Q&A: Tactics/Buckle Up Followup, 12/18/2012

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Capt.C.Baker

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    This is an extension to what I said. This will more than likely happen when you get back to your base. Thanks Creed.
  2. You're Welcome Capt. =)
  3. Does sleeping go like minecraft where it skips time or project zomboid style?
  4. This is just a guess but i would say it skips 4-8 hours.
  5. This game is dropping alot of rating from my view now lol hope this survivor thing changes REALLY dont like it :L So wait if what all this is true i can just walk in their base and just take all their stuff since they wont be violent to me??? :L This survivor thing is one thing i was most excited about now im a little disapointed..
  6. You can't steal from the other groups base, You buy/sell to them or save them and add them to your group.

    There is stealing/murder but only your survivors can do that while you are offline.
  7. Ok i think i should stop trying to find things out lol cause this game honestly does sound like its not gonna be a great zombie survival game :(
  8. This game will be a great survival game no offence but if it was how you want it i wouldn't buy it.
    This isn't about running round killing survivors to steal their food but to find food then start to grow your own, If people could kill you it would only really take 1 shot to kill you . But they could add this as a update so don't rule it out just yet.

    I think you would prefer Class4 more (that is if PvP/PvE will be added)
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  9. I would have been fine if they would atleast fight back if i fought them first i mean in a zombie appocalypse its basically a TDM or somthing like that in smaller teams not everyones on the same team if this was real then if someone spots you they WILL kill you if u have food or anything valuable maybe just kill you if your wandering around.I agree it will be great but not the BEST until Class 4.
  10. In a real life world filled with zombies almost all humans would be friendly, Yes you may get the odd pycho but most would be glad to see a human. It would by no means be a TDM and if it was it would be Human Vs Zombie.
    This is 1 reason people don't like dayZ Because it feels like a TDM/FFA with zombies added.
    People tink everyne would lose their mind and start killing every human. They won't stand there and take it i'm gona gues they would run.
  11. No cause if i know i wouldent give my food my only way to survive to complete strangers just for ammo and if u saw how the world is u would know people arnt gonna be like that people want to live not take a slight risk that they could turn on u and if some guy walked up to my group through a molotov at one i would shoot him not just stand their and tell him to f off...
  12. Grammar please, I dont know anyone That would kill anyone for the reason they might of killed me, And anyone who would does not deserve to live on this earth. If someone killed my friend then yes i would HAVE to kill/disarm him (leg shot is fine) In england most people have never fired a gun never mind KILLED anyone. If you could shoot somebody that never made any threat at you then you arn't human:D People arn't as bad as people think they are most scream at the sight of blood.

    Lets not change topic though SoD won't have bandits/Human Vs Human at release.
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  15. I will have to kill you then :D
  16. You can try i know the art of hiding. =)
  17. UAV inbound XD
  18. Thanks to BO:2 i can't have ghost :( Well Done you found me. ;)
  19. MatchesMalone

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    I noticed in the video they show you where vehicles are. And there's a green man icon with a zombie nearby. Possibly a survivor in need of help. There's also two buildings with a single green man icon. On I just want to get in there and help. I'm exicted for this game.

    My question is though, why was the NPC running straight to the store when a zombie is behind it? Shouldn't he have fought it (unless he was scared) or at leats comment on that fact instead of saying "We're here!" when it is only him and no one else?
  20. thnx sanya, you really answered some of my questions :eek:
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