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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Capt.C.Baker

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    Even the newest ones? I own one of the R2-D2 versions, so I'm curious.
  2. or is he? I was always under the impression that console game (barring a few) were 720p upscaled to 1080p. My brother had a PS3 before he saw the light and came to PC and i always noticed on the box it had 720p/720i and a few games had 1080p/1080i.

    Perhaps XBOX works the same way? I'm not sure, but i know that when Dark Souls was released on PC it was locked to console resolution of 1280x720 (720p).


    See this and zoom in on the back cover of the box for me. HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p. I suspect MW2 (old example, i know) has a native resolution of 720p but was upscaled to 1080. Even if a console game was to run at 1080p i'd hedge a bet that it was be made to run at 30fps, just so that they could run the game at 1080 native.

    Most current gen console games are 720p at 60fps. If anyone wants 1080p at 60fps, most likely they will have to wait for next gen, which actually isn't that far away, but even then, i still have little hope for console gamers. I mean, the PS4 is little more than a pedestrian PC (except the DDR5 RAM, DROOL, that's GPU memory being used as RAM, do want!). Unless they really optimise the hardware/software, or XBOX/Microsoft, really bring a big-hitting console, I still think console gamers are going to be getting a massively raw deal.
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  3. Zombiepreacher

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    Talking about buildings, I noticed that there is a grocery store, which is probably the building I'm most excited for. Is this fully enterable and interactive meaning that there is lootable food? Other than that, please don't reveal anything else about it (if there even are any more details), I can't wait to walk into it for the first time never having seen the inside before.
  4. Zombiepreacher

    Zombiepreacher Starting Off

    Also, do you need influence to have weapons and vehicles repaired? Or is it just for stuff like calling in a vehicle or pickup?
  5. MISFIT 582

    MISFIT 582 Banned

    no I don't think so because I remember someone saying at PAX that he can just leave his vehicle and they will get to it and it would be done the next day so from that I would assume that same rules apply for weapons
  6. Zombiepreacher

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    What is the sexual themes and partial nudity rating descriptors for? Nude zombies? Dialogue? This is coming from a 'hope it's not too bad' perspective, I don't like unnecessary stuff like that :p
  7. If I remember correctly, they had to say there's partial nudity because certain special zombies (I think some fat boomer like zombies) are missing shirts or pants or something, and although it shows absolutely nothing (I believe it was just a flat skin texture on the zombies chest/groin area), they still had to give it that rating due to simply lacking clothes and exposing those areas. Anyone's free to correct me on this, but I definitely remember Sanya mentioning the nudity rating was for some dumb ESRB guideline reason and there's no real nudity nudity in the game.
  8. Zombiepreacher

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    When it comes to melee weapons and zombies, why does it take just one or two hits to kill a zombie, but with others (that are not special zeds) it takes six or more?
  9. Capt.C.Baker

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    It depends on where the blow lands on the zombie. Aim for the head when doing melee and you should get a instant head kill.
  10. Question: Will it be possible to remove the entire HUD for this game? I am a firm believer that all games should allow user to remove/customize HUD.

    Especially when considering that plasma televisions are still currently in use, and it's the HUD in video games that can/do cause damage to the television.
  11. Capt.C.Baker

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    Welcome to the forums, matthewmtg45!

    I've never heard of the HUD being a problem on plasma TVs. Though as far as I know, no you can't turn off the HUD. They haven't released any information about the options menu though. Seeing as how your health and your stamina are something you really need to monitor, I would say probably no. Sorry dude.

    Maybe get a different TV or don't play it for more than 3 hours at a time?

    [UPDATE] I just looked this up and most people are saying to turn down your brightness to help with the burn ins. Also, unplug your TV when you aren't using it. They are also saying it's only the old ones that do it and only if you play for longer than periods of 24+ hours.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Thank you for your response & cordialness.

    1. Yes, even with the recently new 2012 Panasonic Plasma televisions, temporary image-retention can most certainly happen.
    Played 'Hitman: Absolution with a HUD for approximately 1.5 hours, medium brightness, (one month ago) and the health bar can still be seen as of this writing. (Although minimal)

    2. I will be getting an LED specifically for gaming, yes.

    3. Minus the plasma television 'burn-in' risks that are still present, a customizable/removable HUD for any game can add to the immersion levels of such game.
    Obviously, opinions will differ, but certainly there exists a population of gamers that would agree. The game "Dead Space" is a good example of a game that incorporated essential "HUD" elements onto main character himself, as to "clean-up" the gaming image & increase immersion.

    4. Ultimately, even with the imperativeness of HUD elements being visible to the user (health, stamina, etc), he/she should still be able to remove such visual "eye sores" if he/she desired. Although certainly not educated in the skill of programming, I'd have to believe that giving the user this ability would be as easy as adjusting the "In Game" music levels, so to speak.

    Certainly appreciate your response, and looking forward to State Of Decay. An extra 'thank you' for taking the time to look-up the plasma issues in trying to help me with my original post.
  13. Zombiepreacher

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    In game question: I have been continuously getting side quests. Like go clear this infestation, or go pick up this person they got stuck. They're cool, but they just keep happening over and over and I never get a break. Do you just ignore them when I want to do story missions or just roam around? As far as I can tell they're just there to get you influence and trust points.
  14. Probably a stupid question, but is class4 gonna be available on Xbox? From what i understand, games of this magnitude are better suited for PCs, which i do not own.

    EDIT: i just realized there were 24 pages to this thread so sorry if this question has already been answered.
  15. PoorRandall

    PoorRandall Got Your Back

    Microsoft is funding Undead Labs so if class4 is made it will 100% be on xbox, most likely only xbox one though.
  16. So multiplayer will be on state of decay or the next game? Or is class 4 An update?
  17. Dead Paradox

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    Any information on when Class4 will be available?
  18. Dead Paradox

    Dead Paradox Starting Off

    I ignored them if it wasn't an important character like Marcus, Ed, Maya, or Rylan. Don't lose your Cook or all hell breaks loose. If you ignore the radio, there's a 35% chance they wind up Found Dead.
  19. Wimpy Cactus

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    This is what I would like to know as well..so are we playing class 3 right now? is class 4 another game coming out?
  20. IrishDead

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    and most likely PC as well ;)
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