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Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by broudie, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Love that input
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  2. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Amelia Crasman

    StateOfDecay 2017-02-06 18-55-01-10.jpg


    StateOfDecay 2016-11-16 21-03-22-43.jpg

    Played this game for years and never'd seen this place until now.

    StateOfDecay 2016-12-03 18-45-44-69.jpg

    Now if members from your community raid another community, they will be given a Bandit trait.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-07 14-57-58-77.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-12 20-00-33-54.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-13 23-26-41-31.jpg

    Bandits will insult and/or assault fellow survivors until......

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-07 15-06-07-19.jpg

    .....somebody with the right traits comes along to challenge them.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-07 21-27-54-85.jpg

    Bandits can cause people to run away from the community, commit suicide from depression, or become like them. Basically, they will collapse a community from within. If someone in the community has the right traits they can fight them. The fight has a 50/50 outcome. If the Bandits win, they're emboldened with more survivors becoming like them. If the survivors win, the group morale will skyrocket and the community is saved.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-07 15-20-50-46.jpg

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  3. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    You have been quite busy. Lots of good stuff in there.
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  4. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Thanks, QMJS!!! That means a lot coming from you!
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    HAWKES Starting Off

    Amazing job !is this mod work with qmjs mod and let me guess "if you want live you need to fight right here right now " by shane walsh
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  6. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @HAWKES - Not sure if I have welcomed you to the Forums - If not then Welcome:)
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    HAWKES Starting Off

    thanks Bob Crees!
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  8. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Yes, it's all thanks to @QMJS' 1.6 extended functions mod, GeorgeRomero mod, and HaydenScarletts community mod. I just added a few more human elements that I enjoy to them. He's helped me a lot along the way. Also you're right, that's Shane from The Walking Dead's line! It's one of my favorite scenes before the show started to stink. I always say the show died with Shane. My game is hardcore! One bite infection, running zombies, roaming bandits, real morality issues within your own community actually payoff very frequently, huge hordes that during "too many horde" missions only head towards your enclave (someone will always die if you're not prepared), and food and water depletes fast so you're always on the hunt for resources so that people won't leave or fight each other.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-17 19-10-02-87.jpg

    I added relationships so that the survivors you're caring for have more weight to them when bad things or good things happen for them. Also, the people in the relationship can console each other if they're dealing with morale issues.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-15 20-41-34-99.jpg

    There are serious results to an infection in my game. As in the Extended Functions mod, an infected survivor could turn and attack fellow survivors.
    In my game any injured person is a potential threat since I've removed benign injuries and sicknesses. Because of that I've had to implement an alert system where other survivors keep reminding you that a person is infected.

    StateOfDecay 2016-12-04 15-23-24-02.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-16 20-52-50-83.jpg

    The person could turn at any time, so now you don't have to wait for a Mercy Shot mission to pop up. You can take control and initiate the Mercy Shot yourself. The only problem is a lot of people will suffer emotionally if you do. This could result in a lot of morality issues.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-17 17-32-17-00.jpg

    Random bandit attacks on the community that are very very rare, but can have very bad or very good consequences. (Injuries or death etc.)
    I love the morale complexity of this because some survivors will object to the killing of bandits from certain survivors.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-26 23-29-59-69.jpg

    Side note: I love this badass woman!

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-14 17-53-53-33.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-16 09-23-56-07.jpg
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    HAWKES Starting Off

    did you create clementine charactere if so why you dont create shane walsh to
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  10. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    I did years ago. I should do it again.
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  11. HAWKES

    HAWKES Starting Off

    if you create shane walsh or you have it please send me file
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  12. @tobu24 @QMJS ,
    This mod is absolutely amazing! Personally I haven't tried it but from the daily screenshots it appears to have a matrix of ingenious event design! I can not imagine the amount of hours worked on to create such a choreography of dynamic events. It's just, well, gorgeous!
  13. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Thanks, man! Your mod is genius as well! I tried it out last week! Really horrifying sounds and atmosphere!
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  14. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Now that the horde sizes are so huge, it's fun to steer them and herd them into outposts.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-21 14-50-28-56.jpg

    Meanwhile a bandit has now upgraded to attempted murder. I will deal with today.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-21 14-04-32-56.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-21 14-46-57-62.jpg

    Lily inspires someone. Crazy because she usually drives me nuts! Ugh.....

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-14 17-58-19-85.jpg

    Successful Surgery! Very rare that it works out. Good thing we had a good doctor.

    StateOfDecay 2016-11-16 20-59-04-87.jpg

    It's very difficult to keep the people fed when they eat every 5 minutes. I've always thought the food system was too easy. Now you're always on the hunt for food to keep people from fighting, starving, and/or running away.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-07 15-21-22-05.jpg

    Kylie's boyfriend Cash got sick. He was concealing an infection. They both decided she needed to end it.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 19-22-12-03.jpg

    They found an abandoned place and shared their goodbyes. She put an end to it.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 19-22-54-19.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 19-23-08-49.jpg

    Cash lasted four enclaves, was an amazing chemist and construction specialist. Gone but not forgotten.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 19-26-06-08.jpg
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  15. I appreciate it!
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  16. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    Kung Fu training at the Dojo

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 21-12-56-72.jpg

    Pastor Williams shows his true colors.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-20 21-56-34-79.jpg

    I love this incendiary shotgun! Can't believe I never played with it before!

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-28 19-03-00-35.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-28 21-06-54-20.jpg


    StateOfDecay 2017-05-28 21-06-57-83.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 20-34-28-71.jpg


    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 20-39-43-51.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-29 18-53-54-45.jpg

    We killed 2 out of 3 bandits in our community. Madilyn was the last one.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-28 20-02-04-23.jpg

    We should've did something about her when we had the chance.
    She stole a lot of food and ammo supplies on her way out.

    StateOfDecay 2017-05-28 20-33-14-59.jpg
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  17. tobu24

    tobu24 Got Your Back

    New Clementine!

    StateOfDecay 2017-06-05 17-05-14-35.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-06-15 18-54-27-21.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-06-16 18-46-23-50.jpg

    These two are an awesome team! Gurubani and Spencer. Almost 60+ missions together!!

    StateOfDecay 2017-06-29 16-37-07-66.jpg

    StateOfDecay 2017-06-29 16-34-03-24.jpg


    StateOfDecay 2017-05-23 19-33-02-10.jpg
  18. Bond Servant

    Bond Servant Here To Help

    cover one and cover two are the best. Both have a lonely feel to them. After some more thought Cover 2 is actually the best.
  19. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    2, 3, 5, and 6 are good for that~:)

    sorry, pick the wrong , not included 6. I mean, my 6 is the attached file title 6.
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