pretty well, I love it, My saves keep corrupting after a while, I remember why I gave up playing it, because I don't see the point in playing for like an hour for the save to just crash and corrupt.
  5. 20160515121401_1.jpg
    Finally finished the Beta version of the Lone Wolf mod! about I want to say 5-8 months, but I still have a LOT of work to be done, but enough where I can upload and allow for a play!

    20160514174831_1.jpg Time to Upgrade Trumbull Valley Photography Productions:p

    Here are the Pictures:

    20160514175514_1.jpg 20160514175352_1.jpg 20160514175134_1.jpg 20160514175051_1.jpg 20160514174834_1.jpg 20160514174138_1.jpg 20160514173944_1.jpg 20160514173638_1.jpg

    Your Survivor's are so unique looking! I LOVE the purple haired girl! I REALLY want Her!
    I can send you the code for Jade if ya want!
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  6. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    WHOA DUDE! THAT'S AWESOME! HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I forgot to mention the Feral mission is friggin' scary as hell! I can barely handle one Feral let alone 5-6 at a time! Also, thanks for the compliment! I didn't make purple haired girl. I forget who did. Jade is awesome, but I think I wouldn't be able to play as her in the Vanilla game, right?
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  7. Tomskii

    Tomskii Here To Help

    I have a girl with Blue hair, I made the blue hair myself, Took time to get it to the shade and color that I thought looked the part! Wanna See? :D
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  8. The Title I just edited the textures for the menu. The whole mod in itself was very frustrating to do but I got it in a full playable state. Still have more I want to add on to but it's a good start. Jade will still work in Vanilla regardless of game version:p
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  9. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    The Other Side. (Storymode)

    Running through a field of flowers.

    Kilo and his truck.

    Marcus and Lucy hanging out.
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  10. Amelia's Parkour Adventures

    Been tweaking player physics and what I have gotten was a unstoppable, speedy, parkour enthusiest!

    20161030032335_1.jpg 20161030132125_1.jpg 20161030161634_1.jpg 20161030171446_1.jpg

    And well... other stuff too
  11. Nights Are TERRIFYING!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    20161030143403_1.jpg 20161030094111_1.jpg
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  12. See the Parkour Physics tweaks for yourself!

    "Watch the birdie Motherfuckers!" I love this line!

    Amelia is the only character I programmed to say lines an Adrenaline Junkie would say at the encounter of a feral horde.
    All other character are programmed to speak more "appropriate" or "scared" lines.

    I also programmed lines to be potentially spoken when the player is:
    -Interacting in combat
    -Sprinting from danger
    -Killing a zed
    -Shooting a zed
    -Burning zeds
    -Pounced on by a feral
    -Fighting zeds attracted by the vehicle
    -Inside a building
    -Inside a searched building
    -When the sun goes down
    -When the sun goes up

    There are also a variety of new additional lines for already existing events like survey request, supply return, ect

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  14. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 22-09-31-48.jpg

    My darling Clementine.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 21-23-34-80.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-27 16-35-24-29.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 21-39-34-82.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 21-27-32-11.jpg

    Pardon the led* typo.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 21-24-04-51.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 23-36-42-15.jpg
    I love creating the larger hordes now.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-19 18-54-15-56.jpg

    Everyone died.....even Lily. Then Kaur died because of an infection.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-21 18-23-43-28.jpg
  15. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    In my quest to find my first ever forum post it only brought me as far as this thread. I guess around my join date has long been pruned. Doesn't matter. I went through several pages here, going over old images, and seeing ones I hadn't noticed back then.
    Also some more interesting things learnt, too.
    Such as:
    Your file is still up so I downloaded it and merged it with one of my mods (Skilled Survivors). Been playing it last night and it's made things a lot more interesting :)

    To stay on topic:

    I ain't eating those. Ew.

    It's Mystyk and My Real Self helping each other :D

    Lazy bum just sat there while I had to kill everything around him. He also issued orders at me regularly. So bossy, and did I mention lazy? :rolleyes:
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  16. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    I could see parkour becoming a skill of its own.
  17. 20170502220115_1.jpg
    Franky Doyle!


    Deciding on a cover for the mod, need help choosing.

    Please look over the following covers, tell me which one you think is the most appropriate
    Cover 1

    Cover 2

    Cover 3

    Cover 4 - I was thinking of using this one for smaller scale works

    Cover 5

    Cover 6

    I'd love to hear your feedback me friends! Also, hope everyone has a great day!

    Attached Files:

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  18. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    I really like number 5, but I like number 9 the best. Great pictures, man!
    Edit: Number 2 is great too! Tough decision, man!
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  19. I know, tough tough. Thank yo for the input though!
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  20. Shady Allie

    Shady Allie Got Your Back

    I like Title_06.jpg
    As a lone wolf mod you might not be playing as the character on the cover. It has a very alone feel to the shot.
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