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  1. Probably will because it is a Microsoft product.
  2. I wanted to know, for when you guys do a update. Make it so that you can have followers. Sometimes going out there alone sucks....
  3. The co-op mode i think should be rushed a bit more! I really extremely like the game, and can deal with the bugs but it sucks when you buy the game with a couple brothers and only on one xbox live account! you cannot have more than one save and what are we supposed to do switch remotes when our character gets tired? . . . Please take into consideration at least adding more than one save you can have. Or work on Co-op! i can't wait be able to distract zombies with a body and raid the house with another! thanks for reading and please consider my suggestions.


    I talk crap10 (gamertag) :)
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  4. I have a question to the dev team. It is said that the game continues to live even after we leave the game and shut down console. It is very good but let's imagine the situation when we start the game after the console has reseted time to 2005 year for example then we find out reseted date and time and set it back to real one and start the game again. How will the simulation handle it?
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  5. Good day,everyone! Is it possible to make survivors use guns? In my case guns are only used when they are on the tower in all other cases they use bats, machetes, tubes everything but guns....
  6. There's so much talk about Class 4, is it being developed, or is it still an idea? I love this game, and I've replayed the story about 17 times now, but I really do want to see more added onto State of Decay. DLC would be great, maybe an additional part of the map after you blow out of Tumball Valley? New guns? New cars? This would be great.
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  7. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help

    Class4 talk isn't allowed up at the lab. Every time Brant started to talk about what he'd like to do for Class4, Jeff would say "Brant, what's the first rule of fight club?" which Brant would respond "We don't talk about Class4." Class4 has to be green lit by MS and that's still a ways off.

    DLC is another thing that has to be green lit by MS. The very first DLC will be co-op, as they have stated this a bunch of times. You won't be getting any extra map space or another map as the bigger version are what Class4 will be. Yes, to new guns, as Brant has been working on extras since before they went live, he just has to get green lights for that as well. New cars, I'm not really sure they will add new cars.

    Hope this helps answer your questions. See you around the forums.
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  8. IrishDead

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    Just as long as they have an Irish, hot headed, foul mouthed, female character...I don't care what else they do with Class 4...lol
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  9. Capt.C.Baker

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    If she's a redhead, then yes. lol

    I'm sure we'll get to build our own characters in Class4. Would kind of defeat the purpose of a MMO, if you couldn't customize your character, so they don't look like every other character. :p
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  10. e5futter

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    Lol I remember that.

    2. Actually the first DLC is the Sandbox Mode bud.
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  11. Capt.C.Baker

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    I guess you're right, though it sucks that UL was constantly telling us Co-op would be first on the list. :(
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  12. e5futter

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    I thought we were told that they wanted to do Co-op. Not that it was going to be first? Either way I think the reason Sandbox mode is coming out is to see how well it will do. Then if it does well MS may give them the thumbs up. The reason why MS doesn't need to give them the go ahead for Sandbox mode is because Co-op requires Servers, and many other contraptions.
  13. sajuuknights

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    not true coop only requires you and your partner. you are the host. much like a LAN party ! i miss those...
  14. e5futter

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    Co-operative mode is a form of gametype that brings solo campaigns online such that players can work as a team in order to complete an adventure. Thus they run on servers.

    Anytime a game runs an online co-operative feature or competitive multiplayer feature the game requires servers.
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  15. I have a question and I have to ask it.

    Basically, this means barricading is free? I haven't even try because I was afraid to spend ressources over this. Are there any advantage/effect to barricading? (Honestly, I shiver thinking about zombies all over my camp! This happens to me today and I think I'll have nightmares! :p )

    EDIT: Oops! I have the feeling I'll find the answer and the rest of the Q&A...
  16. e5futter

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    Yes. Barricading is 100% free. :)
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  17. Thanks! Does it slow zombies down? (Is is even a sentence? Sorry, English isn't my language... ;) )
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  18. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    It slows them down greatly as they have to rip apart each plank. Though the more zombies at one barricaded window, the faster the barricade breaks.

    And yes it is. ;) No need to be sorry.
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  19. liamypoo

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    Wow this was interesting to go through. So many oldies and people I don't know.
  20. Hi, I don’t know if this is the right forum but I was wondering why lots of other people got different names of meds and I have the normal tussin, asprin, methadone, codine etc. I’ve seen stuff like 24 hr painkillers, children’s chewables, vitamins etc. I really think they are kinda cool but I never see those names. :(

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