Q&A - World of Class3 6/29/12

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Lilbuffalo

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    so pumped !!!

    Cant wait for this game! Also question time, well its something.you see all the time in zombie games and films but, you know that military units or law enforcement will arrive and set up, evac centers and blockades would it wbe possible to scavange weapons, some Ammo or even a working squad car or humvee left by some who where not so lucky to make out? So would there be sites like this around the map???
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  3. I have a query.. Say I clean out and island or certain area of the undead without setting a house or base of operations.. Will they spawn back or just eventually stumble back onto the scene from an area near by? Can we rid a city of its infected permanently with out fortifications to block their spawn?
  4. CptMugwash
    " Thank you so much for another delightful Q&A, it is a shame about the coop but really I'm fine about it, my bro was looking more forward to the coop but we don't work too well as a team and we'd probably end up shooting each other.
    Cheers. "

    LOL... that sounds like me and the hubby, though I still would have liked to see coop so I could get him to play another game with me. He hasn't paid much attention to me while I've raved about Class 3 & 4, possibly becuz we don't have an XBOX and he knows it means I WANT ONE lol. And even though I would love to see the game out NOW, I still have to get the xbox, so if it comes out near Christmas or even October, my birthday is in Oct, then I might be able to wheedle the xbox as a gift early just for this game :) So I'm just hoping for it to be out at least in 2012 :) Without coop it just means I will get to play alot more than him, so it's all good hehe.
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  5. Would be great to see some stills like once a week? Just random screen grabs would be awesome (just moving on from the concept artwork that used to come up all the time).

    Just to keep the juices flowing :D
  6. Bloodsorrow

    " Sounds great everyone! Cant wait to play Im even buying an Xbox just for this! "

    ME TOO!! But the cost is justified for this game :) lol or so I told the hubby !
  7. Right... Its going to be epic...Ive also wondered if we'll be able to fortify vehicles to better protect them...or perhaps attach armaments?
  8. Like a grill with spikes on it?
  9. Of course, or just added armor in the front and sides....or think of the front of a train. That triangular grate to barrel stuff out of the way.
  10. You mentioned that certain survivors at home will be able to repair broken vehicles, can you bring theses survivors outside of the base with you to repair vehicles on the spot? and further more can you load up other survivors in cars so you can have a team with you while scavenging?
  11. Lilbuffalo

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    Cant wait but i am uncertain about some things...
  12. Lilbuffalo

    Lilbuffalo Starting Off

    Such as can you completley wipe the infection out of a certain area?
  13. They said there would be no "chainsaw of doom" but they did say there will be homemade silencers. What other accessories could be attached to guns/weapons? How about homemade bayonets (a knife duct taped on to the gun)?
  14. She said at release not altogether thank god so at a later date there will be coop but later on in class3 or when class 4 comes out the coop will come out then.
  15. Can you name another game with a comparable world size to class 3?
  16. The Q&A was awesome. Thank you Sanya.
    However, like many others posting here, I fear for the success of this title due to the lack of co-op play. The Xbox is built around its community. I have witnessed many of times before great ideas and works fail because of this very reason. I would love to see this game attract a lot of attention and gamers but it will die quickly without cooperative implementation. And if Class3 fails, Class4 will not have enough support to be chosen over the other multiplayer games of the same time.
    Please take the wishes of your community into consideration, even if it means a delay in the release. Most people would rather continue to wait then to have it fail.
  17. Thank you for all the recent updates. Ive been back and forth for the past months waiting for news. Great job with the game so far and I am excited about class 3. Especially Class 4

    First of all it is very disappointing about class 3 not having co-op but I understand that with all the things that you guys are putting in, it will be hard. I just hope that since there will be a delay with co-op, that when you guys do implement it, that it will be AWSOME.

    Keep up the good work
  18. This was a very cool posts. It really helps us get a feel for what's coming as a whole. In terms of co-op and the lack of deeper building, it's bummer they're not in, but still, sounds great! One question I have, that I don't think has been answered yet is this:

    What will the mood of the game be? We have lots of games out there with zombies that are action games, be they deliberate, frantic, etc; they're all action games. My real hope is that it's not that. I LOVE the tone of The Walking Dead graphic novels and I think that Robert Kirkman captures a very real thing in a rather unrealistic scenario. The overall feeling is desperation, tinged with hope. It's this sense that life has changed and that there's a very real struggle on a personal level. You get this through the survivors themselves, yes; but I think it's also conveyed through the world. You look at homes that once had little kids and white picket fences that are now filthy, broken and empty. Things smell (although it's hard to convey that through a screen). Even the music (which you guys talked about a few months ago) should help create emotions within the player and, before anything else, immerse them in the world. We don't need another action game; we want something that will really touch on what zombie survival could be within the realm of a still awesome, amazing game.

    I hope that question was coherent and gets my message across. Hope to hear an answer soon.

    Thanks so much!
  19. a friend of mine who is also waiting for the game is hoping its not a money scheme. by releasing it in single player, then adding a upgradr package with co op in it for a price. zombies also eating our wallets
  20. foxhound400

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    As i seen in concept artwork, the crashed 747, will there be many crash sites in class3 like a plane, helicopter or even a jet? It would show the total chaos witin the early infection? Also coukd you be able to loot stuff from these sites, like a dead helicopter crew or even a downed team of soldiers who died in the crash and with weapons and ammo on them???? Please i would love a reply?
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