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  1. Dalendos

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    Thanks for the answer!
  2. Seems silly to be concerned whether or not there is alot of cussing in a game like this. Only kinds of people I know who get concerned about it are kids, parents when their kids are around, and people who were fairly sheltered from cussing. Aside from that sorry I believe this game will have it now and again due to well it is a game meant for more adult demographic. Oh and totally not trying to be mean just want to make that clear hope everyone will have fun surviving no matter who you are. :)
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  3. MatchesMalone

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    I'm a 28 year old man. I have never heard worse language in real life than I did in some movies and games. It's not about how much of it is in the game, but whether we as gamers, and some parents who game, are given the option of not hearing that.

    I recall games in the 90s gave tons of controls on content. As time went on, less studios are providing options that modify or curb the kind of content in games.

    Really? It will be like that? That's extreme and has nothing to do with what I was inquiring about. I'm not talking about replacing characters with super heroes. I'm talking about empowering each player to play the game how they want. Whether they want to skip cut scenes, play stealth, play more aggressive, play with the music turned on, or play without any music and just the sound effects.

    It's about empowering each player. No gamer is penalized for having more control of their experience. And the developers lose nothing by providing it. Now, will features like this be in the game? I don't know, it's why I asked. If they are not in the game, will they be implemented now? Absolutely not. They are crunching and squashing bugs, not adding content. That's okay.
  4. aclark

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    Well MatchesMalone I thought that my post was quite noticeably comedic and sarcastic, but I do agree with your views, and it does worry me when young family members come round and kids play on the consoles as the language can be inappropriate and isn't something I'd let them hear me say. However, the age group for this game does not cater for the younger audience. I'm all for content control, but it would be unnecessary to completely deprive the older audience of the mature content. And, although exaggerated for comical value, my post surrounded an element of truth. The audience of State Of Decay seems to be an older and more mature one, and I'm sure any F-Bombs or related words we hear aren't going to greatly mentally scar the users. If you are not familiar with everyday cusses, I invite you to stroll into your local town wearing a lifelike recreation of the Nazi leader Mr Adolf Hitler. I'm sure you will be enlightened.

    Joking aside, I totally agree with you my man, get some content control in there and keep it from the kids or anybody who doesn't want to be present to that kind of language, it's completely personal preference, and why should someone have to miss out on a game because it will definitely have bad language in it. However, we have to remember that this series may eventually become an MMO. It is inevitable that in those games there will be user bad language and content inappropriate for children, and that is something that any Game Designers cannot control.
  5. The way I see it, It's the parents own fault their kids pick up the words when they let them play rated M video games with "WARNING CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE" Plastered on it.

    There are appropriate, and inappropriate times to swear, People are people. and I know a hell of a lot of people that swear at least once a sentence. It's just who they are.

    In video games, you usually know what you are getting into, and if you're hacking apart dead husks of human beings, chances are the characters aren't going to be using their Church vocabulary.

    but the reason they aren't adding toggle-able things like that is because it takes TIME, and resources that would much better be put into other things. spending time censoring entire games worth of things that are blatantly included for a reason, is just tedious and unneeded. Don't like the language, don't use it. If you are offended by said language to such extremes of being 'traumatized', don't play the game.

    Getting your knickers in a knot about what other people say doesn't get you anywhere.

    I play a game for what the content IS. Not to demand it be up to my every standard and moral code.
  6. creeper

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    wait people are concerned about swearing in a game where there will be guns melee weapons blood and lots of zeds that you have to kill? HA :D

    also if you think swearing on games is bad you should see what they allow on tv before your kids go to bed
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  7. There is no need for swearing in a game, Blood and gore are there for realism but swearing is a little different.
    Of course swearing would really happen so it would be realistic. but some games Over-Use it like Kane and Lynch.
    Some SoD players will be under the legal age to play this game and they or their parents don't want to hear the F-bomb every time your character sees a zombie. plus religion and morals, That's why most games have a turn off language in the settings.
    I don't mind it myself i am guessing some will do it more and some not at all.
  8. First of all, lets be real. Even if you dont cuss or swear, if zombies showed up, I am pretty sure you would, at least once. That being said, I have written several plays AND screen plays to be used in a local theater setting. When I first started writing them, I toned the language down and excluded several nasty words that I use on a daily basis (yes I am potty mouth white trash from the south ;)), upon rehearsal of said plays, we added the profanity back into it; want to know why? BECAUSE OF THE REALISM!!! When you put human beings (yes, even educated ones) into stressful situations and they have a grasp of the meaning and use of certain profane words, they will use them. Simple fact of life, if you dont like it, dont play/watch the material BUT in my own opinion (and experience in the fine arts) intelligent use of profanity in dialogue add a level of realism that is missed when it is taken away. Just my two cents.
  9. Funfact: Swearing is also proven to increase a persons pain tolerance.;)

    We aren't saying swearing it can't be overused in media (because sometimes it can), but we are saying that it is part of the English language. If you are offended by such a game, don't play it. If you don't want to hear the cuss words coming from the TV while your KID is playing a rated M game, go in a different room, or don't buy them a rated m game in the first place, if it is so offensive to you.

