Q&A: Zombies and Survivors in Class3, 7/13/12

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Roids

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    State of Decay uses Community mechanics, which is why you are in 3rd person..you are not ONE person, you manipulate the life and story of many. You move the pawns, and control them for limited periods of time, then what you did will impact how they act when you switch. Sort of Drop-in 3rd person lol.

    C4 will be an MMO. Now, all that means so far (becuase Class 4 is not to be thought of as an MMO in the tradition sense), if that there will be many actual people in one world. Will each person control several survivors? Maybe, I read that the Community features will be in Class 4. That can mean you can hope from person to person OR you form a community like in SoD, except instead of AI members, actual people controlling one character make up your community.

    So in Class 4, 1st-3rd is possible. Not in SoD.

    As for looting dead survivors, you can't directly kill another survivor. Let him get eaten or blown up may work..things like that, but you can't shoot him in the face. Zombies can't be looted, but as for dead survivors that haven't turned into Zeds yet, perhaps but perhaps not because like I said, Zeds don't have loot.
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  2. Bub's_Of_Monroeville

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    You're a loong way from Class4, my man. Long way. We have to get through S0D first :D
  3. Thanks roids I just wanted to get a few ideas across but I can see what you mean so yeah :D also special awearness was auto corrected, it was ment to read spacial awareness (if that's how you spell it :\)
  4. Really looking forward to this game.
  5. It has been a long time since a game has totally captured my interest as much as this one has. I am a long time FPS fan and this game totally came out of the blue. I had been doing a lot of searching online for games and when I saw this one it totally caught my attention. it has so much potential and there are so many ways you can add DLC or make it go. if the gameplay is half as good as it looks in the videos it is going to be a time consuming and totally fun game. even without class 4 but if you can get the class 4 added this will be a game changing game. I can only imagine playing online with other people and living out the zombie apocalypse with friends.
  6. What do you know
  7. I'm new and I'm wondering if u get a colony type thing going and you kill the ass of the group will some people or all turn on u or even leave like in fallout 3
  8. Also I'm glad to c this game I hope it comes out very soon I sold my ps3 and got a xbox so I can play
  9. Are you new to the forum? I'm sorry to tell you, this game is a PS3 exclusive!

    Heheh, kidding of course :).
  10. Capt.C.Baker

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    You can't kill survivors directly(shooting them, chopping them up), though you can kill them indirectly(not feeding them, leading them to a horde and watching them die, throw a Molotov at their feet). The other survivors will be upset with you if something happens to the other survivor if you were the direct cause of the death, which would in turn lower your Morale and decrease the respect from the other members
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  11. FTcivic

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    You can not shoot anyone, you can cause accidental death, but no can not cause death.
  12. This helped a heap... thanks!
  13. Hello i'm new to this forum and i had a question in mind are you guys going to put bandits in the game so that it has more of a survival priority in the game becouse when you have a base zombies could get in but how about bandits who are actually going to try to raid your base and make it hard to keep your community alive.
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    Unless I heard it wrong, I thought I read that Sanya confirmed that there will not be any bandits or anything likewise.
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