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  1. Extremely happy to see the forums up and things starting to all come together! You must all be excited for the finished product to get into our hands! Great job and continue up the wonderful work!
  2. That's EXACTLY what I mean. I don't want it to be annoying, there needs to be fun and you can't have fun if you're spending 75% of the game finding stuff to repair your gear. I just want there to be the ability to repair with specific and relevant items. Slow to wear, but will need repairing eventually. Adds realism and a survival aspect without making it work to play.
  3. Ok, what game do you think did durability poorly?? The worst i nmy opinion is dead rising with fallout a close second. I say fallout because I had to hunt down a duplicate of the item I wanted to repair before I could repair it, I hate that. I can't really think of a game that did it well, maybe dead island?? tell me what you guys think.
  4. I personally didn't have an issue with Dead Islands way of doing it but still alot of people complained.
  5. I think if you keep it realistic then it would bring a much larger dynamic to weapon use. For instance:

    A wooden baseball bat - after hitting a few zombies it will likely show signs of damage and eventually splinter/snap.

    A crow bar/lead pipe - would end up lasting a lot longer due to its material, but you'd have to get a little bit closer to the zombie.

    So you end up with a trade off, just like the trade off of do I hit this zombie with this pipe or do I shoot it, alert zombies and end up being 1 bullet worse off?
  6. Dead Island's is BAD.

    Even after you upgrade it, once you go through a group of zombies with a weapon its pretty much crap after only a couple of minutes.
  7. It did happen really quickly especially at the start of the game, you'd go through at least 4-6 weapons before you had left the beach!
  8. Yeah the whole solo thing won't be bad for a while, I just hope that with the introduction of co-op they add better multiplayer integration, not just a "Fable" your in your friend's world thing. Always hated that. Never felt like anything I did mattered, multiplayer was never really worth it.
  9. bummer on the no co-op thing but it will still be one of the best games ever made
  10. Yeah 99% of the weapons were only good for A couple quick hits, then you'd better have a couple backups, especially for long rescue missions. Once you got a couple of the legendary weps and your toon was maxed with the right class upgrades, your weapons lasted much longer, but by that point you were already done with the game.
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    so is their a limit to how many outposts you can build? or the locations they can be in?
    EX: if i had a outposts on a street could i build a second outposts in the neighboring house and spread out until i own a whole town? then no zombies would spawn in the town (if you could defend the whole town. or is there a certain distance outposts have to be from each other? 1 more thing that really has me worried and i know you said no questions but i have to ask this...

    i read somehwere at undeadlabs the the map will be the size of half of liberty city from GTA 4 and i think that map was small but for a zombie survival simulator where you have to survive and scrounge up materials that seems realy small and i was hoping it would be better so could you plz clarify this for the people who would like to know. and great job setting up the forums i love it!!
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    Nice Q&A your doing a great job!
  13. My hunger for Q&A has been satisfied... For now.
  14. I liked almost all the answers (like the one of the fishing trip), but I was really hoping that you could ride a bicycle or a skateboard, maybe hop onto a canoe to scape from danger and arrive to new places. I really appreciate the fact that there will be a GOOD STORY and GOOD CHARACTER DESIGN! Dead Island really let me down on so many different levels, Resident Evil always has too much science fiction and over the top plot twists and I belive Zombie U is, saddly more like a simulator than an actual game (true death?!). It appears to me that you will be making a really good contribution to this genre.

    I am looking foward to see more gameplay footage and I have to say that I respect a lot your decision to make this game a single-player experience (I wish this aspect could be transmitted to Class4 or maybe to another future game).
  15. Agreed! We really appreciate you guys cutting to the chase. Let's face it, no game is perfect but talking to the community and trying to make difficult choices helps. Talking to the community about those choices goes a really long way toward building a great fan base. Well done UL!
  16. In reply to "Seth":

    Haha, i'm sure no one would let something like that fall through the cracks.
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  17. ZombiU just takes the basis of rogue-like rpgs and applies them to a zombie survival game. Its actually something pretty innovative they're doing for the genre.
  18. I'm pretty certain Brant says, way back around the time he's announced as a team member, that whilst you *might* find the odd AK, you're unlikely to find the old Drag. He puts it in simple terms, this is north america, small town USA. If you're unlikely to find the weapon there in reality, the chances of you finding it there in game are also pretty slim. Good news and bad I guess. That said, I dare say there might be room for one of two of Brant's dearly loved faves from around the world, tucked away in special places :)
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    Dantron thanks Seth for posing this question. Dantron is interested in the response. :)
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