Q&A - World of Class3 6/29/12

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Now your talking i changed my mind and think it should be xbox exclusive let microsoft take over.
  2. the game sounds like its going to be the best zombie simulator ever created
  3. Demoniku22

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    Everything sounds great!, the only disappointment is the lack of co-op upon release. I just hope that with the lack of co-op on release, when brought out at a later time, they manage to bring the co-op to at least 4 players.
  4. I loved this Q&A very well done. But I am not happy about the co-op. It was being sold from day one that class 3 will be online co-op. I know everyone is working incredibly hard at UL and I appreciate that hard work an so does all of the fan base. I hope it will not be long till you can update to co-op play. I assume that because this is a dlc for xbla that their just isn't the space for co-op action which is totally understandable. Otherwise great work and keep it up I hope to see a Q4 release later this year.
  5. Thank you so much for another delightful Q&A, it is a shame about the coop but really I'm fine about it, my bro was looking more forward to the coop but we don't work too well as a team and we'd probably end up shooting eachother.
  6. Cargot35

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    Surely the co-op is an upsetting bit of news. But the idea that co-op may come later on for Class3 is good to hear. Because ideally without knowing how just 2 person co-op works in a smaller version of Class4, how will they know how an "mmo" works for class4. Personally I think Undead Labs needs to have some sort of co-op or multiplayer in Class3, to really understand how they'll be able to work in the multiplayer for Class4.
  7. no coop wtf?
  8. Yeah, no co-op is reaaaally disappointing, especially seeing as it was promised since day 1. I was expecting to play with a friend and record for youtube too. Hopefully it's added in within a month or 2 after release, other-wise I'll probably be more disappointed. :( Hahah, still though, sounds great and I can't wait.
  9. MUSTANG SHELBY...licensed vehicles???
  10. Extremely excited now with so many details being divulged. Been following the game for many months since the first few blog posts. Great to see it is all coming together. Congrats on the forums and can't wait for another Q&A soon.
  11. Cargot35

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    With that, I too am excited. It's one of those things that while the game has taken some time (which i'm glad they're doing), it means this game is a definite. That essentially, nothing is going to get this game cancelled because of the work done already. So for that, Undead Labs, we thank you.
  12. So excited. I'm not even that mad about no co-op. I just really really REALLY want this game!
  13. Yes i got the last question on the list!
    Im very dissappointed about not having coop for class 3 at release but the way you guys handle the news and explaining your selves makes it so much easier to take. Love how straight forward and blunt Undead labs is about news good or bad. No funny wording , shaddy wording, trying to dodge bad news. You just let us have the truth and that deserves so much respect. Please make co op a top of the list right now as im sure me and most everyone else was really dreaming about playing with some friends and never once even stopped to think about a single player game. I would almost rather have the game delayed to wait for co op instead of spoiling the game in single player.

    Also I was hoping for a more realistic , slightlly brutal game somthing closer to dayz. Starting to feel a little watered down. One example is not having to find wood just makes little sense to me. How about not having to find batteries, they do run out and they should in this game to. Just because its hard doesnt mean people shouldnt have to do it.
  14. First off, great Q&A! I've been salivating excessively in anticipation for this meaty deliciousness of fact from the Labs.
    Now on to the point. There are two things I'm really hoping for when it comes to Class 3 (or Class 4):

    1. Actual guns taken straight from reality
    2. I would be ecstatic to hear that there is some form of weapon wear and repair system.

    To explain, I would want guns such as a Dragunov sniper rifle, AK-47, Makarov, Saiga-12, etc. (I have a thing for Russian guns :) ) I want real guns in the game with accuracy and reliability ratings relative to the weapon's realistic weapon accuracy and reliability. I don't want made up things like an "EPC-W1N", "The Bullet Shooty", or an equally ridiculous title for a lead delivery system. I think it's a simple request, however I understand if that is something that cannot be done.

    As for weapon wear and repair, I think it would be a slice of realism that the game needs in order to have that dire survival situation engraved into the player's play style. The more often a weapon is used, the more damaged it becomes, and the more resources it will need to fix. A baseball bat for example, when completely broken, needs another repair item such as duct tape. The new bat will then gain the "Repaired" status in the title (as opposed to "New" or "Unused") which has an effect on the overall stats of the weapon. Same with guns and blades, only perhaps duct tape may not be the required item for more complicated repairs.

    On this track, maybe you could even tape a flashlight to a gun, or tie a knife on the end, or take a baseball bat and reinforce it with metal ribbons and put a ton of nails on the end. I know this is a LOT to ask for when it comes to programming and testing, so I know it's not likely, but I'm just trying to get my voice out there to hopefully give you guys at Undead Labs some cool ideas. :)
  15. TenaciousMarine

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    Really happy with the progress this game is making, but I was kind of hoping to play somewhat like a Nomad, for example have a tent and set up bases when necessary but I guess I can live with the current system. Since Co-op is currently out, will we be able to recruit AI followers such as dogs or civilians etc.
  16. Sounds great everyone! Cant wait to play Im even buying an Xbox just for this!
  17. agentwred

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    They didn't say you won't have to scavenge for ammo and food and stuff, just that it is possible to build stuff in your base to produce some. I'm sure at the beginning you will have to scavenge for all that stuff. That's why you'll need outposts so that you have safe places to stop as your scavenge.

    And the problem with weapon wear and repair is that not all items can be maintained, and not all need to be as much as others. Games tend to apply the same system to every item. Baseball bats can't really be repaired once they are broken, and you can't really break down one bat to fix another. Blades are similar, but they do need to be kept sharp, but all you need for this is something to sharpen it. Your character can easily do this on his or her down time, like while sitting on a toilet. With a gun, you can swap parts out, however, I don't think they break down from normal wear and tear like other items might. They can last a pretty long time...as long as you take them apart and clean them regularly and don't use them as bludgeons.
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  18. I'm not talking about breaking down a baseball bat to fix another. That doesn't make any logical sense. Speaking as someone who has repaired a baseball bat with duct tape, I know it is quite the viable option. However it greatly reduces its durability; it simply extends its life by a small amount. It is also possible to "break down" one blade to repair another, better if it is made of similar metals. All you'd need is a kiln or forge that can heat it hot enough to forge two broken blades into one repaired blade. You are right about firearms, however, if they need cleaned after every use they can last a very long time. I own a variety of Russian made firearms in my personal collection (Real life). The issue with that is it is very likely any ammo one would find in an apocalypse is surplus ammunition, which is corrosive to any weapon's internal workings. Spare parts and possibly even home made parts and gun oils would be necessary to maintain a weapon which was likely abandoned and found later.

    To implement this type of system Undead Labs would need to develop a variable repair system with specific details as to what can be repaired and what can be broken down; not apply the same system to every weapon like you would find in lower quality games.
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    finally a bit of fresh news, question, but the game after the release in America, when we could get our hands on the game we in europe?, and will be translated into Italian? or there will be sottotitoli.ps greetings from Italy ^ _ ^
  20. Alot of people keep mentioning the weapon wear, and I'm for the idea, I just hope they dont crazy with it. I would hate to loose a favorite item and I would very much hate to have to repair it every two minutes; weapon wear is realistic but too much is just annoying. I am very excited by this game, even if they go more crazy with weapon repair than I would like :)
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