Q&A - World of Class3 6/29/12

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Is Class 3 going to be a standalone or will we see things like story and missions reappear in Class 4?
  2. I hope there are Rvs in the game.
  3. Shame that there is no co-op at release considering it fits the genre perfectly, but it's certainly no a deterrent against getting this game.

    Hopefully it will get added in after release, otherwise we'll get it with Class4 I guess :)

    Great Q&A!
  4. I think i just got a bit of a semi (jokes chill...... unless ...):p man i got 3 questions answered thanks sooo much :D i Can't wait, it sounds like you've got a release date set since you can't manage to get coop in before it which is a shame but oh well hopefully you'll be able to release it in a DLC at some point . ;)
  5. My excitement is growing.
  6. A great shame about the cooperative.
    You're saying all along that you want to make a realistic game, but when you talk about the durability of the weapons I hope that not be thinking that a crowbar to break the 20 strokes.

    Otherwise Class3 and UndeadLabs >>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL.
  7. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    No to the first - scavenging will be necessary. I don't think I understand the second? Your home certainly can be overrun by zombies if you don't take care.

    You have to find one of the proper buildings. There will be options, I believe.
  8. Pretty gutted about the lack of co-op upon release but apart from that this game is sounding more and more awesome! Next week something about the release date though, surely? Anyway, can not contain my excitement for this game! =D

    Also, please don't make the weapon degrading fallout-esque. I hated having to maintain my weapons in fallout ALL the time. Perhaps a system in which weapons degrade based upon the grittiness of their usage. e.g. weapons used in a caring manner would degrade slower than weapons dragged and thrown around?
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  9. I was under the impression that Class 3 wouldn't have co-op and Class 4 was the MMO.
  10. Kevin Ryman

    Kevin Ryman Starting Off

    That is indeed unfortunate about the lack of Coop in Class 3. Some of my friends were really looking forward to that particular aspect of the game. Still it was interesting to learn more about the game. I have a feeling this will turn into a Skyrim game for me. Meaning I'll play the game for a very long time and then around the hundred hour mark think to myself "Maybe I should do the main story now."
  11. Another fantastic, informative Q&A. I'm glad that there will be a story while keeping a very open-world feel to it, and building outposts sounds crucial!

    The more that I know about this game, the more excited I get for it! The amount of realism that the team is incorporating in this game... We've all at least had those "what if..."s for a while and what a great way to figure out what works and what doesn't.
  12. Ive just had a good read through and sounds great good Q&A i hope there will be a good and realistic range of weapons starting from like a screw driver upto firearms ect
  13. Great to see you being so involved Sanya, glad you're on board! Keep it coming!!
  14. Yes it is a little sad about the lack of co-op, but hell, playing this alone will only make it balls to the wall scarier!!! So sign me up!!!!!! Plus if co-op is to be implemented at a later date then it's no biggie, either that or we just have copious amounts of nerve-racking fun with this beast until Class4&Co-op arrives. Regardless, I'm still gunna be playing this single player experience whilst talking to my friends over live, that's still pure entertainment, listening to them screaming for help that'll never come muhahahahaha!!!!
  15. Seth

    Seth Starting Off

    wow sounds great alot of information i wasn't expecting.

    keep up the great work and release date soon plz!!! or at least tell us the year it comes out.
  16. there won't be any online coop but is there still going to be split screen at least
  17. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Afraid not, Viggs. That's another type of co-op play.
  18. Welp, like everyone else im disappointed about the Co-op situation. BUT im still ecstatic you guys answered the base creation/enterable buildings question.

    Im lovin the fact we have to clear the building first. Hopin that calls for some tactical gameplay.
  19. Kodyack

    Kodyack Starting Off

    If co-op ever does come to fruition will it be ala Minecraft where an HD screen will be required or can Standard Def join in the fun?
  20. First off Sanya, or should I say Undead Sanya, your awesome, I love, and I'm sure others do to, that you're always talking to us on Facebook and keeping us updated it really makes me believe you guys care about your fans, something that seems to be becoming increasingly rare these days. Secondly, Undead Travis you too are awesome, I mean seriously, 50 fully developed characters all with unique back story, that's amazing! Keep up the good work guys. Coop part is slightly disappointing but it would be pretty hard to find someone to play that long of a game with and still be enjoyable. Oh and on my opinion about a weapon degradation mechanic, I personally am not crazy about these mechanics as a big part of the game, although as a part that is significant enough to be realistic. It really all depends how difficult it will be to find guns, if you can find a gun every time you turn a corner then weapon degradation can be quick, if guns are scarce and rare, then maybe dial the rate of degradation back a little bit so it's not so punishing. Overall I am very excited for this game and can't wait to play it when it comes out... whenever that is.
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