Q&A: Day By Day Followup, 1/18/2013

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  1. Will certain types of ammo work with one gun and then work with another type of gun or do they all have there own ammo types
  2. New

    I got most of that and its pretty well written. But i dont find much to do with the Xbox 360 version of this game. I found this game to be insanely quick to beat and easy to play. I like the overall game and its a 10/10 but when i got to the wall that i needed to blow up i expected to be able to move through to the next area, instead it ended the game which upset me. I mean most games that say "finish any unfinished business first" i thought that entailed im moving on to another area and my whole community is packing up with me. I paid 20 bucks to a game i expected to have some real consistancy to it. Im not sure if i play the game too well or something but the worst thats ever happened to me and my community of 16 (which is always 16) is a gun "misfired". Noone but the solider that randomly *coughs* gets sick. And that same soldier is the col. at the wall i need to blow up. Im not sure if thats a glitch but he frequently coughs over the radio and im like "wtf was that" everytime.

    Another question is since this game was insanely short to beat, i mean the same day i bought it i was able to finish by the night. Even having everything else to deal with Eg like the random events that happen and collecting resrouces. I would really like to see the NEXT DLC to coincide with the fist and if it cant possibly be free which i know Undead Labs wont do could be like 5$ at max. otherwise if its more than that i dont want waste my money on another addition to this game taking me less than 12 hours to beat.
  3. redkorssquad

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    It is an arcade game. I'm sure you know what that entails. It will be rather short. And Sgt- Tan coughs because he is infected.

    The next DLC will be rather hard to 'beat' so to say as it is an infinitive loop which gets harder every time. The price is unknown right now.
  4. I could care less if its harder. I can deal with harder. Anything harder than what i jsut played is better. I want to see more dialouge and more one on one interaction with your fellow surviviors. I find myself going out alone more than having to bring along someone with me. More "quests" is basically what i would like to see. It would be awesome ot just be able to visit your other friendly enclaves and be able to talk to them and see how things are. Instead they say single sentence phrases that mean nothing to me.

    And Sgt-tanner, why he coughs i get that, i said hes the only one i've ever really encountered who was really "sick".

    If you would take the walking dead series for example. Survivor on survivor episodes would be fantastic but i've seen litterally zero cases in which my people or others attacked. The Hordes are easily defeated by traps from your outposts and those who do get through are put down by my sniper.
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    You won't see this, ever. UL has already stated on the record that they won't be adding in human-on-human fights/violence to the game, or any sequel.
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    Is this another case of deja-vu with a wanted list?
  7. You won't see this, ever. UL has already stated on the record that they won't be adding in human-on-human fights/violence to the game, or any sequel.

    Any reason why not?
  8. liamypoo

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    Because it would require a large amount of new animations, a cover system and such which is not possible on 2GB. That, and they wanted to focus on the community aspect not the killing each other aspect. Which I am happy about.
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    First of all: hi, and best regards to the community and Undead Labs particulary. I discovered this game about a moth ago and find it alomost idelisticaly close to what a man can count as a fair zombie-survival game. However, I got a few questions that appeared recentely through my approx 9 playthrough (or not-so-much-really-through ;)) at a present moment and I haven't find another thread where to ask.

    1. If you have a survivour scouting with you and you found some supplies can you tell him/her to search the home and pick up some resources as you do? And if not, then why not? (This is awkward when only you can pull up a bag of food when other survivour for some reason can not do it...)

    2. Can you ask your survivours that are currently at base to go and actually search for certain supplies, if you concider there is a need in one/there is a lack of one (not speaking about the fact that you can call for scavengers at certain houses, I'm speaking about autonomous search)? And if not, then again why not?

    3. Can you have more then one survivour cover your back while you're out?

    Thanks for an answers! Keep going!
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    --Sorry for doublepost--
  11. redkorssquad

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    1. The AI is rather dumb so they are not capable of much of anything.
    2. The same really.
    3. Game balance.
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    1. Other NPC survivors that are with you can not pick up rucksacks of resources. Why? Don't know.

    2. No but there is an option for Lilly to find certain areas that may have building materials, food, ammo, feul, and meds using the radio room in your base.

    3. Nope. Most likely for balancing purposes.

    EDIT: Damn you're fast.
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    @redkorssquad @e5futter

    1. Sad
    2. Sad
    3. Not-so-much-but-still-pretty-sad...
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    Me? I am not fast, I just don't have anythng bettr to do.
    Yeah, but you have to consider what they managed with the 2 GB limit they had on making it.
  15. Akinaba

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    Yep, and still there is a ballance (I hope this all is up to it).
  16. Does it mean I'll have to actually aim and shoot the sick NPC in the head while he/she is on a deathbed? Or will I have to wait for an event where I have to "input" a clear choice?
  17. e5futter

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    The latter. You will get a mission called "Mercy Kill" Where you can take them to a secluded area and destroy them. :)
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    -Cracks knuckles-

    I haven't had a chance to do this since before SoD was released... I might be a bit rusty, so stand back.


    Dat thread necromancy.
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  19. I agree with you, but (1) I'm a total noob here, (2) I'm the type of guy who likes to read Instruction Manuals at least one time before playing a video game, (3) there's no Instruction Manuals for SoD aside from a few digital pages in the Game Menu, (4) this thread was in some other thread named "Our Q&As To Date" (itself in the "FAQs, Interviews, Articles, and Links" section of the forum), and (5) this topic is a Q&A, so I didn't see any problem bringing it back up.

    Forums have implicit rules, but I think those shouldn't interfere with common sense and kindness.
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    I meant no offense! I was just throwing out a humorous photo :(

    I shall return to my game subforum...
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