Preventing Intentional Disconnects?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. DJB204

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    Permadeath: If you die in your friends’ game, you also die in your own.

    I hope UL takes measures to ensure players aren’t disconnecting intentionally when they are on the verge of death. I don’t know how the Permadeath system in SoD2 works, but in SoD1 disconnecting can save characters. In SoD2 having a host disconnect or having a player abandon during a mission just because they are about to die would spoil the experience. Maybe the devs at UL could make it so that the character we were using when we got disconnected has gone missing when we log back in? This is all just under the assumption that the disconnect exploit still exists in SoD2, otherwise this is all for nothing lol. Some type of penalty needs to exist for intentional disconnects.
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  2. zechs

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    Something like Fromsoftware's Dark Souls 3 online.

    When you are interacting with another via online (Co op, invaded, ect) and you bail, it penalizes you by disconnecting you from the online world. Of course it builds up and items found in game can act as a reversal, but it exists in a variety of severity.
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  3. DJB204

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    I haven’t played Dark Souls 3, but it sounds like they’ve taken measures to address these things. +1
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  4. Furie

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    The thing is, there are going to be those who through no fault of their own are disconnected while in another's world. So we need a system that both discourages those who would disconnect to save themselves, while not overly punishing those who went in with good faith and suffered a power cut or web outage.

    On the one hand, you need to affect the disconnected player in a discouraging but not permanently punishing manner. For that I'd suggest a wounding scenario rather than death. The character comes back severely wounded and minus an items they earned in the other world, but with everything they used still used up. Now they will take time to heal up before they can be used again, which does keep them alive but takes them off the board for quite a while. A serial disconnecter will find that they're running out of characters pretty fast while those suffering a one-off loss of connecting aren't totally destroyed.

    However, the player who is suddenly without an ally is likely to be pissed at the disconnect. On that end, rather than simply disappearing when the game detects a disconnect, the character could get taken over by AI and then die in a way that provides some schadenfreude to the remaining players. Maybe they announce they were bitten and then pull a gun and end it all. Maybe an unkillable Feral leaps out, tears them apart, then sprints off. Hell, maybe the next time you take a turn in the car, the door comes off and they roll out and to their demise. Just something entertaining for other players to see, that enhances the story you're playing, and that leaves them able to loot the remains.

    Of course, this is assuming a guest disconnects. When a host drops out, none of the guests should be punished at all, and it should count as them disconnecting regularly.
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  5. Furie

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    Adding to that, and slightly off topic, I'm a huge fan of all things existing in the game world in a way that helps suspend disbelief.

    I never want to see players appearing or disappearing simply because they've connected or disconnected. If someone disconnects from my game then I want their avatar returned to the simulation, to the point I can follow them all the way back to an enclave if needs be, where they will take the role of one of the survivors in this area. They don't have to be the same person when I sign off and then come back later (people move on after all) but I don't want people to magically appear or disappear either.

    Should someone join my game then they should be a bit away from me and speaking in a position that neither I nor the other players can see. That way my saviours come from all around to answer my flare and it feels like I'm truly getting saved by people in my world.

    Likewise, gimme some interaction between characters who look alike. If two people have the same face then one might comment that the other is handsome. If two people have the same clothes then one might say the other has great taste in threads. Just little things that help suspend disbelief and turn a good game into a great one filled with memories that last.
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  6. Azuries

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    I would imagine that even tho it will use peer2peer connections (its is isn’t it?) that there would also be checks server side relating to stats etc sorta like cod does or used to do, dunno if they still do, you dropped out it would be recorded as a loss. As far as I know sod2 online everything is calculated client side but you would still be connected to Microsoft’s servers. I could be wrong and may even be dribbling a lot of poo lol. But I know what I mean
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