    If A dev team so decides to waste time doing alternate versions of games like that, fine by me. I'll never use it, and I find it defeats the purpose of a writer making them say it in the first place, leaving it hollow...

    BUT, IF the choice to turn a filter on was included, it would not affect me. so they could have at it.

    If religion and morals so strongly dictate your point of view, I wouldn't suggest playing a game where your characters can get ripped in half by Zeds.
    people must understand that their view isn't the law, merely an opinion.
  10. No idea where u got "Most" Games because the only game ive ever seen with censoring is (Forgot name) That guitar band game (Not guitar hero or rockband an actual fighting game) where it beeps everytime somone swears but then im sure parents would get most annoyed hearing *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* all the time :L
  11. I got the idea because it's true, Games like L4d/CoD offer a gore "switch" As do GoW1 offers a mature content that removes the F-bombs.
    There are alot of games that do this if you search google you can find a bunch of them.
    I don't care about swearing or gore it doesn't bother me but to some it does and lets face it some people on this forum have said they are under-age but they will buy it, It's not Undead Labs job to edit their game for anyone or parent these kids but it would be a nice choice for some people(Not for the kids but adults too). Many people swear or cuss but if you remember playing K&L i just thought it a little pointless, But SoD won't have this problem because each character swears at different rates. There is nothing wrong with playing a game with gore if you have a faith or religion, You could play a army game like CoD or zombie game like dead island or SoD, But OVER-USED swearing can make people avoid the game. Swearing is realistic that's why it should be in SoD no one wants to take it out, I for one like the idea on how each character swears more or less then others. If a filter was added i would not use it i prefer gore and swearing but like i said nice choice for other players.
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  12. aclark

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    I think it wouldn't be in State Of Decay's favor to add the option. Let's face it, although those at Undead Labs obviously love this game and have spent years perfecting it, their purpose is to sell copies of the game and make a tidy profit. The time it would take to add this option just simply isn't worth it. Adding the option would take a considerable amount of time, in which they could be making sales. Leaving the censorship option out of the game really isn't going to affect sales. When designing and marketing, you try to attract the 95percentile range of your target audience. The 5% that they miss will probably have <1% of people who avoid the game due to the swearing. And that will be protective or religious parents who won't let their child play the game. Even without cussing removed, people aren't going to miss out on this masterpiece of a game because there is a chance they might hear Johnny the retired Pool Cleaner yell F*** as his rifle jams and he is pulled to the ground by a pack of ravenous Zeds.
  13. Question: Is there a separate Free Play mode or will we able to continue our game after the main story ends?
  14. Capt.C.Baker

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    Certain survivors are part of the story mode. If you play the story mode you can continue playing. The game will be a bit harder after completing the story. If you don't wish to do the story, just avoid those certain survivors and you can sandbox it till your hearts content!
  15. aclark

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    Good old Capt.C.Baker, can always guarantee Ill see you on the threads giving out valuable information!
  16. Capt.C.Baker

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    Thanks. :eek:

    You can call me Cap, Capt., or Baker. No need to type out the whole thing. ;)
  17. Thanks for information. Looking forward to the game. One question though about a question
    "Q: Guest: Are the hordes attracted to the other survivor groups? If yes, can I aid them in their defense?" Could you also use this to your advantage? Maybe use them as bait or steal supplies from them if they are under attack?
  18. Bub's_Of_Monroeville

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    I don't see why not Tech. Of course, they may not like that...
  19. Zombiepreacher

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    Only thing is, I don't/can't play PC games, so this was really it for me unless they make class 4 available on Xbox which I doubt they will seeing how its going to be a MMO but oh well, thanks anyway and still excited for the game.
  20. Bub's_Of_Monroeville

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    Zombie, that thinking is illogical. UL is making their Class games for Xbox. Unless some grand whiplash falls upon them, they will focus on the xbox.
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